Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Best Cartoon Hero/Villain Combos

Hey everyone,long time no see. Sorry I've been away from this site for some long. Anyway,Today,I'm bringing you another top 5. In this edition of the Top 5,I'll be listing the greatest Hero/Villain combos in American Cartoon History.

#5 - Wolverine/Sabretooth (x-men): Both have similar abilities. both are strong and tough as nails.

#4 - Optimus Prime/Megatron (transformers): These 2 were once close allies,but now are bitter rivals and enemies. Like Batman and Joker,Prime and Megatron have oposite personalities.

#3 - Static Shock/Ebon (static shock): The age old battle between Shadow vs Light continues in Static Shock with Ebon and Static.

#2 - Lion-O/Mumm-Ra (thundercats): It's the Classic Pure Good vs Pure Evil Scenario..'Nuff Said!

#1 - Batman/The Joker (Batman:TAS): They are 2 sides of the same coin,ones a happy psychopath,the other is a grim avenger of justice.

Well that's it for this Top 5. Stay tuned for more Awesomeness on the Cartoon Historian.

Stay Gold Guys.


KingsSideCastle said...

Great Choices. ^_^

Bountydog said...

Nice combos indeed! Talking about classic(but newer series also) a He-Man - Skeletor combo could have fit the list!