Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: American Dragon Jake Long

Jake Long,A Teenager with the ability to turn into a Dragon,battles the forces of evil and defends Magical creatures.

Jake is an American teenager who battles Evil by turning into a Dragon. In his Dragon form Jake can Fly,Glide,Breath Fire,Attack with his tail and Claws,and use Martial Arts.

In this form,Jake is Known only as The American Dragon. Whenever things go bad for Jake,he almost always says his signature phrase "Aw,Man!". While a great kid,Jake sometimes doesn't take his job as a hero seriously.

Jake comes from a line of 'Dragon Morphs'(for lack of a better name) on his Mother's side. His Father is an ordinary man with an ordinary family tree.

Training Jake in the ways of the Dragon is his Grandpa,Lao Shi. Like Jake,Lao Shi can also turn into a Mighty Dragon. Lao Shi in a way is the Master Splinter of the series. He's very wise,yet has a decent sense of humor. In his heyday,Lao Shi was the Chinese Dragon and a secret agent.

Sometimes,Lao Shi aids his Grandson in battle. When he's not helping Jake,Lao Shi runs a small Antique Store with Jake's Animal Guardian,Fu-Dog.

Fu-Dog is Jake's wise cracking,food lovin',lazy Animal Guardian. As a fighter,Fu is pretty much useless. However,just Because Fu Dog is a bad fighter,doesn't mean he's completely useless. Haylie is Jake's cute little sister. Like her Brother and Grandpa,she too can turn into a Dragon. Haylie is playful and sometimes likes to upstage her Brother.

Jake's Mom,unlike her Father and Children,can't transform into a Dragon. But that's fine, because she doesn't need to. She's a great mom and is always there to give her Children moral support.

Jake's Dad is 100% Normal. By observing him closely,It would be very tough to believe that he is Jake's Father. Mr.Long is a bit of a geek and works as a pencil pusher. He's still a good guy though. Mr.Long doesn't know about the heritage of his wife's side of the family.

Trixie and Spud are Jake's best friends and sidekicks. Trixie is a hip-talking chick with attitude. While,Spud is your typical baffoonish buddy. Both Trixie and Spud are great friends and help Jake in any way that they can.

The Huntsman/HuntsMaster is the Leader of the Huntsclan,a ruthless organization that hunts magical creatures. The Huntsman/HuntsMaster is Jake's Main Enemy. Rose aka Huntsgirl is a Member of the Huntsclan and Jake's crush. In early episodes,Both Jake and Rose were unaware of each others secret identities.

The Theme Song is great and there are 2 variations of it(1 for each season). The Music fits well and the sounds effects are perfect. The Voices Actors are very good. Dante Boscoe(i think that's his name),aka Prince Zuko,does a Great job as Jake Long.

The Animation and Artwork of American Dragon:Jake Long is pretty good. The Fight scenes are entertaining. Plus,like all Disney Cartoons,ADJL has no Animation errors.Another good thing about this swhow is the Fact that it contains Humor to go along with the action.

While the series is Awesome,It has it's flaws. For instance,the series ended too soon,leaving some unanswered questions Also,In some ways this show feels like a clone of Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom. Another thing that kinda annoyed me,was the constant slang.

American Jake Long is a great series and If you can find it on Youtube,watch it.

Well,thats all for now,see ya next time on Cartoon Quickie.


Money $ign said...

God, I remember that cartoon. It's in the back of my head, along with the proud family, but I remember it nonetheless.

The slang was annoying and misdone. They sounded more like a whack Vanilla Ice, than pure slang. It was like they forced the fact they were in a modern, urban city. They toned it down in the second season.. I think it was second.

It was a good show, though. And as always, thousand dollar lesson.


Anonymous said...

Though I was never a fan of the show, your analysis of it impressed me. And yes, the main turn-off was the ridiculous slang, as you pointed out.

Didn't like the cartoon but I did your quick lesson. Good job.

Stefan said...

Thanks Money $ign. But Cartoon Quickies are Mini-Reviews not lessons.

As for you Kyle! Welcome back my friend.