Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Voltron The 3rd Dimension

Voltron the 3rd Dimension continues the adventures of our heroes,the Voltron Force and the mighty robot Voltron...this time in CGI. Keith is still leader;Lance is still the reckless hothead;Allura is still the princess of Arus;Hunk is still the strongman,though he's less tough here;and Pidge is now the teams technology expert.

The main story goes like this: 5 years after The Fleet of Doom Movie,Lothor(in his doom ship)battles the Voltron in space. At the end of the battle,Lothor's ship crashes down to Planet Doom..Lothor doesn't escape and becaus of this he's nearly dead.Lothor gets arrested soon after.

To keep Lothor alive,the prison guys turn him into a Cyborg. However weeks later he escapes with the help of Haggar. Once reunited the 2 continue their war on the Galaxy. Of course,the Voltron Force are called back into action to stop them.

All characters from the original series are back,exept for a chosen few. these are: Queen Merla,Commander Cossack,Nanny,Sven,Prince Bandor,and Princess Romelle.

Commander Cossack's absence is extremely easy to explain he either A] died in the Doom Ship crash or B] Was fired and we never saw it. So what happened to Nanny,Bandor,Sven,Merla,and Romelle? Like with Cossack,the fates of these guys were never explained. In fact,these characters were never mentioned by Any of the characters.

Anyway,I have some theories about the disappearence of these characters.

Nanny Finally realised that Allura could take care of herself and decided to retire. My guess is that she left the Castle and is living somewere in a village on Arus.

Sven and Rommele probally got married and are very busy running planet Pollox as well as their family. They're so busy that they have very little time to visit or call the Voltron Force. They probally did a few times,but we never saw it and the Voltron Force never mentioned it.

Queen Merla most likely went back to her home world and decided to throttle back on being evil. As for Bandor,Well I think that he's still the head of Pollox's army and is very busy defending Pollox from it's enemies. And speaking of Planet Pollox,like these characters,it isn't even seen or mentioned in this series.

The Doomite soldiers are missing too,but they were probally all destroyed in the Ship Crash and the ones at Castle Doom were destroyed by the Voltron Force. But we never saw it.

Anyway,Taking Cossack's place as Commander is a Robot named Igor. Igor isn't very strong,but he takes orders very well. And speaking of Robots,Galaxy Garrison has a new leader named,Amalgamus. Amalgamus is very stern and upright. He sometimes gets into squabbles with the Voltron Force..especially Keith and Lance.

Along with Haggar,Lothor has 2 space pirate's on his side,Queequeg and Lafitte. These 2 are baffoonish losers that rarely do Anything right. Oh yeah and King Zarkon's a Good Guy...at least,for a while.

The First thing you'll notice is that the models used,don't look very much like the characters of Voltron. In fact,the models used for the characters seem to make them look older. Most of the models used aren't all that great.

Another thing you'll notice about the show is that the V-Forces suits are very different and they match the Lions that they pilot. While in the Anime this wasn't the case. Another thing you'll notice is that only Alura has an alternate costume. The others only have one,their V-Force suits.

It's also woth noting that the show is low budget and fans didn't seem to enjoy this show as much as the Anime. But despite all this,Voltron 3D is a decent show and if you liked Voltron Season 2,you'll love this series.

That's gonna do it for now. See ya next time on Cartoon Quickie!


KingsSideCastle said...

O_O Yeah I remember watching this series on occasion as a kid. Was really impressed to see Voltron in CG animation at the time. Anyway Nice post SFD!!

Stefan said...

Domo Arigatou,my friend. Though I forgot about Allura's Space Mice and Haggar's Cat.

Stefan said...

The Space Mice probally went to live with Nanny(for what reason?I have no clue)

Haggars Cat's fate remains a mystery to me.