Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Kim Possible

Kim Possible is a girl who lives up to her surname. She can do anything. Teenager,Kim Possible and her boyfriend/sidekick Ron Stoppable are heroes who go around the world battling evil.

Bad guys such as Professor Dementor,Lord Monkeyfist,and of course Dr.Drakken and Shego. But Kim and Ron are not alone in their battle against evil. They have help from Rufus,the naked molerat and Wade,the young dispatcher and inventor.

With it's awesome action,good animation,and great music,Kim Possible is possibly one of Disney's greatest action cartoons. As awesome as Kim Possible is,the show isn't without its flaws. Sometimes the the fight scenes aren't all that great and some of the newer villains are kinda lame.

Kim Possible is a great show and I highly recomend watching least once.