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The Cartoon Historian 1-year Anniversary Special

*Inside the Cartoon Historians classroom {a generic classroom,where the historian has taught so many times before},the desks are lined up in a half circle facing the main desk and freeing up some of the floor. sitting at the desks are famous cartoon stars of the past,who are cheering and applauding*

Announcer Voice: Welcome one and all to The Cartoon Historian 1st Anniversary Special.

[cartoon historian intro]

And Now live from the Historian's Classroom,here is Stefan,the Cartoon Historian and his beautiful assistant Mina.

*the crowd applauds stefan and mina as they enter the classroom. applause stops*

Thank you,thank you. And thank you Tom.

Mina: Welcome everyone. I can't believe it's been one year since you started,Stefan.

That's right,Mina. And What a year it was. We covered a crapload of Cartoons and Animation Companies. We also reviewed lots of shows,

*croud applauds*

Thank you.

Mina: Ok,Let's get on with the celebration. Now,I have mixed feelings about this. Stefan has gotten Extra Assistants, Now Pro: I get some free time and when I have something important to do,Stefan doesn't have to do these Lessons Solo. However,here's the Con: I kinda feel that I'm somewhat being replaced.

*chuckles* Don't wory,Mina. I could never replace you. You are too precious to me.

Mina*blushes* Aww,thanks Stefan *kisses stefan on the cheek*

Anyway,here is Extra Assistant #1. He is the Son of one of the greatest and strongest Heroes in all of Anime. Here he is: Gohan Son.

*the crouds appauds as Teen Gohan enters*

Mina: Our next Extra Assistants come from Brooklyn NY. Here they are,the most iconic plumbers in the world: Mario and Luigi.

*the crouds appauds as the Mario Bros enter*

She's the Pretty Suited Soldier of Love,Truth,and Justice. Say hello to Extra Assistant #3: Sailor Moon.

*the crouds appauds as Sailor Moon enters*

Mina: This next Extra Assistant needs no introduction. Here he is....2k3 Mikey.

*the crouds appauds as the 2k3 version of ninja turtle Michaelangelo enters*

And last,but not least..the final Extra Assistant...Shego.

*the crouds appauds as shego enters*

Alright. Welcome,my friends.

Gohan: It's great to be here.

2k3 Mikey: Great!! You mean Totaly Awesome! Stefan,I've been a big fan of this show for a long time and becoming your Assistant is a dream come true. You Rock,Stefan.

Uh..Thanks,Mikey. Sailor Moon it's good to have you onboard again.

Sailor Moon: My pleasure Stefan.

Mina: Hope you gained a sence of punctuality,Moon girl. Because,you're gonna need it. Because classes start at random times.

Sailor Moon: Hey,don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Mina: YOu'd better be..or Stefan will fire you.

Don't worry,Sailor Moon. You'll do great.,I know it. and besides even if she is late,I could always get one of the other Assistants to help me.

Sailor Moon: Thanks Stefan. *hugs him*

Mario: Sorry about what happened to the Ultima Network,Stefan.

Luigi: And about our show.

Yeah,sorry about that.

Shego: So how much does this gig pay?

Um...Nothing. I thought I mentioned that.

Shego: Yeah,call me when you decide to offer me a Paying job. *begins to leave*

C'mon Shego don't do this.

Mina: And besides working with us will prove to be a better experience than working with Drakken...we promise.

*Shego stops*

Shego: *sigh* Alright,I'll stay.

Awesome,you won't regret this.

Shego: See that I don't.

Mina: Ok,now with that out of the way,Tom tell us what's coming up.

Tom's Voice: Well Mina,next we'll be taling about the Upcoming episodes of the Cartoon Historian, But first,here's a video message.

*goes to video*

Spongebob Squarepants: Hey,Cartoon Historian,just wanted to wish you a Happy 1-Year Anniversary. Hooray for Cartoons.

*goes back to live*

*audience applauds*

Thank you,Spongebob. Ok,coming up on future episodes of The Cartoon Historian,both me and my Assistant will be covering a whole mess of shows,program blocks,and animation companies. And as usual we won't be covering Anime. Mina,tell us what shows we'll be covering.

Mina: Well,some of the cartoon shows we'll be covering include: 'Inspector Gadget','Alvin and the Chipmunks',and 'Captain Planet'. For the Program Blocks,We'll be covering: 'Fox Kids','ABC's One Saturday Morning','Kids WB',and more. We'll also be covering some Animation Companies..though,I don't know which companys.

*audience applauds*

Thank You,Mina. Another thing we're gonna be doing is Redoing some of the earlier lessons....Including Ninja Turtles.

2k3 Mikey: I'm gonna be co-hosting that.

Mina: Way to spoil things,Michaelangelo.

2k3 Mikey: hehe..oops,Sorry.

We have more instore guys,Tom tell our audience what else we have coming up.

Tom's Voice: We'll be talking about the newest segment: Cartoon Theme Of The Month.

*croud cheers and applauds*

Tom's Voice: And now here are some more Video Messages.

*goes to video*

Phineas: Stefan,Ferb and I would like to wish you a Happy 1-year Anniversary as the Cartoon Historian and hope you have many more yeare. Because of you,Ferb and I learned alot about the Cool shows and Program blocks that were before our time.

Ferb: Happy Anniversary.

*transitions to another vid*

Hulk Hogan: This is The Hulkster, Wishing The Cartoon Historian a very Happy 1-Year Anniversary. Whatcha gonna do when the Cartoon Historian educates and entertains You.

*transitions to another video*

Mega Man: This is an awesome thing you have going here,Stefan. Happy Anniversary.

*goes back to live*

*croud cheers and applauds*

Alright. As you are all aware,The Cartoon Historian has multiple segments. This year,I'll be introducing an all New segment....Cartoon Intro of the Month. Y'see each month we'll be showcasing a Cartoon Intro Theme. This months theme will be shown soon,so be ready for that.

Mina: Alrighty,we're almost done. Tom tell us what's next.

Tom's Voice: Next,It's the Best of the Best. The Best Cartoon Historian Lesson of the year.

*goes to video*

Goku: Hey everyone,It's Goku. When I'm not fighting evil or training my butt off or eating like a starved beast,I'm watching the Cartoon's a great show to watch while you're having a snack. Happy Anniversary,Stefan. Hey,Gohan.

*transitions to new video*

Kim Possible: Me an Ron would like to wish you a very Spankin' Anniversary as the Cartoon Historian,Stefan.

Ron: I Love Your show.

Rufus: Laters

*goes back to live*

*croud cheers and applauds*

Mina: Alright. Now,before we go to the Best of the Best. Stefan,why don't you tell us Why you created the Cartoon historian?

Sure. Well I'm a fan of cartoons and wanted to make a site dedicated to them. And Inspired by The Gaming Historian,I decided to make the site about the History of Various Cartoon shows.

Mina: Simple is the word for that answer. Anyway,Here we go with The Best of The Best...Starting with my pick,It's Cartoon Historian Leeson 20: The Rise and Fall of Cartoon Network.

*goes to video*

CH 20-B
CH 20-B

*goes back to live*

*audience chears and applauds*

And now here is my choice for Best of The Best. It's Cartoon Historian Lesson 21: From Games to Toons.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience chears and applauds*

Mina: Damn,I forgot how long that Lesson was.

2k3 Mikey: Oooh,oooh,My turn,my turn. My personal favorite Cartoon Historian Lesson was Lesson # 18: The Spider-Man episode.

Mina: And my Debut Episode.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience chears and applauds*

Mario: It took a while,but me and my Brother,Luigi,decided on which episode that we both liked the best.

Luigi: We decided on Cartoon Historian Lesson # 1, The History of DiC.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience cheers and applauds*

Gohan: If I had to choose which Cartoon Historian I liked best,I'd have to go With the Toonami Episode...Lesson # 15.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience cheers and applauds*

How about you Shego?

Mina: Yeah,don't you have a favorte?

Shego: Well,there is this one episode that I kinda like. Roll it,Tom.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience cheers and applauds*

Shego: I'll admit,that big blue dummy,kinda cracks me up sometimes.

Sailor Moon: Well My favorite Cartoon Historian episode should be no surprise to anyone. It's Cartoon Historian Lesson 23: She-Ra.

You were a great help that day,Moon girl.

Sailor Moon: Why,Thank you.

*goes to video*


*goes back to live*

*audience cheers and applauds*

Alright,that's all she wrote. Thanks again for joining us. And a special thanks to muy new Assistants for being here for this 1-year Anniversary Special.

Mina: A very special thanks goes to those in attendence. Thanks for Joining us live. Take us home,Tom.

Tom's Voice: This has been The Cartoon Historian 1-year Anniversary Special. Thanks again for Joining us. I'm Tom Z,wishing you a great day.

[credits roll as the cartoon historian closing theme plays. fades to black after the credits roll.]

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