Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Doug (Original)

Doug Funnie is a pre-teen who deals with everyday life in Bluffington,U.S.A. Supporting Doug in his life are best friend Skeeter Valentine,his Dog Porkchop,and his friend and crush,Patty Mayonnaise.

His family is also there for support,as well as his wacky nextdoor Neighbor,Mr. Dink. Giving Doug a tough time in and out of school is Roger Klotz,a leather jacket wearing jerk who thinks he's awesome.

Other characters include: Mr. Bone,a Don Knotts-esque man,who is the principal of Doug's school; Bee-Bee Bluff,the richest girl in Bluffington and only daughter of the town's owner;and Chalky Studabaker,a popular athlete.

And of each episode,Doug writes about the events of the episode in his Journal. Sometimes Doug likes to daydream and in a majority of them,he's either Quailman,a Super Hero or Smash Adams,a Secret Agent.

The show itself has tons of charm,as well as good writing. The artwork for this show is of average quality. The music is decent and gets the job done. Speaking of the music,in certain episodes there is a special song that's both catchy and fun to listen to.

The Voices and acting are top notch,especially with Billy "Stimpy" West as the voice of Doug.

All and all,this show is a great watch.And even though I also like Disney's version,I concider this version of Doug to be the True version.

Well that's it fornow,see ya next time on....Cartoon Quickie.

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