Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Cartoon Historian Presents: Retro Cartoons That Should Get A Revival

This Is A Cartoon Historian Special Presentation!

Retro Cartoons That Should Get A Revival!

As you are well aware,Revivals are gaining popularity nowadays. Were getting revivals in all mediums...Including Cartoons. Next Year,Thundercats will be getting a revival,as will Voltron. Hell,G.I. Joe and American Transformers have just recently got revivals.

Despite how awesome that is,these 4 aren't the only cartoon franchises that deserve revivals. There are other Retro Cartoons out there that I believe should get revivals. And that's what I'm gonna be talkin' about today.

The first toon series that should get a revival is Swat Kats. That show was awesome and a revival is defiantly needed. I think The non-stop dog-fighting action would be much loved by this generation. And since Network Execs Love cartoons with talking animals,I'd say a Swat Kat Revival would be appropriate.

The next cartoon I think deserves a revival is Gargoyles. Disney's finest action cartoon would make a great revival. I believe that Gargoyles has the stuff that our generation craves for in an action cartoon. Too bad Disney won't revive this series...they're too retarded.

Another cool cartoon that should have a revival is Garfield and Friends. A revival of this show would be cool. I actually miss U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm.

Captain N: The Gamemaster also needs a revival. A Captain N revival would take all (or most) of the mistakes that the original cartoon made and correct them.

Captain Planet is yet another show that should get a revival. Environmental Awareness is always a cool thing,right :)

Yet another show that deserves a revival is The Real Ghostbusters.I think this series needs one,don't you?

She-Ra: Princess of Power. is another show that desperatly needs a revival. There was originally gonna be one,but it never came to be.

Superman needs his own cartoon series again. So a revival of his show should happen.

Freakazoid,Darkwing Duck,Silverhawks,and Inspector Gadget also should get revivals.

I honestly believe that these shows deserve revivals. I hope we see at least 2 of these shows get remakes.

Well,that's gonna do it. See ya next time on The Cartoon Historian.

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KingsSideCastle said...

Yeah those Cartoons were great SFD. ^_^ They definitely should be revived.