Monday, February 8, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Swat Kats

Rockin' the Sky-Ways in their Jet,the Turbokat,is the Swat Kats,ace pilots who defend Megacat City against the forces of Evil. Chance and Jake are 2 Salvage Yard workers,who always manage to have fun on the job.

But,when trouble arises,Chance and Jake become T-Bone and Razor,the Swat Kats. Team Work plays a very large part in the Swat Kat's victories. T-Bone's awesome piloting skills combined with Razor's sharp shooting,make the Swat Kats an unstoppable team.

But even without the Turbokat,The Swat Kats can still kick ass. They each posses fighting skills and a gadget glove called the Glove-O-Tricks. Supporting the Swat Kats is the beautiful Deputy Mayor,Calico Briggs;Lt. Felina Feral of the Enforcers;and Ann Gorah,a Reporter who will do whatever it takes to get a story.

Callie is the Swat Kat's biggest supporter and always defends them when Commander Feral speaks badly about them. Calli is smart,but sometimes she ends up being a DiD.

Felina appeared in season 2 and is the neice of Commander Feral. She lends the Swat Kats a hand when ever she can. Ann Gora is,in a way,the OT April O'Niel of the Swat Kat's World. Meaning she's a head strong reporter that doubles as a DiD.

Commander Feral is the leader of the Enforcers,the Swat Kat version of the Police. Feral doesn't like the Swat Kats and hopes that one day he'll have a chance to arrest them. Deep down,though,I think Feral is just jealous of their abilities...and maybe the fact that they have a cool jet like the Turbokat.

Running Mega Kat City is Mayor Manx. This guy is your typical politician. He's cowardly too. Though,he did save the city once,when he was forced to shoot down a Ghost Pilot.

Megakat City has it's fair share of Villains. Villains like: The Sinister Mutant,Dr. Viper;The Fascist and Undead Time Wizard,The Past Master;The Metalicats,a dead mob couple who were ressurected as robots;And the Demonic Dark Kat.

Swat Kats has got to be one of Hanna-Barbara's greatest animated shows. The fast action,good writing,and great art work make this show an instant classic.

Sure every character in this show is a humanoid cat,but it's still awesome nonetheless. The only gripe I have,is the fact that the show only lasted 2 seasons. In my opinion it should've lasted more.

All and all,Swat Kats is one cartoon that you don't wanna miss. Well thats it for now. See ya next time on Cartoon Quickie.


KingsSideCastle said...

I vaguely remember this one but I never really got the chance to watch it. Sounds like an interesting series though

Money $ign said...

For some reason, this cartoon reminded me of darkwing duck mixed w/ Batman: TAS. Don't really much episodes about it, caught some on boomerang, but that's it so...

BreaktheWalls said...

I loved this show back in the day.

My favorite character was Dark Kat, I just thought he was a badass when I was young ^_^

Stefan said...

You should definatly check it out,KSC.

Actually Money $ign,I've always thought it was a mix between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck.

Swat Kats definatly Rock,BreakTheWalls.