Monday, August 2, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Top 5: Hottest Cartoon Girls Of The 90's

The Cartoon Historian proudly presents...The Top 5. Todays Top 5 will be about The Hottest Cartoon Girls of the 90's. Let's go!

5 - Carmen Sandiego [Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego]: Carmen Sandiego is a sexy spy who finds ways to evade the law. I also likes the way she taunts the good guys,she sounds so sexy doing it. Anyway,I don't believe she's completely evil though. In fact Carmen herself was once a Secret Agent who worked with The Chief.

4 - Lois Lane [Superman The Animated Series]: Superman's Girlfriend is number 4 on this list. She's quite possibly the sexiest woman in the entire series. She's not only a looker,but she's also a great reporter and a go-getter. Superman is lucky to have her.

3 - Agent Elle [Men in Black The Series]: She is one hot Blonde. Not only does she look sexy,but her voice is hot enough to melt butter. She's also a very intellegent scientist. Beautiy and brains...a nice combo. Plus,I love her hairstyle.

2 - Black Cat {Spider-Man The Animated Series}: Felicia Hardy has proven herself to be the 2nd sexiest by her actions in the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. This hot ex-theif has it all; brains,agility,fighting skill,and more. Currently,Black Cat is serving the side of good and has proven herself to be a great Super Heroine.

1 - Rogue [X-Men]: As far as I'm concerned,this version of Rogue is the definitive version of the character. I love her voice and attitude. She is a recent Cartoon Crush of mine. And because of this,I have named Rogue of the X-Men the Hottest Cartoon Girl of the 90's.

Please keep in mind that these are my personal pics and you may have different ones. God Damn,this was a tough list to make! Over 40% of 90's Cartoon Girls were babes.

Well that's all see ya next time on The Top 5.


KingsSideCastle said...

Hot set of women...would love to catch Carmen. ^_^

BreaktheWalls said...

Awesome set Stefan. Lois Lane is my personal fave in this list :D