Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cartoon Quickie: Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa

Welcome all to another adition of Cartoon Quickie. This time we'll be taking a look at the show,Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa.

In the year 1890,an irradiated meteor struck the Western plains creating a miles high mesa shrouded in clouds. Almost every animal effected by said meteor evolved into a human-oid state.

Inspired by old tales of the Wild West, this new community developed to the point where they emulated that era's way of life. However,their knowledge of Wild West living was limited, and as such, many things about their culture had to be improvised. The concepts of steampunk and Wild West were utilized throughout its run.

The series focuses on trying to keep justice in the frontier territory. The lawbreakers were too much for the corrupt regulators of Cowtown (Mayor Bulloney and Sheriff Terrorbull) to handle by themselves.

Helping them out,whether they wanted it or not,were a group of peacekeepers known as C.O.W. Boys, short for "Code of the West." The C.O.W Boys had their hands full with various ruffians and outlaw gangs that plagued the otherwise peaceful town.

Marshal Moo Montana is the leader of the C.O.W.-Boys and marshall of Moo Mesa. Courageous and quick on his hooves, Moo Montana "battles the bad guys and makes the West a safer place to graze". He lives by the Code of the West, which he seems to make up as he goes along.

Marshal Moo is aided by his 2 deputies,The Dakoda Dude and The Cowlorodo Kid. The Dakota Dude is a Gentel Giant,despite how mean he looks. He's soft-spoken and possesses a cool temperament.

The Cowlorado Kid is the youngest of the group and a self-proclaimed ladies' man with a good singing voice. Regardless of his skill with the lasso and guitar. Cowlorado isn't a deputy yet. The Kid also has a bit of an adventurous side.

Supporting the heroes are,Lily Bovine,Cowlamity Kate Cudster,and Cody Calf. Lily Bovine is a former showgirl and owner of the local saloon,The Tumbleweed. She's also the saloon's bartender. Cowlamity Kate is a tomboyish rancher and operator of the highly profitable Golden Cud Mine. She's as hard-working and hard-riding as any bull, and has enough skill with a lasso to put Cowlorado to shame.

And finally their's Little Cody Calf. He idolizes the marshall and hopes to be a lawcow himself when he grows up. He is apparently related to Lily Bovine in some way and lives with her, though he does not appear to be her son; like everyone else, he refers to her as "Miss Lily". Though well meaning, he often gets himself into serious trouble trying to "help" the lawcows, but has been a useful asset on several occasions.

And now the Outlaws. Mayor Oscar Bulloney is the greedy and corrupt mayor of Cowtown in Moo Mesa, Bulloney rigs elections and makes taxes so high that the Masked Bull compares it to stealing. He also serves as Cowtown's crooked Justice of the Peace and Bank President.

Sheriff Terrorbull was selected by Bulloney to be the town's sherif. Terrorbull uses his badge to conceal his evil intentions. He was forced to leave Cowtown after losing a bet to Moo.However,he became sheriff of the remote town of Lonesome Gulch, where he continued his unlawful exploits. Of course,like any good villain,Terrorbull has cronies...Saddle Sore the Scorpion and Boot Hill Buzzard. Both of whom are baffoonish.

One thing to note about this Show is that most of the episodes (and episode titles)seem to parody popular Western films and books.

Anyway,let's get on with this mini-review. The Artwork and Animation are typical for a 90's cartoon.(ie. Good). The Action scenes are decent. The errors themselves are minimal,though still noticable. The Music itself is good,it fits the whole Wild West motif.

The Overall Writing is good as well. As for the Voice Acting,it's pretty damn great.

Y'know in a way the 3 main characters of this show reminded me of the Biker Mice From Mars. I'll list the similarities someday. Despite how good this show is,One thing that bothered about it was the unanswered questions. Like,what happened to the humans? Did they get terminated by the Meteor? And why didn't the Horses mutate? Ya gotta admit,Cows riding Horses is kinda weird.

Mina: Good Questions.

Mina,Where did you come from?

Mina: I just waltzed in while you were talking. Anyway,the thing that kinda bothered me a bit about this series was the fact that the Cows drank Milk. Yeah,I know you can't have Alcohol consumtion in a SatAM cartoon,but couldn't they drink something else. A Cow dinking their own juice is a bit disgusting.

Of course,it's a Cartoon and one shouldn't over think it.

Now,before we go,I wanna drop this interesting tidbit. The C.O.W Boy's have teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the TMNT Mirage Comics. It's true. look it up,if you don't believe me.

Well,That's gonna do it for this edition of Cartoon Quickie. See Ya Next Time and Stay Gold.

Mina: Laters.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Song of the Month: Mummies Alive

Hey,Stefan here. I had some personal things to attend to,but I'm back full time. Anyway,here's this Months featured Cartoon Theme. It's the theme from Mummies Alive.

Mina: Let's Kick Some Tut!

Was that really necessary?

Mina: Hehe Sorry.

Mummies Alive

Well that's it for the Song of the Month. I hope you enjoyed.

Rock On and Stay Gold!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cartoon Historian Top 5: Hottest Cartoon Girls Of The 00's

The Cartoon Historian proudly presents...The Top 5. Todays Top 5 will be about The Hottest Cartoon Girls of the 90's. Let's go!

5 - Hawkgirl (Justice League Unlimited): I hate JLU,but,Hawkgirl looks so gorgeous without her mask on.

4 - Kurai (TMNT 2k3): Kurai from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is very pretty..pretty and tough. She's also a great Ninja Master.

3 - Selena Kyle/Catwoman (The Batman): Every thing about her is sexy. Her moves,voice,and her attitude. She has bad taste in head gear..but,no ones peeerfect :D

2 - April O'Niel (TMNT 2k3): This version of April O'Niel is just as hot as her 80's counterpart. She's not only smart and pretty,but she's also a decent fighter and an awesome friend. I love her voice too :)

1 - Shego (Kim Possible): I love Shego most of all. She's hot,tough,and has a cool personality. She's also one hell of a fighter. She should really her own series

Please keep in mind that these are my personal pics and you may have different ones.

Well that's all see ya next time on The Top 5.