Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cartoon Quickie: Tiny Toon Adventures.

Their Tiny,Their Toonyh and they are very looney. They are the Tiny Toons. Tiny Toon adventures is basically Looney Toons of the 90's generation. However,the Looney Toons characters aren't the stars. Instead,their younger counterparts are. Each Looney Toon have a modern day counterpart.

The story takes place in Acme Acres,where the LT counterparts live. The characters attend Acme Loonerversity (or acme loo for short),where their teachers are the Looney Toons themselves,with the Legendary Bugs Bunny as the principal.

Let's look at some of the characters,shall we. Buster and Babs Bunny(no relation!) are the stars of the show. Buster is a blue rabbit with a cool personality. He often takes up after his mentor (and counterpart)Bugs Bunny. Babs is the more comical of the duo. She's nergetic and random,as well as a bit ridiculous at times. One of her trademark abilities is doing impersonations of celebrities or of her friends. Unfortunatly Babs has no counterpart as Lola Bunny wouldn't be created until 1996.

Plucky Duck is both greedy and egotistical,like his hero (and counterpart)Daffy Duck,often engaging in various schemes with the goal of personal glory.

Hampton J. Pig is Porky's Counterpart.Hamton's role in the series is as a straight man, often against Plucky's antics. Hamton is also obsessed with cleanliness.

Elmyra Duff is Elmer Fudds counterpart,though she doesn't act like him much. Elmyra is obsessed with cute animals and often times captures them and takes them home with her. Elmyra is also a bit on the ignorant side,she is unaware that her affection is in fact a form of torture. as a result she accidently ends up hurting her pets serverely and sometimes even killing them.

Montana Max is Yosimite Sam's counterpart and rechest guy in Acme Acres.He is bad-tempered, loud-mouthed,and money-hungry.

There are tons more characters,but I'd rather let you discover(or re-discover)them for yourselves. Now on to the rest of the mini-review.

The Artwork and Animation are what to expect from a Warner Bros. Cartoon. However,despite how good it is,there are some errors. The Music itself isn't all that special,but it gets the job done.

The Overall Writing is good and funny. Just like you would expect from a 90's version of Looney Toones. The Voice Acting is awesome.

Tiny Toon Adventures is a cool and funny show and really really really helped the Looney Toon franchise in the 90's. The show was later replaced by Animaniacs. I really recommend watching it.

Well that's it,see ya next time on Cartoon Quickie.

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