Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Freakazoid

Faster than a laser beam,more powerful than a bullet train,able to annoy more super villains in a single day. It's Freakazoid!

Freakazoid is one of Warner Bros. funniest cartoons. Freakazoid is a crazy superhero who battles with a variety of weird super villains. In some ways this show is kinda like the Tick.

Anyway,The story goes like this: Giga-Nerd,Dexter Douglas gets a computer program for X-Mas. During the installation,Dexter gets sucked into his computer and is transformed into Freakazoid. When he returns to the real world,Dex finds out that he can transform into the Freakazoid by saying the words "Freak Out". Freakazoid can turn back into Dexter by saying "Freak In".

Anyway,after causing some mischief with his powers,Freakazoid decides to use his Powers to help a comedic way,of course.

Freakazoid is really awesome,but even he needs support characters. First there's Sgt. Mike Cosgrove,a middle-aged cop who Freakazoid constantly hangs out with. He looks just like a toon version of his VA,Ed Asner.

The next character is,Freakazoids perky love interest,Steff. Steff is also one of the most popular girls in Dexter's school. And of course,there's Roddy MacStew,an ill-tempered Scottsman who's sort of like Freakazoid's mentor.

And no Superhero show is complete without the Villains. Villains like:The Lobe,a man with a Brain for a head;Candle Jack,a creepy boogieman-like bad guy;The Cave Guy,a caveman who sometimes acts civilized;Invisibo,an evil invisible Pharaoh;And of course,Guitierrez,a bad guy who later gain's similar powers to Freakazoid.

I haven't watched the show in a great while,not even on Youtube (because youtube stupidly takes down full episodes). So I don't remember all of the characters,just the ones mentioned.

Anyway,This show is very funny. It has humor that people of all ages can enjoy. Than again it Is a Warner Bros. cartoon show. The writing is just brilliant (which is a lot more than I can say for todays tv shows). The music is alright,nothing spectacular. Although,I Do love that Theme Song.

The artwork is as good as it gets for a 90's Warner Bros. Cartoon. Same goes for the animation. I can't think of any major negatives right now,but I'm sure they exist.

So is the show worth watching? Yes. However,if you love your Superhero shows to be serious and nothing but,you'll definatly Not like Freakazoid.

Well that's all for now. see ya next time on...Cartoon Quickie.


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