Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5:Greatest Cartoon Themes of The 00's

The Cartoon Historian proudly presents...The Top 5. Todays Top 5 will be about The Greatest Cartoon Themes of the 00's. Yeah!

#5 - Teen Titans: This theme is so damn catchy.

#4 - The Spectacular Spider-Man: Another catchy theme,this time about my all time favorite American Super Hero.

#3 - The Batman (first season only): This theme is really cool. It goes really well with this series.

#2 - Kim Possible: One of the last great Disney cartoons. This song is catchy and cool. it also fits Kim herself :D

#1 - W.I.T.C.H.: Another Disney Show with an Epic theme?! Yup,a rarity in the 2000's.

Well that's gonna do it for this top 5.

Coop: Whoa,Whoa,Hold it.

Coop,what are you doing here?

Coop: Never mind that,dude. Where's the Megas XLR theme?. Why wasn't it included? It kicks total ass. Teen Titans made the list but not the theme from My show..Unforgivable!

Well,true Megas XLR had a really awesome theme,but..

Coop: No buts,dude. You make a List of the Greatest Cartoon Theme's of the 2000's and you don't even add my show to it. Theres just no excuse for that. And you call yourself the Cartoon Historian.


Coop: Fine..but you owe me dude.

{sigh} what do you want?

Coop: Let me and my bud Jamie host a Cartoon Historian Special. Namely the 'What Ifs' special.

Ok,I guess.

Coop: Awesome. Let's end this episode with the theme from Megas XLR. And remember people,Everyone Dig Giant Robots...expecially chicks.

(megas xlr theme plays)

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Bountydog said...

While reading this great post, I was about to write about the Megas theme...and then Coop shows up! Great :D! Really looking forward to next post! Keep up the good work!