Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Samurai Jack

In the distant past a Heroic Samurai Warrior,challanged a tyrant demon called Aku. The Samurai defeated Aku,but it was Aku that has the last laugh. He banished the Samurai to the far future,a future where Aku Rules.

Once in the Future,the Samurai gets confused about the new world around him. After getting the name Jack from some young street punks and aiding some dogs in their battle against aku's robots,Samurai Jack goes on a quest to find a way back to his own time and undo the Future that is Aku.

However,Jack's Quest won't be easy. He has to deal with not only Robots,Mutants,and Bounty Hunters,but also Aku Himself. But,Jack is fully prepared for the challange. With the Mystical Sword that his father gave him,Jack is ready to slice and dice evil's ass.

This show is Kick Ass!! The animation is cool,the action is beast,and the sound and music are awesome. If you haven't watched Samurai so Now!!

Well that's all for now. see ya next time on Cartoon Quickie.


Money $ign said...

I used to love Samurai Jack! That had to be my first action show that I was into, since as a child I wasn't a big D.C fan and overlooked B:TAS [changed that now].

Sad that they didn't finish the serious, I think it was because Mako, voice of Aku, died? If so, that sucks, since there's a lot of people who sound like him.

Great lesson. A thousand dollar lesson


Stefan said...

It's really a shame what happened to Mako. You know also voiced Uncle Iroh on Avatar.

And yes it Is a shame that Samurai Jack never finished.

Also speaking of Batman:The Animated series. I plan to do a semi-complete history of the Batman cartoons. From The 70's toon to Batman:Brave and the Bold.

BreaktheWalls said...

I loved this show back in the day. Aku was one of my favorite villains back then.

RIP Mako.

Great lesson Stefan, can't wait to see your Batman lesson ^_^

Stefan said...

Thanks,BreakTheWalls. But it wasn't a lesson. It was a Mini-Review.