Saturday, June 16, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Duel of the Super Ninjas!: Ryu Hayabusa vs. Ryo Sanada!

In the middle of the night, with the moon as bright as the sun, as the cherry blossoms flow, lies two extraordinary warriors, fighting each other. One, a super ninja who lives up to his reputation. And the other, a teenage samurai warrior, who is a descendant of a long forgotten ninja clan. But whatever the reason, either a misunderstanding, an honorable duel, mistaken for demons or fighting to protect a rogue ninja like Kasumi, whatever the case is, one thing is certain, when Ryu Hayabusa and Ryo Sanada duel each other, it is truly...legendary.

Here we are, my digitally fanart of our favorite Dragon Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa an my favorite Ronin Warrior of Flaming Benevolence, Ryo Sanada, dueling each other. In a sense, if you are wondering who will win, I say neither. They are both evenly matched and rightfully so. In case you ask, "But Jason, Ryo is a samurai, not a ninja. How can you call him a ninja when he is wearing samurai armor?", let me explain. As I explained in the monologue, Ryo is a descendant of a ninja clan. The Sanada ninja clan, better known as the Sanada Ten Braves, are a group of ninjas who protected real life samurai, Sanada Yukimura until his death in 1615, back in feudal times. So in a sense, Ryo, despite being a samurai, is also part ninja. Hope that clears up everything. Other than that, besides the other ninjas from DOA and Ninja Gaiden, I want to see Ryo and Hayabusa-sama together one day. Starting off as enemies (due to reasons like Kasumi), but becoming good friends, allies and brothers in arms in the end. So, 'nuff said.

Update on my life (so far)

Hey Toonsters,

     I thought I give you a quick update. Sorry I didn't post much around here. Just like Stefan, I've been busy like a bee, mostly with real life. I just got so much on my plate, I don't know what to do. But, I assure you, I will slowly but surely get back on track. And if you are wondering "Why is your retrospective/rant video series on Discovery Family haven't finished yet?". Rest assured, it is NOT cancelled. It is still on. And since my next chapter will be about the Hub itself, it will SO big, I will have chop it up into multiple parts, from its beginnings, to its evolution, its shows and eventually its downfall and the people responsible. But don't you worry, I will get back into it as soon as I finish up one other video I am having a dickens of a time finishing and that is my Voice Actor Memoriam of 2017. It is almost finished, however I stopped in the middle of doing Adam West because I couldn't find the other clips of his other characters he voiced like Catman from Fairly OddParents and Nighthawk in an episode of Super Hero Squad. I gotta work around it using anything relating to Batman, Family Guy and especially with the Gray Ghost. And then, only then, June Foray will be only one left to do. This will take time, but I will get there.

Anyway, that is my quick update for you. I thought I give you a heads up in what I was doing. No hard feelings, though. See you next time. Stay frosty.

Saraba! (Farewell!)

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Fall From Grace

Remember when back in the 80's to Early 2000's,Television Networks were great,or at least they Tried to be great. Remember those joyus times? Sadly,in the modern-era,TV Networks are run by Assholes,Retards,Demons,and Losers.

Today,I feel like listing a bunch of TV Networks and the years that they fell from grace. Why? Don't ask. Now,keep in mind,this is just My opinion and it may not reflect the opinions if some. Also,keep in mind that I'm only gonna be listing the Networks that I've watched,so if I left out a network,that means I really didn't care for it.

With that out of the way,let's kick things off with the OG Big 3.

Year of Fall: 1997

Note: I think NBC's fall started after they de-valued their SatAM block back in '94,but that's just me.

Year of Fall: 1998

Year of Fall: 2000

Note: The only good things going for ABC at that point was One Saturday Morning and Regis. They've gotten better in recent times,but not much.

Year of Fall: 1998

Note: I think the only saving grace for this network during it's fall was Fox Kids.

Year of the Fall: 1999

The WB
Year of the Fall: 1999

Note: One of the Only saving graces for The WB during that time was KidsWB.

Year of Fall: 2005

Note: You can thank the Teen Sitcoms for this.

Year of Fall: 1998

Year of Fall: 1999

Note: Generally music had been going downhill since arounf 1998/1999. Plus,Reality Shows help decimate both MTV and VH1.

Comedy Central
Year of Fall: 1999

Note: From 1999 onward,Comedy Central became politicised and overly-obscene.

Year of Fall: 1999

Note: Same deal as Comedy Central.

TV Land
Year of Fall: 2006

Note: Reality Shows,Modern Sitcoms,and Crappy Original Shows killed this once great network.

Nicktoons Network
Year of Fall: 2010

Nick GaS
Year of Fall: 2007

Note: Nick GaS was destroyed in it's prime. It still had a few more good years left. But on December 31st of 2007,Viacrap stupidly killed it and replaced it with The N. R.I.P. Nick GaS,you are missed.

USA Network
Year of Fall: 1998

Note: How appropriate that this Network would fall on the very same year that it abandoned it's Weekend and Weekday Morning Blocks. R.I.P. USA Action Xtreme Team.

Cartoon Network
Year of Fall: 2006

Year of Fall: 2010

Note: I already explained why CN and Boomerang are bad,so I'm not gonna do it again.

Year of Fall: 2001

Year of Fall: 2000

The Disney Channel
Year of Fall: 2006

Notes: Like with Cartoon Network,I already ranted and raved on why Disney Channel sucks,so I-m not gonna do it again. Admittedly,they Have gotten better over the last 3 years...but not by that much.

Toon Disney/Disney XD
Year of Fall: 2007/2008

Notes: Despite helping Toon Disney,Jetix ruined the Network by taking over 70% of it. Today,Disney XD is a Network with so much unused potential.

Fox Family/ABC Family/Freeform
Year of Fall: 2007/2008

Notes: I talked about the fall of this network as well.

Animal Planet
Year of Fall: 2009

Note: Ditching the primary purpose of your network should be illegal. The networks ONLY saving grace is the annual Puppy Bowl

The Hub Network/Discovery Family
Year of the Fall: 2013

Note: The fall of 2013 was the fall of The Hub. Just one year before the Discovery Family rebranding.

And that's about it. Sorry if this seems random,but it's something that I wanted to do.

So,until next time,
Stay Gold!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Why The Hub Network's Ruination and End Was One Of The Worst Things To Happen To TV?

The Hub Network was once considered the Only alternative to the big 3 Family/Kid Networks (nick,disney,and cartoon network). Those who were sick to death of the Big 3's incompetence could always find salvation in The Hub. Yes,it was flawed,but it was the superior alternative to Nick,Disney,and CN.

But thanks to executive stupidity,that salvation was tarnished and then taken away. This action was,without a doubt,one of the worst things to happen to TV....EVER!

Y'See without the Hub Network,there's no other sane alternatives to the Big 3. Thus Zero Competition....Real Competition! Now,thanks to Discovery Communications' incredibly Stupid decisions,the Big 3 can run unopposed,with no one challenging them. And That's No Good!

Well what about the other Kids and Family Networks? First off there Are no more Real Family Networks anymore,the current so-called "Family Networks" either cater to Women or fans of Reality Shows!

The closest thing we have to Real Family Networks are Retro Sitcom Networks. None of which air Cartoons. And as for those "Other" Kids Networks go. They fail because they're all aimed at Pre-Schoolers.

But,like I said,the Hubs Destruction was All Discovery Communications fault. Here's what lead to it:

1 - Airing the same movies over and over and over and over.
2 - Milking and overmilking MLP.
3 - The retarded Parents Just Don't Understand and that Idiotic Kid President shows.
4 - Getting rid of Huboom!
5 - Overdoing it with The Hub Family Movies
6 - Throwing out the Retro Sitcom Block
7 - Mistreating shows like Batman (adam west's) and Hercules.

Instead of having patience and allowing the network time to grow,Discovery Communications decided to just be evil retards and ruin it,which allowed them to transform it into the Lame Abomination known as Discovery Family.

Had patience been shown,The Hub would've had many more good years,with many more good shows,both retro and new.  But,Network Executives are Dumbasses,so..

And that's why Discovery Communications ruining the Hub and replacing it with Discovery Family is one of the absolute Worst things to happen to TV.

I think we need a New Family/Kidz Network to challenge and defeat the Big 3. C'Mon,surely there are Some Network Execs with brains?

*sigh* We need salvation. Y'know Saban had plenty of oppertunities to create their own TV Network. And They never took that route,Why?

Common Sense Desprately needs to make a comeback to TV again. TV is just as important as the Streaming Services. Screw The Cord Cutting Attitudes!

Hope everyone enjoyed the read? I'll have more stuff soon. Until then:

Stay Gold,Space Cowboys,Stay Gold!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mario x Sonic 2: Legends Clash

It's been a while,but with my Sailor Moon U summeries finished,I have time to get back to this.

As you are well aware,Last October,I created a dream XOver between Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Well,now I'm making a sequel. It's Mario x Sonic 2: Legends Clash.

Story: Bowser and Eggman create a machine that will fuse their Universes together,but first they need to destroy the barrier between their Universes to do it. To make this all happen,they need the Power of the Master Emerald and the Triforce.

But first they need their arch-enemies out of the way. Bowser Jr.Kidnaps Amy Rose,while Metal Sonic kidnaps Princess Peach. This leads the heroes to go after them. As they arrive,Eggman and Koopa spring a trap and captures them.

Sonic is turned into a monsterous Hedgehog by Bowser (Vicious Sonic),while Dr.Eggman turns Mario into Mecha Mario via Roboticization.

With the heroes under evil controll,Bowser sends his Koopa Kids,Kamek,and Mecha Mario to steal the Triforce. While Eggman sends his E-Series Eggbots,Metal Sonic,and Vicious Sonic to nab the Master Emerald.

They are met with resistance by Zelda and Link and Knuckles respectively. The villians eventually succeed in their mission,but something has followed Bowser's team back to the Castle Koopegg (the villians HQ on egg island)...Ganondorf's Spirit,who haunts the Castle.

The evil spirit forces Eggman to create a temporary body for him,Eggman does this. Ganondorf is now Metal Ganondorf. Peach and Amy (still captives) try to convince,Sonic and Mario to come to their senses. While initiating their plan,Eggman and Bowser order Mecha Mario and Vicious Sonic to kill their love interests. They hesitate.

Amy's love breaks Bowser's spell and turns Sonic Back To Normal. Mario regains his senses too,but he and Sonic are too late,the Machine has done it's job and the Universes have been fused together.

After the Universes are fused,Metal Ganon hijacks Bowser and Eggman's plan and intends on ruling the New Universe himself. Metal Ganon prooves to powerful for everyone and teleports the heroes home,so that they can witness the end of their Universes. He enslaves Eggman and Bowser.

After,Mario is de-roboticised by Prof. E.Gadd,Peach reveals that she and Amy overheared Eggman and Bowser say that in 48 Hours,the Sega and Nintendo Universes will be perminantly fused. Now,The heroes have 48 hours to reverse the effects of the machine and fix the universal barrier...otherwise the 2 universes will stay fused....forever.

The Mario and Sonic heroes are joined by Link and Zelda. They traverse through the new Universe,battle Ganon's minions,and recruit allies (from classic sega and nintendo),to save the Universes.

Meahwhile,we get comedic treasure hunting scenes with Team Hooligan (Nack the Weasel,Bean the Dynamite,and Bark the Polar Bear) and Team Wario (Wario,Waluigi,and Mona).

In the end,Zelda (using the triforce) sends all heroes and bad guys back to their respective worlds and universes...with no memory of the previous events.

And that is the story for Mario x Sonic - Legends Clash. Not bad eh?

Main Characters: Mario,Sonic The Hedgehog,Link,Princess Zelda,Ganondorf,King Bowser Koopa,Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik,Bowser Jr.,Metal Sonic,Luigi,Miles "Tails" Prower,Toad,Knuckles the Echidna,Yoshi,Amy Rose,Princess Peach Toadstool,Cream the Rabbit and Cheeze the Chao,Princess Daisy,Rosalina,The Chaos,The Lumas,Cubot and Orbot,Kamek the Magikoopa,Shadow The Hedgehog,Wario,Rouge the Bat,Birdo,Princess Sally Acorn,Toadsworth,The Knothole Freedom Fighters,Waluigi,Team Hooligan,Mona,Uncle Chuck,Prof. E.Gadd,E-Series Robots,Team Chaotix,The Koopalings,Bowser's Koopa Troop,Eggman's Badniks; Ganondorf's Minions.

Nintendo Guest Characters: Kirby,Meta Knight,and King Dedede from the Kirby Series; Marth,Roy,and Lucina from Fire Emblem,Captain Falcon and Samurai Gourou from F-Zero; Pokemon Champion Red,Gym Master Green,and Mewtwo from Pokemon; Ness,Paula,and Lucas from Earthbound; Samus Aran and Ridley from Metroid; Mike Jones from StarTropics; Falco Lambardi,Fox McCloud and his Team from Star Fox; Palutena and Pit from Kid Icarus; And The Kong Family (Donkey Kong).

Sega Guest Characters: Alis from Phantasy Star; The Afterburner Pilot and his Jet from Afterburner; The Centurian Warrior from Altered Beast; Kid Chameleon from Kid Chameleon; Billy Hatcher and Friends from Billy Hatcher; NiGHTs from NiGHTS into Dreams; Ristar from Ristar; Vector Man from Vector Man; Alex Kidd and Stella from Alex Kid; Gillius Thunderhead,Tyrus Flare,and Ax Battler from Golden Axe; Blaze Feilding,Axel Stone,Eddie "Skate" Hunter,and Adam Hunter from Streets of Rage; Joe Musashi from Shinobi; And Toejam and Earl from Toejam and Earl.

Crossover Exclusive Characters: Mecha Mario,Vicious Sonic,and Metal Ganondorf.

Cameos: Opa-Opa from Fantasy Zone,Tingle from LoZ,Blaze the Cat,Ecco The Dolphin,Mayor Pauline,Breezie the Hedgehog,The President and G.U.N,and Toadette.

Nintendo Places: The Mushroom Planet (includes wario land,sarasaland,kong island,and new donk city),Rosalina's Observatory (cameo),Eggerland (earthbound),Hyrule (legend of zelda),Mute City (f-zero),Angel Land (kid icarus) Planet Zebes (metroid),C-Island (StarTropics),The Realm of Fire Emblem (a world where all fire emblem worlds are combined),Planet Pop Star (kirby),Corneria (star fox),and The World of Pokemon (pokemon).

Sega Places: Sonic's Planet (includes floating island); Funkatron (toejam and earl),The Worlds of Golden Axe,Altered Beast,Streets of Rage,Nights into Dreams,Vector Man,Ristar,Alex Kidd,Shinobi,Afterburner,Kid Chameleon,Phantasy Star,and Billy Hatcher.

Crossover Exclusive Places: Egg Island (original location),Castle Koopegg.

Notes: Mario also uses the Hyper Emeralds to become Hyper Mario. Link recieves the Diety Mask to become Fierce Diety Link. Ganon sends his minions to conquer the Worlds of tbe Fused Universe,so we get to see various Nintendo and Sega Characters fighting them. Also,Ganon magic is enhenced thanks to his Robotic Body abd he turns Nintendo and Sega characters against each other before the final battle. Tingle sleeps through the entire XOver.

Cool huh? And I've only just begun with XOvers. Though,I'm done with Sonic x Mario ones for a while.

Until Next Time,
See Ya,Space Cowboys!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Raiden's Burden

For as long as time existed, there was one being I know who will protect Earthrealm and all time, space and reality from certain doom. His name is Raiden, God of Thunder and Protector of Earthrealm. Through the centuries into today, Raiden watched over Earthrealm since its very creation, even before the Elder Gods themselves created the Mortal Kombat Tournament. Unlike many gods, Raiden was a strong and benevolent god, who will give his life AND immortality to save our world from any form of evil that threatens it. But, even gods like Raiden, aren't always perfect. His burden is as big as all the realms combined. From sacrificing his status as Elder God to carrying the burden of Liu Kang's death, Raiden has gone through a lot. He fought against threats like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Onaga and even his worst enemy, himself. Even the noblest of gods can easily be corrupted, when he became evil himself after Onaga's resurrection. But, when Armageddon happened, he reversed everything and even with the timeline changed, the results were the same, only this time, many of our bravest warriors from Earthrealm and Edenia died. And Liu Kang, the most noblest of warriors, has fallen from grace and has become the very thing we were fighting against. Although Armageddon was prevented, it was still inevitable. Like the old timeline, Raiden has become corrupt and evil and his everything in the new timeline is not as it seems. But deep down, Raiden is still fighting his inner demons and try to restore everything. But if Blaze does return, he will redeem himself and give his life to prevent Armageddon himself. In the end, you stood up for what's right, Raiden...

Now I have to do the same.

Raiden: "It is up to you to restore the timeline in all the worlds of creation. This amulet is my gift to you. I know you will use it well. Don't make the same mistakes I made. Earthrealm, nay, all the worlds of fiction is in your hands now. Fight on, Anime Jason! I know you can do it!"

Until next time.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jason's Gallery - Minako X Kento: Happy Union!

A pretty sailor suited solider who fights for love and beauty and a warrior of Earth, a samurai who fights with the Rocks of Justice. With the same color and the same element they represent, they are a force to be reckoned with. However, off the battlefield, that is totally different story. At times, these two have their silly moments, whether it's chasing idols or thinking about food. But no matter how many times they get into trouble, no matter how many times she botched proverbs and quotes and he corrects them all, and no matter what danger they face, at the end of the day, Sailor Venus and Kento of Hardrock always have each other's back (that and Artemis, too!:D)