Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cartoon Quickie: Rugrats.

Rugrats was the 2nd Nicktoon created. The show is about a group of babies having mini-adventures in each episode.

The children can communicate with each other through baby speak,although viewers can understand them, because it is 'translated'. Often,they mispronounce words or use poor grammar.

The main character of this show is Tommy Pickles,a brave baby with a sense of justice. Joining Tommy is his good friends,Chuckie Finster,Phil Deville,Lil DeVille,and Later Dil Pickles.

Chuckie is Tommy's a semi-cowardly best friend. He's also the oldest in the group. Phil and Lil are the Twins. They are very adventurous and are eager to do new things. In later seasons,Tommy's little brother,Dil and Chuckies step-sister,Kimi are introduced. Dil is your average baby,who loves to spit up a lot....especially on Chuckie. And Kimi is care free.

Tommy has an older Cousin named Angelica,who's a bit of a jerk and bully. Still,deep down she's not as nasty as she acts. Suzie Charmichael is the babies friend and rival of Angelica. They're both the same age.

Other Characters include: Tommy's Parents,Stu and Didi;Tommy's Grandpa Lou;and Spike,Tommy's dog.

The Nicktoon with the most charm,folks. I haven't seen this show in a great while,but I remember it fondly. The art and animation were decent,though not the greatest.

The music fits the show extremely well and the voices fit each character. The writing is also good,as is the overall acting by the VA's.

This series is fun,though some may not like the Baby theme. This show also spawned a sequel series called 'All Grown Up'. It wasn't very good,trust me.

Anyway,that's gonna do it for now. See ya next time on....Cartoon Quickie.

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