Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Animaniacs

Ah,the Warner Siblings,3 crazy kids always causing mischief with their crazy antics. Y'know to this day these guys still make me laugh. I Love these guys.

Anyway,The Story goes like this in the late 40's 3 zany cartoon characters were created. Those characters were the Warner Siblings. However,the Warners were downright uncouth and uncontrollable. So uncontrollable that they started causing havoc around town with their crazy antics.

Sometime later,the Warners were captured and sealed within the WB Water Tower. However in 1994 The Warners manage to break out and waste no time in doing what they do best,be crazy.

Of the Warner Siblings there's Yakko Warner,the comedic leader;Wakko Warner,the crazy one;and Dot Warner,the cute one and lone female of the group.

Of course the Warners aren't the only characters in this show. There's Dr. Otto Scratchensniff,Psychiatrist to the Stars;Hello Nurse,the studio Nurse and crush of the Warner boys; Ralph,the security guard; and Thaddeus Plotz,the head honcho at Warner studios.

Other characters of the show include: Pinky and The Brain,an intelligent mouse and his dopey sidekick,who wanna take over the world; Button's and Mindy,a small girl and a dog,who are the stars of a cartoon that seems to be lassie spoof;Rita and Runt,a Cat/Dog team of wanderers;The Good Feathers,3 Pidgons who are a spoof of the Goodfellas; And,of course,Slappy Squirrel,an old,yet funny Squirrel. Oh and there's Mr. Skullhead as well.

Animaniacs is an Awesome show with humor for people of all ages. A lot of the humor of this show is very reminiscent of Looney Toons. The Animation,Music,and Storylines are all Top Notch. The show does have it's share of problems,however they are too minor to mention.

So there you have it a mini-review of Animaniacs. If you can find the show on DVD,buy it. Believe me,it's worth it.

That's all for now,see ya next time on...Cartoon Quickie!


BreaktheWalls said...

I remember that I use to love this show. It was one of my favorites. I always liked Wacko the best, since he had a Liverpool accent and was the craziest. As for my favorite short on the show, I think it had to be Minerva Mink.

KingsSideCastle said...

Oh yeah I like Wakko's accent too BTW.

My favorite characters in the show are Pinky and the Brain. Those mice are crazy. ^_^

Nice post SFD.

Stefan said...

Yeah,Wakko's Accent was amusing. Though I think he lost it in later seasons.

Minerva Mink was good,BreaktheWals,but my favorite segments were with the Warners themselves...especially if it had a pretty lady in it. Hello Nurse!

Pinky and The Brain were awesome,I Loved their show.