Monday, July 25, 2011

The Cartoon Historian Presents: Cartoon What If's

This Is A Cartoon Historian Special Presentation

*cartoon historian theme plays*

*All 5 members of the CH Family are sitting at a round table*

Welcome to another totally awesome Cartoon Historian Special. I'm joined by Mina,Sailor Moon,Gohan Son,and of course Tom Z.

Mina: We also have 2 very special guests here today. Here they are From Megas XLR,Coop and Jamie.

*Coop and Jamie enter as the Megas XLR theme plays. the music shuts off as the duo shake hans and high fives the CH family*

Welcome gentlemen.

*Jamie and Coop take their seats at the round table*

Jamie: Good to be here.

Sailor Moon: Thanks for joining us.

Coop: Hey The Historian owed me for not putting the Megas XLR theme on his top 5 list.

Jamie: Well that sucks. Our theme is the best there is.

Gohan: That's debatable.

Jamie: Oh yeah,well what do you consider to be the best cartoon theme?

Gohan: How about Kappa Mikey's theme? It's very catchy and it's easy to learn.

Coop: Lame!

Jamie: You gotta be kidding.

Tom Z: As a longtime fan of Megas XLR,I must say it's a pleasure to have you both here with us today.

Coop: No prob,dude,Now lets get this party started,I'm starting to get really bored here.

Alrighty,here's the first What If. What If The New Thundercats Cartoon Was A Continuation Of THe 80's Toon?

Mina: It would rock. Though,it would be pretty short! Mumm-Ra would be released from the Book of Omens and he'd want some serious revenge. We may even find out what happened to the Thundercats that were Missing from the final scene.

Gohan: Same here,it will be very short lived,because most of the 80's cartoon is resolved. Villains like The Mutants,Lunataks,and Capt. Kraker have gotten closure,bad closure,but closure nonetheless. Theres just very few story left to tell in that series. Best start from scratch with an all new series.

Sailor Moon: Agreed with Gohan and Mina.

Tom Z: Ditto. Though it would've been nice if the Mutants and Lunatacks got better closure. If the series was a continuation,I guess they could've given them proper closure.

Coop: True that,sending these baddies to the circus was a stupid thing to do.

Jamie: Shameful,really. And what the hell was up with that Monster the Ancient Spirits of Evil sent after Lion-O after he beat Mumm-Ra anyway?

The New Thundercats Cartoon will be airing this friday. But watch it online and Not on Cartoon Network. Ok,next 'What If'. What If He-Man and She-Ra acted like a typical brother and sister duo.

Mina: That wouldv'e been awful for them. They would fight eachother more than the Baddies.

Sailor Moon: So true.While the heroes are fighting with eachother,Hordak and Skeletor would take over.

Coop: I heard the 2k2 series was gonna have that storyline...but it never happened due to the series being canned.

Tom Z: I think I heard something about that too.

Jamie: Sucks that the 2K2 series was canned. I liked it better than the 80's toon.

Gohan: Yeah. I agree with everyone here.

Ok,Next What If. What if Stimpy was the smart one and Ren was the moron.

Mina: The result would be the same,i think.

Sailor Moon: I haven't watched that show in god knows when.

Gohan: With Stimpy intellegent,the show would never be the same.

Tom Z: That's true. It'd also be a bit of a stereotype too. Y'know,Dog = stupid and Cat = intellegent.

Coop: Yeah. Imagine Stimpy slapping around Ren..tha'd kill him. He's such a small and weak dog.

Jamie: yeah.

Moving on. What If Batman The Animated Series was like the Adam West TV show.

Mina: That would be one of the the dumnest things ever. The series would be lame.

Sailor Moon: Yeah. He's supposed to be the Dark Knight,not the Dork Knight.

Tom Z: The show would be very lighthearted and corny. Definatly unlike the Batman we know and love.

Gohan: Yeah,Pathetic. I like adam Wests Batman,but I'm glad the Animated series ended up like it did.

Coop: True that. I don't want my Robin saying Holy fill in the blank

Jamie: Amen.

Ok. What If The Justice League was lead by Batman instead of Superman.

Coop: I'll go first. The Justice League would do a bit better.

Jamie: Yeah,even though he's not a team player,he would make a better leader. He's smarter and more resorsefull than Ol' Supes.

Tom Z: Yeah. Being the strongest doesn't nessesarily mean you're the best leader.

Gohan: I hear that. My Dad is one of the strongest guys in the universe and he's a very inept leader.

Sailor Moon: Kinda the opposit of me.

Mina: I agree with everyone here. Bats would make a better leader.

Ok next up: What if Commander Ferral found the Swat Kats secret base and found out who they were.

Jamie: Pass.

Coop: Aw c'mon,Jamie don't tell me you don't know who the Swat Kats are.

Jamie:I do but I've never seen an episode.

Coop: Dude you need to chill on Youtube more. Anyway,here's my 2 cents. Ferral would tottaly bust them. end O' story. The Turbo Kat would be impounded and the Hanger would be sealed. And finnaly Ferral will be a happy cat for finally busting his long time nemesis'.

Tom Z: That's the way I picture it too. Calli would likely be shocked. The press would definatly have a field day.

Gohan: I imagine so. All of Mega Cat City has yerned for the knowlage of the Swat Kats identity.

Mina: Ferrel would be forced to release them though. As Mayor Manx will grant them a full pardon once the Ciry is under attack and the Enforcers are Powerless to do much.

Sailor Moon: Too true.

Great points you guys. Ok,next one. What if Aang didn't run away from the Air Temple.

Mina: Simple. Aang would've been wiped out along with the Other Air Nomads.

Tom Z: Yeah. Then Aang would be reborn as a member of the Water Tribe and would be a Waterbender.

Sailor Moon: So it would be called Avatar: The Young Water Bender instead of Avatar:The Last Air Bender.

Gohan: The show would be very different,to say the least. Wouldn't be the same without Aang and team Avatar.

Coop: Plus. There's a big chance that the Fire Nation would dominate the world. Without Airbending,the Avatar is weaker than he or she would normally be.

Jamie: Well Zuko Could become a good guy and try to stop the Firelord with the Avatar. Though the possibility of them suceeding would be slim.

I agree. Ok next up: What if Saban Moon Did get the green light from Toei and the networks.

Sailor Moon: Ugh! did you really have to bring That up?

Mina: I think it would be hated by the Sailor Moon fan community,even moreso than the Sailor Moon dub. And more openly mocked then the Mega Man cartoon.

Tom Z: Hey,I liked both the Mega Man cartoon and the Sailor Moon dub. They were flawed,but that doesn't mean they sucked.

Gohan: I liked the Mega Man Cartoon as well..despite how weird it was. Anyhow,Saban Moon would fail in the ratings and only get 1 season.

Jamie: I recently saw that video on Youtube.. *shutters* Gave me a nightmare.

Coop: Yeah,though Compared to that Bratz cartoon,which Did air by the way,Saban Moon is a thing of beauty.

Amen Coop. Ok. What if The 80's Ninja Turtles show was more like the Mirage comics.

Coop: It would be an 80's version of the 2K3 series. Nuff Said.

Jamie: Coops right.

Gohan: Agree with Coop.

Tom Z: I don't think Bebop,Krang,and Rocksteady would be in it. Since they were never in the Mirage comic.

Mina: Plus I doubt the ratings wouldn't be as high as they could be.

Sailor Moon: Thank god it was different. I love Bebop and Rocksteady.

I hear ya,Moon Girl. Ok next one. What if In the 80's He-Man show,Adam never reunited with his Twin Sister,Adora.

Sailor Moon: My life would be altered alot. No reunion of the Twins means Adora doesn't get her Power Sword,and if that never happened,then She-Ra doesn't exist.

Jamie: I've never been a fan of She-Ra or the 80's MotU.

Tom Z: If She-Ra never existed,then Adora would remain with the Hoard and Etheria would fall under Hordak's rule...unless He-Man stops him. But I don't see how,since Skeletor schemes 24/7 and the defenders of Eternia must be prepared for anything from that Bonehead.

Gohan: That would suck if She-Ra never existed.

Coop: Yeah,the She-Ravers wouldn't exist either. Come to think of it,Neither would Xena Warrior Princess. Thank God te Twins Reunited.

Mina: I think you're overreacting a bit Coop. But,I gotta agree somewhat. Without She-Ra,roles of Female Heroes would never be the same.

Right. Thank God She-Ra exists. Anyway. What if Darkwing Duck was less of a comidic show and a more serious one.

Jamie: Don't look at me I never seen that show.

Coop: Seriously dude,ya gotta watch Youtube more. Darkwing Duck is all kinds of awesome. And if it were less comidic,it would be almost a clone of Batman:the Animated Series.

Tom Z: True that. As much as I love B:TAS,I have to say that attitude wouldn't fit that well in a world of talking animals...especially Ducks.

Gohan: The villains would be more deadly. Especially Negaduck.

Sailor Moon: Nothing would be the same. In fact the show would loose it's charm if it was more serious and less comical.

Mina: Yeah. And besides,Disney doesn't put Animals into dark enviornments. The closest thing we came to a darker Darkwing Duck is that one episode where Gosalyn travels through time and ends up in an alternate future.

Darkwarrior Duck. Even as a Post-apocolyptic Batman clone,he was still a chucklehead. Ok next up. What if Prof. Utonium's monkey,Jojo,was tame.

Jamie: If JoJo was tame,there would be no lab accident and the Girls would've never been born.

Coop: Neither would Mojo Jojo.

Gohan: Crime would rock Townsville. Everyone would suffer,even without Mojo.

Tom Z: True that,with out the PPG's townsville would be doomed. The Professor and JoJo would be hurt or killed.

Sailor Moon: JoJo's moneyshines were a good thing for Townsville.

Mina: Yeah. Though If the city was in danger the Professor would eventually create superheros..either by chemicals or by technology.

Science matches on no matter what. Ok. next up. What if Synergy never existed. Hey,A Jem what If.

Jamie: Pass,I don't watch that show.

Coop: As awesome as it looked,I myself never really got into that show.

Gohan: Never watched the show either.

Sailor Moon: The Missfits would Rule,because Jem and the Holograms can't exist without Synergy.

Mina: Yeah the show would be called The Pizzazz and the Misfits. Not a cool idea for a show.

Tom Z: Though it would be interesting. In my opinion.

Ok. moving on. What if The WCW got into the SatAM cartoon act like the WWE did.

Jamie: That would be stupid.

Coop: Right-on bro. I bet it would be even stupider than Hulk Hogan's Rock and Wrestling.

Gohan: I don't know guys. I mean isn't WCW supposed to be more serious than the WWF/WWE?

Tom Z: It Doesn't seem like their style to make one.

Coop: Yeah,but the Characters would be dumbed down even moreso than the WWE characters were.

Mina: I seriously doubt the WCW would even want a Saturday Morning program based on their wrestlers. I agree with Tom,It's not their style.

Sailor Moon: I'm not much of a Wrestling fan.

True,Mina. The WWF/WWE was always meant to be the Fun Wrestling Org....and that's why they were Number one. Too bad they suck today. TNA is even worse. Anyway here's the next what if. What if Samus Aran was in the Captain N animated series.

Jamie: Pass,I never liked that show.

Coop: Right. Even if Samus was in the show she'd be dumbed down. I bet either a dumn blonde,a Dude,or a radical who likes to fight and blow stuff up.

Tom Z: Plus there would be no need for Captain N,and the show wouldn't be the same. Though,I must admit when they ported Link over to Captain N,they made him more mature. So maybe they would've kept Samus the same way.

Gohan: I've only seen 1 episode and didn't really like it much. The concept is a cool idea,but it wasn't executed correctly.

Sailor Moon: Well,Samus was in the comic. So maybe she'd act like her comic counterpart.

Mina: The Comic was more serious and lacked the stupid,yet funny, plots and dialogue. Face it,Samus would be either dumbed down or a fish out of water. I'm glad she wasn't included.

Yeah.Though Tom has a point about Link,which brings us to our next What if. What if Link acted like his game counterpart in the Zelda animated series.

Tom Z: He'd be strong and brave. But silent and somewhat boring.

Coop: Yeah,despite how lame some of his jokes are..I kinda like him.

Jamie: Yeah,but his "Exuuuuse Me,Princess!" line kinda got annoying after awhile.

Gohan: The show would be boring if Link was like his game Counterpart. As lame as his humor is and as whiny as he can be,I kinda find this Link likable.

Mina: Ganon was awesome in that show least I thought so. He got way uglier in Captain N.

Sailor Moon: I found this Link annoying. Thank god they fixed this in Captain N.

Ok,next up. What if There was a G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossover movie.

Coop: That would Rock.

Jamie: Yeah. Starcream and Destro would rule as a team.

Gohan: Not to mention Flint and Ultra Magnus,Duke and Optimus Prime,Scarlett and Bumblebee,Lady Jaye and Arcee,and Cobra Commander and Megatron.

Tom Z: Baroness and Soundwave would be nice too. Bulkhead and Roadblock as well.

Mina: Yeah. The Joes would be much better human companions then those annoying kids.

Sailor Moon: I'm not too much of a Transformers fan or a G.I.Joe one.

That's cool,Moon Girl. Anyway,What if Fairy Godparents didn't exist.

Coop: Timmy Turner would be screwed royaly.

Jamie: Yeah. His life would be total hell.

Gohan: I can Imagine. Without Magic,Timmy Turner wouldn't be able to do anything cool.

Tom Z: Thus Making the series pretty boring. The fairies made up more than half the entertainment of the show. Especially Cosmo,Wanda,and Jorgen.

Sailor Moon: I wish I had fairy Godparents.

Mina: Though,Denzel Crocker would still be Fairy-crazy.

Yup. Next What if. Kim Possible acted like a typical American Teenager.

Coop: She wouldn't be that cool. She wouldn't be much of a heroine.

Jamie: She'd care more about teen stuff,than saving the world. Sad really.

Tom Z: Agreed. The show wouldn't be that great and be canned after a couple of eps. I'm glad Kim's the way she is.

Sailor Moon: And don't forget about Ron and Rufus. Their lives would be effected too.

Gohan: And all of those villains will run amok.

Mina: The entire show would suck. I'd be pathetic.

Yeah. Thank God,Ditzney didn't make Kim Possible like as normal teen girl. Ok. Next up,a Shego What If. What if Shego got her own series.

Jamie: That would totally Kick Ass.

Coop: Yeah,too bad Disney is to stupid now to make one.

Gohan: Agreed.

Tom Z: If Iger and his chronies weren't so mentally pathetic,Shego would've had her own series alraedy.

Mina: Yeah. Shego Rocks.

Sailor Moon: Too bad,Iger doesn't.

Yup. Ok,next up. What if The 80's Shredder Never met up with Krang.

Tom Z: The Turtles and Splinter would've never have mutated,because it was the Shredder who used the mutagen,which belonged to Krang,to turn The hereoes into what they are. The Shredder would eventually find Splinter aka Hamato Yoshi and kill him and the Turtles.

Gohan: I see it that way too.

Coop: If that happened,it would be the only TMNT continuity where the Shred-Head wins.

Jamie: Too true.

Mina: A very tragic ending to our favorite Green Teens. Plus,no Bebop and Rocksteady.

Sailor Moon: Yeah,but luckily Shredder met Krang and the Ninja Turtles,Bebop,and Rocksteady came to be.

The 80's show is an old fave of mine. Ok here's the next What if. What if Knuckles and Amy were in not only AoSTH,but also Sonic SatAM.

Jamie: Pass. I never watched either of these shows.

Coop: Dude,I swear to god,I'm gonna make you watch Youtube later. Anyway,If Amy and Knuckles were in The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog,they would be interesting characters. Amy would chase after Sonic in every episode,while Sonic and Tails avoid her...or atleast try too. And Knux would be guardian of the Master Emerald on the Floating Island,decieved by Robotnik,like in the games. In SatAM,Amy would have a crush on Sonic and concider Sally her bitter rival of love. Knux himself would be the same basically.

Tom Z: You took the words right out of my mouth,Coop.

Gohan: Yes,that's exactly what might happen.

Mina: Coop,you are amazing.

Sailor Moon: Yeah.

Nicely put Coop. ok next What If. What if there was a Star Wars animated series that continued after Return of the Jedi.

Coop: It would be a hell of alot better than Clone Wars.

Jamie: Word.

Tom Z: It would rock to see Luke Skywalker and Friends in their later years.

Gohan: Yeah. Luke would likely start a Jedi school,Han Solo and Leia would Marry,and Chewie would...well,do what Wookies do. The 2 Droids,R2-D2 and C-3PO,would likely live with Luke.

Mina: I see it that way too. If such a show wes made,It would be awesome. Though,I wonder who the villains will be. Palpentine is dead and theres no one I can think of besides him and Vader who's currently on the Dark Side.

Sailor Moon: Maybe it could be a new type of enemy.

May The Force Be with Anyone who atemps to make this cartoon a reality. Anyway,here's the next What If. What if Cartoon Network and Disney never strayed from there roots.

Gohan: They would stay great.

Tom Z: For Cartoon Network it would Be American Cartoons,Toonami,and absolutly No Adult Swim or Live Action garbage.

Coop: Yeah and My show would be on for a couple of more seasons.

Jamie: Chicks Dig Giant Robots.

Sailor Moon: For Disney,we'd have awesome shows 24/7. No Music videos,no Teeny-Bopper trash,and no Disney XD.

Mina: God I miss the old days of Disney. Damn You,Iger!

Amen to that. And Damn Stewie Snyder too. Anyway,What if The Superfriends Show lacked those 2 annoying teenagers and their stupid dog.

Jamie: I never payed attention to that show.

Coop: Same here. I watched The Challange of the Superfriends,though. It was decent,campy,but decent.

Gohan: I hated that show. They tried to mix Scooby-Doo with DC. Ugh!

Tom Z: Had that show lacked the teens and pooch,it would've been a bit better. Watchable. However,with or without those 3 extra characters,the show is still pretty flawed.

Mina: Yeah. Hannah-Barbera made one too many Superfriends shows.

Sailor Moon: You Said it,Mina.

Right. Ok next. What if The Teen Titans lacked Robin on their team.

Jamie: They'd suck.

Coop: Well,Not nessesarily,Jamie. They'd still win,but not as much.

Tom Z: Robin is like Batman,in a sence. It's his cunning,heart,and leadership skills that make the Titans victorious every time they go into battle. Robin may not rely on superpowers,but he doesn't need them. He makes up for it with his amazing agility and use of his utility belt.

Gohan: That's right. Robin is the Ideal leader of the Titans. They would fall apart without him.

Sailor Moon: Just like the Sailor Senshi would fall apart without me.

Mina: Or Stefan would fall apart without me.

Funny,Mina. Anyways,you guys are right about Robin. He rocks. Next up: What if The Thundercats never went to 3rd Earth,but to a different planet in the first episode.

Jamie: Things would be very different for sure.

Coop: Such as,different Allies,which will drasically alter the Thundercats way of life. For instantce,The Robear Berbals helped built the Cats Lair,however since the Berbals don't exist on the new planet,the Cats would either build the Lair themselves or search for help. As for enemies,the Mutants followed the Thundercats,so they would still be the main enemies and Most likely the Only familiar foes. Mumm-Ra and the Beserkers wouldn't exist on the planet. I'm not sure about the Lunataks though.

Tom Z: Wow a Thundercats without Mumm-Ra would suck. Though I'm sure there would be a similar foe on the new planet. As for the Cats Lair,The Thundercats would eventually meet up with some allies who know how to build and the Cats Lair would be built,though the look may be a little different. Allies are allies. The new guys may act and work differently,but their purpous would remain the same.

Gohan: Yeah. Catle Plun-Darr would also be built by a different crew. The Brutemen were the ones used for slave labor in the true continuity. So in this fake new continuity,the Mutants must seek out and enslave similar creatures.

Sailor Moon: All and all,the Thundercat-Mutant war would pretty much be the same. I think the only things that would be different,besides the planet,would be the allies,look of Cats Lair,and the other villains. Though I'm not really sure about the Lunataks.

Mina: Also Pumyra,Lynx-O,and Bengali won't meet up with the Main team,as they landed on 3rd Earth and since the Main team are on a different planet,these 3 are gonna remain slaves to the Berserkers. And Mumm-Ra would rule everything.

That sucks. good thing the Thundercats went to 3rd earth. Ok next What if. What if Phineas and Ferb found out about Perry the Platypus' secret.

Jamie: They'd have their memories whiped by the Agency,ala M.I.B.

Coop: That sounds about right.

Gohan: They'd be amazed at the fact that their pet is really a Secret Agent and Major Monogram would allow them to join Perry on a single mission...and afterwards whipe their memories of the whole thing,like Jamie said.

Tom Z: Agent P. is one cool semi-aquatic mammal.

Mina: Phineas and Ferb are the Only thing worthwatching on Disney these days.

Sailor Moon: True that.

Ok. What if the NY Gov. strongly disapproved of the Ghostbusters and did something about it.

Sailor Moon: The Ghostbusters would be out of buisness and even arrested. They'd be in jail and the Ghosts would run amok.

Gohan: Ask a simple quetion,get an obvious answer.

Tom Z: Well said Moon girl.

Coop: I was gonna say the same thing.

Jamie: The Spooks would haunt every city in the world and no one would beable to do anything about it.

Mina: The Gov would get impeached and the new gov. will grant a full pardon to the Ghostbusters and soon after,they will be back in buisness.

Like it or not,The World needs the Ghostbusters. Ok next. What if Invader Zim was very dangerous and not baffoonish.

Coop: We'd be screwed. A competant Zim would pretty much dominate Earth easily and fall infavor with the Tallest.

Jamie: Plus,The Tallest would give Zim a different robot assistant. One that isn't crazy. So no Gir.

Tom Z: The show wouldn't be that funny and would loose its charm. Not to mention the the series would be short lived.

Gohan: Not to mention boring.

Mina: I'll take Baffonish Zim over a Competant one anyday.

Sailor Moon: You said it.

This brings us to our next What If. What if Gir was Sane.

Jamie: That would eliminate 55% of the funny.

Coop: Agreed.

Tom Z: A sane Gir wouldn't be very entertaining. Gir's psycotic ramblings and crazy antics make up a good portion of the show's comedy.

Gohan: A sane Gir would never be liked either. It's because he's a nutjob,that Gir is loved so much.

Sailor Moon: Yeah: He cracks me up. no need to change his personality.

Mina: So it's settled. Gir should stay Insane.

Crazy Gir = Entertaining,Sane Gir = Boring. Next up. What if The Brain was without Pinky.

Coop: Brain might succeed in taking over the world.

Jamie: He'd either do it himself or have a competant assistant.

Tom Z: The show would suck,period. Brain without Pinky,would be like Toonami without Anime.

Gohan: The Brain needs Pinky and Pinky needs The Brain. 'Nuff said.

Sailor Moon: The only reason I watched that show was because of Pinky. Narf!

Mina: That mouse is very funny.

Agreed. ok were are in the final bunch of What ifs. What if Doug stayed with Nickelodeon.

Jamie; I'd likely stay the same.

Coop: Yeah,there would be some differences,but I think the storylines,for the most part,would be the same as the Disney version of the show.

Tom Z: Yeah. Nick would use the same Storylines that Disney used,though they would add their own twist. If Nick still owened Doug,the show would likely get 2 extra seasons,before being scrapped. Plus,Billy West would still be doing Doug's voice.

Gohan: Yeah. I heard he didn't like the direction Disney was taking the series. How many seasons of Disney's Doug were there,anyway?

Mina: I think 2.

Sailor Moon: for the record,I like Disney's Doug. It had charm.

Yeah,but Nick's Doug was better. Ok 3 more what ifs to go. What if Cartoon Network gave Toonami hosts Tom and Sara their own series.

Coop: Tha'd be awesome.

Jamie: Totally.

Gohan: I'd watch it.

Sailor Moon: Me too.

Tom Z: Well,it would be cool,but realistically the Network Execs wouldn't go for the know how retarded they can be.

Mina: Yeah. The fans may like it,but the Execs never listen to us.

True that. Personally,I'd love to see a Tom show. Anyway,here's the next What if. What if The Bratz show was still airing...with new episodes.

Coop: Ugh! Please,dude I just ate.

Jamie: I think I'm gonna puke.

Gohan: That would be a total nightmare

Tom Z: Why the hell was that show created again?

Sailor Moon: To pander to the 5% of girls who like Bratz.

Mina: Some one get the barf bucket,I think I'm gonna blow chunks.

I get to use it first. Ok let's give our stomaches some relief and move on to our final What If. What if Darkstalkers:The Animated Series got a 2nd season.

Jamie: Why? that show was horrid.

Coop: but the villains were great though. they're very funny.

Tom Z: Maybe if they just used the 5 Baddies: Pyron,Anikaris,Raptor,Morrigan,and Dimitri,they could turn it into a comedy.

Gohan: Those 5 kinda remind me of the Ginyu Force...except less competant fighters.

Mina: I think the villains were the only thing worh watching in that show.

Sailor Moon: yeah. I don't like Harry Gimore.

Well we are out of time. I'd like to thank my panel for their participation and opinions. Until next time,for Coop,Jamie,and the Cartoon Historian family,I'm the Cartoon Historian saying Stay Gold.

*CH theme plays,fades to black,and credits roll*

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