Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Gohan's List of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made

Gohan: Hey guys,Gohan here. It's now time for my Top 5 list. Ok,here we go.

5 - Darkstalkers: The Animated Series: I don't know why this series even exisists. The stories were mostly bad and the artwork wasn't even that good. Plus,I hated Harry Grimore. Though Felicia looked nice.

4 - Star Wars Clone Wars Seasons 3 and Over: I don't think the Clone Wars lasted that long. the first 2 seasons were good enough. But 3 or more seasons of this show is just overkill.

3 - Justice League Unlimited: The biggest problem with this series is that it had way too many starring superheroes. What they should've done is just stick with the main 7 members and have the other heroes be occasional guest stars. And to make matters worse,Lex Luthor wasdn't even the leader of the Legion of Doom.

2 - Young Justice: *sigh* They should've just made a new teen Titans show. or forget about the whole "sidekick" superhero team theme all together.

1 - Krypto The Superdog: Why whas this lame trash created again?

Gohan: Well that's it for my list. Sorry for it being a tad late. But stay tuned,beacuse Mina will give you her list. See Ya!

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