Friday, July 2, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Captain Planet

The Planet is in danger! Gaia,the spirit of Earth,can no longer withstand the devastation plaguing the planet. So to counter the pollutants,she sends 5 special Rings to 5 special teens from around the globe.

Kwame,from Kenya,has the Power of Earth. Wheeler,,from the U.S.,has the Power of Fire. Linka,from Russia,has the Power of Wind. Gi,from South Korea,has the Power of Water. And Ma-ti,from a South American Nation[i forgot which],has the Power of Heart.

When these 5 powers combine they summon Earth's Greatest Hero,Captain Planet. The Power Is Yours!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is basically a group of 5 teens,called planeteers,who go around the world battling super polluters,with the most famous one being Hoggish Greedly.

Other Super Polluters include: Duke Nukem[no not that one],an Atomic Monster Man; Dr. Blight,a Mad Scientist who has a skin problem on the right side of her face[its covered by her hair];Verminous Skumm,a Mutant Rat Man;Sly Sludge,a waste dumper; Looten Plunder,a Rich Man who funds criminal projects and sometimes organizations; And Finally Zarm,an evil interdimentional Warlord who was once the Guardian of Earth.

Each Planeteer has an elemental power that comes from their rings. When the Teens combine their powers,they form Captain Planet.

Captain Planet is a master of elements,sort of like Avatar Anng..only with a head of hair and a corny sence of humor. His strengths,of course,are the elements. While his weakness is pollution.

The artwork is good and the Animation suffers little to no errors. The music and sound are of good quality. The ending theme itself is kinda catchy.

There's really nothing more to say about this series except,It's a decent show and worth watching atleast twice. Oh,before I forget,here's a small factoid about the show itself: The first season was done by DiC,while the other 2 were done by Hanna-Barbara.

Well that's gonna do it. See Ya Next Time on Cartoon Quickie.


KingsSideCastle said...

Yay Captain Planet. :-)

Stefan said...

I lile the show too. :)