Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Top 5: Greatest 80s Cartoon Themes

The Cartoon Historian proudly presents...The Top 5. Todays Top 5 will be about The Greatest Cartoon Theme Songs of the '80's. Let's get busy!

5 - The Real Ghostbusters: Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! I love the animation for this opening. It goes very well with the song.

4 - Silverhawks: Part Metal,Part Real. The Silverhawks theme was short,but sweet. Ya gotta love Bluegrass's Guitar solo.

3 - G.I. Joe (movie version): Ah,the Extended version of the classic G.I Joe Theme. This is the absolute best version of the theme.

2 - Thundercats: Thunder,Thunder,Thunder,Thundercats HO! The Thundercats theme was one of the best around. It had a great beat and it kinda got you psyched for the show.

1 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half-Shell,Turtle Power! Everytime this theme is played,I get excited. TMNT was my favorite childhood fact,I still enjoy it to this day. Only 1 word can describe this song: Epic!

Please keep in mind that these are my personal pics and you may have different ones.

Well that's all see ya next time on The Top 5.

Rock On and Stay Cold,


KingsSideCastle said...

Great list! I really love those theme songs a lot. ^_^

BreaktheWalls said...

Nice list, I totally agree with you on the TMNT one, the most badass theme ever :D

Stefan said...

Thanks Guys. Let me tell ya,this list was difficult to make. As I have many faves.