Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Presents: The 'Toonami Special' Promo

The Absolution is flying smoothly though space. Deep inside the master control room{the same one that was used by tom 2},the systems begin to reactivate. Sara appears on the digital monitor in front of Tom's chair.

Meanwhile,a Mysterious Robot{shown from the waist down} is walking down a hallway to an elevator. The mysterious bot comes to the elevator,the doors open,the bot enters,the doors close,and the elevator takes the bot up.

The elevator stops,the doors open,the bot exits the elevator and walks down another hall way. The elevator closes behind the Robot. The Robot{still shone from the waist down,BTW} comes to a closed enterance. The enterance opens up and the Robot steps though. The Robot is now inside the Master Control Room.

As the enterance closes,The camera pans up at the Robot,revealing him to be yet another upgraded Tom. However,this new version of Tom looks like the first 3 Toms. The New Tom walks over to the chair.

Sara: Welcome aboard the Absolution,you must be the new Tom?
Upgraded Tom: Yup. *sitting down in the chair* I was in secret storage,until I was activated. *turns to viewes at home* Hey,how's it goin' everyone? I'm Tom Z,the New keeper of the absolution. BTW,what ever happened to the unhip Tom 4?
Sara: He was last seen flying through space,where he was promptly destroyed by an incoming meteor.
Tom Z: Good riddance.
Sara: Yes. You know I myself was never really fond of him.
Tom Z: Me neither,he was one of the dumbest looking robots ever made.
Sara: Agreed.
Tom Z: Alrighty,lets get down to business. What do we have planned?
Sara: Well,in this promo,we'll be talking about The Cartoon Historian's 15th episode: The History of Toonami.
Tom Z: Sweet!
Sara: Yes,the Lesson will be taught live aboard the Absolution,hosted by the Cartoon Historian himself,Stefan. With You as the Co-host.
Tom Z: Yeah,I've heard about that. It was based on a poll,right?
Sara: Yes.Toonami was on a poll asking about which topic to cover in the future. And Toonami won. You Two will be covering alot of stuff. Such as,Toonami's Beginnings,The History of the Hosts,and much more.
Tom Z: Sweetness! I can't wait.
Sara: There was also a Small Memorial planned,but Stefan decided to drop it at the last minute. Don't ask me why?
Tom Z: So when will this little event take place?
Sara:I wasn't given a date...Sorry,Tom. All Stefan said about the matter was 'Soon'. How soon is still a mystery.
Tom Z: I hope he dosen't keep us waiting too long. Not to sound impatient or anything,but I'd like to get this thing done before the end of the year.
Sara: *giggles* You and the rest of the Fans.
Tom Z: Yeah.
Sara: Well,whenever this event is gonna take place,It's sure to be something special.
Tom Z: Word! I still can't wait for this thing. Y'know if things work out,I might become Stefan's permanent Co-host. I need the work.
Sara: As do I. The absolution has remained unused for years until just last year. I take it for joyrides every now and then,as well as preform the annual systems check.However that's all. It's also been kind of lonely without the company of the Tom robots.
Tom Z: Thanks for taking care of this ship for such a long time. Hey,do the Cartoon Network people know about this?
Sara: No! So far I've been lucky. The CN execs either don't know about my actions or they just don't care and ignore them.
Tom Z: Well I hope it stays this way. By the way,how Did Stefan hook up with us in the first place?
Sara: We met last year. I was surfing the web to check on the Toonami faithful and I stumbled upon a something called 'Operation: Save Boomerang'. this was on his blog. That post had alot of great Ideas for the Network. One of said ideas was about adding Toonami to Boomerang.Anyway,the whole post intrigued me,so I E-mailed him about it. I found out that he is a big fan of Toonami and became an Anime fan because of it. He is also a Revolutionist,but that's a story for another time. Sometime after that,we became friends and have been in contact with each other since.
Tom Z: So did this little project of his Work?
Sara: It is unknown weather or not that 'Operation: Save Boomerang' was a success. He hasn't said.
Tom Z: I hope it does. I really wanna see Toonami on Boomerang. I dig those old Anime shows.
Sara: I do too. Plus,we might get to host the block if it does get reborn.
Tom Z: That'd be really cool. So any other news?
Sara: Well,We might be getting our own special on The Ultima Network.
Tom Z: Bitchin'! Well,I guess that's all for now. *turns to viewers* And remember guys,keep a look out for the Toonami special,right here on The Cartoon Historian.
Sara: This upcoming event is definatly going to be an awesome experience.
Tom Z: *turns to sara* Yup. *sighs as he lays back in the chair* I cant wait.

Scene switches to outer space,where the Absolution is flying smoothly. The scene then fades to black.


BreaktheWalls said...

Ah Toonami....I remember what it was before they ruined it. Can't wait to see your research in this my friend.

Stefan said...

Thanks. Y'know without Toonami,Anime fandom wouldn't be very strong. Not only that but,Animefeet and Anime foot fetishism in general wouldn't even exist.

So let us thank Toonami for giving us alot.

KingsSideCastle said...

Nice promo Stefan

Stefan said...

Thanks,KSC. I'll be working on the Toonami special very soon.