Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cartoon Quickie - Biker Mice From Mars (Original)

Welcome all to another adition of Cartoon Quickie. This time we'll be taking a look at The Biker Mice From Mars.

On the planet Mars,there existed a race of anthropomorphic mice who enjoyed Motorsports and had a very similar culture and society to that of Earthlings.

Soon,however,they were all but wiped out by the Plutarkians, an alien race of obese, foul-smelling, fish-like humanoids who exploit other planets for natural resources because they've wasted all of their own.

Three survivors, Throttle, Modo and Vinnie, manage to find a spaceship and escape the Plutarkian takeover but they are soon shot down by a Plutarkian warship and end up crash-landing on Earth in the city of Chicago. There they meet a charming female mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson and discover that the Plutarkians have come to Earth to steal its natural resources.

The Biker Mice discover that Chicago's leading industrialist, Lawrence Limburger, is actually a Plutarkian who disguises himself as a human. Limburger enlists two henchmen, mad scientist Dr. Karbunkle and the idiotic Greasepit to help him steal Earth's natural resources and send them to Plutark. Thus, the Biker Mice become Limburger's chief foils, felling his business tower at the end of nearly every episode.

The Mice and protagonists are: Throttle,the leader of the trio,has a cool attitude..and shades to match.; Modo is big and tough,but he's a nice guy at heart. Modo has a mechanical arm and is the strongest of the trio.; Vinnie is a thrill-seeker with a bit of an ego. He's also a self-proclaimed lady's man.

Joining the Trio is a beautiful human Mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson. She's a headstrong woman, and is always ready to go into battle, though the Biker Mice try to keep her out of dangerous situations.

And what are Heroic Mice without Villains. Lawrence Limburger is the main antagonist of the series,he hails from Plutark and has an odd fascination for Earth's criminal society of the 1930s. He wears a mask in order to look human and a purple suit at most times. He's also highly resourceful and cunning,though always failing due to the biker mice's interventions. His headquarters is Limburger Industries located in Chicago.

Limburger's minions are: Dr. Karbunkle(a thin, sly scientist),Grease Pit (the stereotypical cartoonish bungling bad guy sidekick),and Fred the Mutant (a short and crazy freak,who is almost always happy)

Now,the Artwork and Animation are typical for a 90's cartoon.(ie. Good). The Action scenes are also nicely done. The errors themselves are minimal. The Music is pretty good,the music fits the show really really well.

The Overall Writing is really good as well. A lot of humorous lines to go with the cool action. As for the Voice Acting,it's pretty damn great.

There was a 2007 revival,but it was nowhere near as good as the original. All and all,the Original BMfM is a decent and badass show and is worth watching atleast twice.

That's gonna do it for this edition of Cartoon Quickie. See Ya Next Time and Stay Gold.

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KingsSideCastle said...

This was one of those shows that I don't think I really gave a fair shot to watching. I kept rolling my eyes at the "ridiculous" title and changing the channel. Considering that I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid...I guess my age was showing when this one aired.

Good review of the series. It sounds a lot better than I would have guessed.