Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cartoon Historian Top 5: Hottest Cartoon Girls Of The 00's

The Cartoon Historian proudly presents...The Top 5. Todays Top 5 will be about The Hottest Cartoon Girls of the 90's. Let's go!

5 - Hawkgirl (Justice League Unlimited): I hate JLU,but,Hawkgirl looks so gorgeous without her mask on.

4 - Kurai (TMNT 2k3): Kurai from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is very pretty..pretty and tough. She's also a great Ninja Master.

3 - Selena Kyle/Catwoman (The Batman): Every thing about her is sexy. Her moves,voice,and her attitude. She has bad taste in head gear..but,no ones peeerfect :D

2 - April O'Niel (TMNT 2k3): This version of April O'Niel is just as hot as her 80's counterpart. She's not only smart and pretty,but she's also a decent fighter and an awesome friend. I love her voice too :)

1 - Shego (Kim Possible): I love Shego most of all. She's hot,tough,and has a cool personality. She's also one hell of a fighter. She should really her own series

Please keep in mind that these are my personal pics and you may have different ones.

Well that's all see ya next time on The Top 5.


KingsSideCastle said...

Great list Stefan. All of the girls on it are awesome!!

Bountydog said...

Awesome list and..I really agree with Shego being on the top!