Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: My Life As A Teenage Robot

Note: This will be my final Cartoon Quickie for a while.

My life as a Teenage Robot is about the Adventures of a Robot named Jenny aka XJ9,who must protect the Earth from mutants and evil robots,while trying to live the life of an ordinary American Teen.

Jenny fights using many of her built-in gadgets,which range from very useful to very useless. Aiding Jenny in her battles against evil and everyday life are her good friends Brad,Tuck,and Sheldon.

Brad is an outgoing and adventurous dude who kinda thinks of himself as a Ladies man. He's also Jenny's next door neighbor and best friend. Tuck is Brad's goofy little brother,who tags along with his big bro and Jenny.

Sheldon is an uber-nerd inventor who has a crush on Jenny. He often fights crime in a robotic battle suit called The Silver Shell. Dr. Nora Wakeman is Jenny's mother and creator,who refuses to except Jenny's human name (she always calls her by her robot name,xj9). Though an uptight old woman at times,Wakeman is quite the genius and one of the worlds greatest inventors. She can also hold her own in battle.

Britt and Tiff aka The Crust Cousins are Jenny's school Rivals. They are the most popular girls in Jenny's school. They are always 10 steps ahead of the latest fashion trends. They are also 2 of the biggest jerks in the world. Making Jenny look stupid is one of their hobbies.

Jenny battles many many many many many Mutants and Robots of the day,but she does have some regular enemies. First up is Killgor,a cute 8 inch wind-up robot that everyone just seems to love. Killgor claims to be the greatest evil known,but in reality he's just a little fast-talking buffoon.

Jenny's biggest enemy is The Cluster,a race of robots ruled by Queen Vexus. Vexus is a ruthless Queen who aims to enslave and/or destroy all mankind on earth. She constantly tries to get Jenny to join the Cluster. Of course Jenny always refuses.

Smytus is Vexus' ruthless General,who almost always leads the attack on earth. Smytus is Vexus' favorite servant. Krackus is Vexus' scatter-brained inventor,who's inventions always seem to fall apart. One thing you'll notice about Vexus' forces is that they are all modeled after insects.

My Life as a Teenage Robot is an entertaining show. The Artwork is decent and has a retro-american look to it. Which is either a plus or a munus,depending on your art tastes. The Music is also decent and goes with the show well. The animation is good and errorless.

This show also contains both action and humor. Overall,this show isn't that bad and is worth watching atleast once.

Well that's it for now. See ya next time on...Cartoon Quickie!

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Stefan said...

Teenage Robot may not be a true classic,but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Did you know that they used a different art style for the 1st pilot episode.

This episode was only shown on 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons',Nickelodeon's answer to Cartoon Network's 'What-a-Cartoon' Show.