Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Lesson 20-B: The Rise and Fall of Cartoon Network Pt. 2

Mina: Welcome to part 2 of The Rise and Fall of Cartoon Network. In this 2nd and Final part of this episode,we will be talking about the Fall of Cartoon Network. Well,here we go!

On April 10, 2006,Cartoon Network changed it's slogan once again,this time it was the simplistic “Cartoon Network — Yes!,” and was spoken by Fred Fredburger, a character on The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

The network also used bumpers featuring the cast of Camp Lazlo (2005) as stick puppets and characters in front of a red background. How Stupid!

The 2006-2007 campaign featured three different styles of bumpers. The first style is "Lunchbox of Doom", featuring an assortment of show clips inside a CGI Gothic lunchbox,witch was a reference to an episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

The second is "VS.", comparing two cartoon characters. Their final style was a remake of the 2004 CGI City look.

Jim Samples,2nd president of the Cartoon Network,resigned on February 9, 2007 due to the Boston Mooninite Scare. Samples had been network president for three years after Shawn Grove.

Stuart Snyder,aka The Man Who Made Everything Worse,was named as Samples' successor and he took control on May of 2007.

Mina: Under Snyder's control, Cartoon Network underwent a number of terrible changes. Through 2007,Cartoon Network retained the image campaign that began in 2006.

Mina: On September 1, 2007, the networks look was revamped. Bumpers and Station Identification were themed to The Hives song "Fall is Just Something That Grown-Ups Invented". These aired for several months. It was a disaster to say the least.
Mina: A month later, on October 15, the channel began broadcasting in high definition. It was Suckage in HD.

True That! Anyway,every October since 2007, Cartoon Network airs Goosebumps,a show that once aired on Fox Kids program. In April 2008, Cartoon Network began airing a one minute sign-off bumper, depicting a child's daily activities from sunrise to nighttime. In the end, it reads "Good Night. See you tomorrow!" before the Adult Swim program block began.

It was their first sign-off bumper after 7 years of showing such a nightly block. This sign-off was later revised to match the network's new look. It now simply shows a square saying "10:00", followed by "Check Ya Later" and the new CN logo.

In 2008,Cartoon Network announced that it was working on a new project called "Cartoonstitute", which was headed by animators Craig McCracken (as executive producer) and Rob Renzetti (as supervising producer). Both report to Rob Scorcher, who created the idea.

Mina: The program would've worked in a way similar to What A Cartoon! However,Cartoonstitute was eventually cancelled, and only one of the shorts,Regular Show,was selected.

Cartoon Network had also begun to air some imported Canadian programs from Teletoon such as George of the Jungle, 6teen,The Total Drama Series,and Chaotic. This was one of the Stupidest errors that Cartoon Network has ever made. Snyder,you Suck!

Mina: Amen!Stefan Amen! On May of 2008, Cartoon Network began airing animated shorts, called Wedgies. These shorts were used to fill in spots between shows.

On July of 2008, the network changed looks yet again. This new look was created by Tristan Eaton and Kidrobot. The bumpers of that era had white, faceless characters called Noods. The Noods look similar to the do-it-yourself toy known as Munny, also created by Kidrobot. This look was retarded.

A Nood would often come in contact with a color blob or a color bar and absorb the color to become either a Cartoon Network character or change into another color. Other bumpers featured characters interacting with one another. Various commercial parodies starring the characters of Carton Network also aired.

Mina: From July 2008 to October 2008, Greg Cipes, Kevin's voice actor in Ben 10: Alien Force,became the network's announcer.

He has since been replaced with Will Arnett. The programming blocks were also changed to fit in with this look, with different Noods being used.

In June 2009, a block of live-action reality shows began airing in a programming block promoted as CN Real.[which has now ended]

Mina: The network has also aired some limited sports programming, including Slamball,during the commercial breaks. On February of this year, Cartoon Network started using bumpers that feature Noods being formed by real-life objects such as paint, grass, and confetti. Sometime later,the Noods were replaced.

Earlier this year,Cartoon Network debuted a third logo. This logo was featured on the network's "Move It Movement" tour. It made its television debut in May along with a new theme and new bumpers. Also,the Noods were phased out.

Also Earlier this year,The CN Real block ended. Thank God! And Stuart Snyder was replaced as Cartoon Network President. I forgot the new presidents name,but I doubt he'll be able to fix CN. The damage is already done.

Mina: I have to admit that this part of the lesson was very painful to talk about. Thank God this is over.

Tell me about it. Cartoon Network is dead now. But we'll never ever forget the many cool things it gave us.

Mina: Amen to that! Retro CN Rules!

It most certainly does. Thats gonna do it for this lesson. See ya next time on The Cartoon Historian.

Mina: See Ya!

[fade to black. credits roll as the cartoon historian closing theme plays]


Orcha said...

It's truly amazing, the lack of consistency in their handling of network affairs. I imagine that any current network success comes from an audience of younger inductees who don't know better.

License acquisition aside, there are plenty of cartoons, far exceeding today's standards, locked up in the "VAULT. "

Interesting historical rundown Stefan :D

KingsSideCastle said...

Nice...Cartoon Network was one of my favorite cable channels back in the day.