Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Presents: Retro Cartoons That Should Get A Revival

This Is A Cartoon Historian Special Presentation!

Retro Cartoons That Should Get A Revival!

As you are well aware,Revivals are gaining popularity nowadays. Were getting revivals in all mediums...Including Cartoons. Next Year,Thundercats will be getting a revival,as will Voltron. Hell,G.I. Joe and American Transformers have just recently got revivals.

Despite how awesome that is,these 4 aren't the only cartoon franchises that deserve revivals. There are other Retro Cartoons out there that I believe should get revivals. And that's what I'm gonna be talkin' about today.

The first toon series that should get a revival is Swat Kats. That show was awesome and a revival is defiantly needed. I think The non-stop dog-fighting action would be much loved by this generation. And since Network Execs Love cartoons with talking animals,I'd say a Swat Kat Revival would be appropriate.

The next cartoon I think deserves a revival is Gargoyles. Disney's finest action cartoon would make a great revival. I believe that Gargoyles has the stuff that our generation craves for in an action cartoon. Too bad Disney won't revive this series...they're too retarded.

Another cool cartoon that should have a revival is Garfield and Friends. A revival of this show would be cool. I actually miss U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm.

Captain N: The Gamemaster also needs a revival. A Captain N revival would take all (or most) of the mistakes that the original cartoon made and correct them.

Captain Planet is yet another show that should get a revival. Environmental Awareness is always a cool thing,right :)

Yet another show that deserves a revival is The Real Ghostbusters.I think this series needs one,don't you?

She-Ra: Princess of Power. is another show that desperatly needs a revival. There was originally gonna be one,but it never came to be.

Superman needs his own cartoon series again. So a revival of his show should happen.

Freakazoid,Darkwing Duck,Silverhawks,and Inspector Gadget also should get revivals.

I honestly believe that these shows deserve revivals. I hope we see at least 2 of these shows get remakes.

Well,that's gonna do it. See ya next time on The Cartoon Historian.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Lesson 23: She-Ra

Welcome to another Cartoon Historian. I'm your instructor,Stefan and my assistant,Mina had some important stuff to do today,so I'm gonna be doing this lesson with a very very special guest.

Please welcome,the One,the Only,Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Of Love and Justice,Sailor Moon.

[enter sailor moon]

Welcome Sailor Moon,it's an extreme pleasure to have you here with me today.As you know I'm a huge fan of your show.

Sailor Moon: Why Thank you,Stefan. It's awesome to be here. I'm a fan of your show as well. In this episode we're gonna be talking about one of my all-time favorite heroes. It's all About She-Ra on the Cartoon Historian.

[Cartoon Historian Theme Plays]

She-Ra: Princess of Power was produced in 1985 by Filmation. It is a spinoff of Filmation's highly successful He-Man series. She-Ra was aimed primarily at young girls to counter-balance He-Man's popularity with boys.

Sailor Moon: Same with my show. It was primarily used to get girls into Anime,since 90% of Anime fans,before my show even existed,were boys.Just another thing me and She-Ra have in common.

Anyway,Like with He-Man's Show,She-Ra's show was mostly used to sell her toy line(by Mattel). This toyline was called Princess of Power and was a spin-off from Mattel's Masters of the Universe line. The Show itself was produced with financial backing from Mattel to promote the toys. Typicle Early-Mid 80's Cartoon,I know.

Sailor Moon: The show follows the adventures of She-Ra, He-Man's twin sister, who is leading a group of freedom fighters known as the Great Rebellion in the hope of freeing their homeworld of Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and his Evil Horde.

She-Ra makes her debut in the Animated Movie He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword. The Movie was created by compiling together the first five episodes of the series: "Into Etheria", "Beast Island", "She-Ra Unchained", "Reunions" and "Battle For Bright Moon".

Sailor Moon: It's also worth noting that She-Ra was the first American Super-Heroine that wasn't based on a comic character.

Sailor Moon: The series premiered in 1985 and was cancelled in 1986, after 2 seasons and 93 episodes. Reruns aired on USA Network from September 1988 to September 1989.My show also reran on the USA Network,yet another thing me and She-Ra have incommon.

She-Ra is He-Man's twin sister,who was kidnapped at birth by Hordak and taken to Etheria,where she was made to believe that she was a general against the Great Rebellion. He-Man eventually finds her and turns her to the good side. With her Sword of Protection,just like He-Man,Adora becomes She-Ra.

Sailor Moon: She was the first American Henshin heroine. Her Transformation is similar to my own. How Awesome is that.

After reuniting with her parents she decides to return to Etheria and join the Great Rebellion.

The show revolves around Adora's adventures with the Great Rebellion battling against the evil Horde. It was virtually identical to He-Man's show in structure, even down to the show's opening introduction, some of the theme music, and the fact that Adora's secret identity is shared by three other characters.

In the storyline,the Horde ruled Eternia and Skeletor worked for Hordak as his second-in-command. The Horde was defeated by King Randor.Hordak fled Eternia,taking Randor's infant daughter with him. He also left Skeletor behind as the main bad guy on Eternia. Many characters from He-Man guest starred frequently on She-Ra's show.

Sailor Moon: The first season of the show ran five days a week,like He-Man,The second season was turned into a Saturday morning cartoon. She-Ra ended in 1987. The sad thing about this was that She-Ra was never again mentioned in any other version of He-Man.That Really Sucks,She-Ra is an awesome heroine,why is she treated this way?

Don't start crying,Sailor Moon. Anyway,on the subject,It was intended that She-Ra was gonna be re-introduced into the 2002 He-Man series. However, due to the series being canceled,this never came to be.

Sailor Moon: Those jerks deserve a good whoopin' for this.

I understand how you feel,Moon Girl,but let's keep our focus at the task at hand.

Sailor Moon: Ok,I'm cool. Sorry.

Anyway,The important characters on She-Ra: Princess of Power were predominately female. With the exception of Hordak,Bow and Sea Hawk,the male characters were secondary or portrayed as weaker comic relief type characters.

By contrast, most of the female characters on the show were usually powerful and authoritative or formidable and significant.

Sailor Moon: Another similarity to my show.

Anyway,The animation on She-Ra was also more vibrant and colorful than on the He-Man show. These were attempts to make the show appeal more to girls. Despite this,the action oriented nature of the show and its similarities in storytelling to He-Man made She-Ra popular among boys as well.

Sailor Moon: Again,Just like My Show. She-Ra is an inspiration to me. Whenever I'm in trouble or stuck with something,I would ask myself "What Would She-Ra Do?",I do it,and everything turns out all right.

That's great,Sailor Moon. Anyway,here's some thing just as great: On September 28 of this year,Classic Media released She-Ra: Princess of Power - The Complete Series,a 10-disc set featuring all 93 episodes of the series.

Sailor Moon: Well that great to know.

Yup. Well,That's gonna do it for this edition of the Cartoon Historian. Sailor Moon thank you for joing me here today.

[Stefan and Sailor Moon shake hands]

Sailor Moon: It was my pleasure,Stefan. I hope we work together again someday.

[the 2 let go of eachothers hands]

See Ya Next Time.

Sailor Moon: And If You Don't (does her signature arm pose) In The Name Of The Moon,I'll Punish You.

*chuckles* Stay Gold,guys.

[fade to black. credits roll as the cartoon historian closing theme plays]