Monday, July 18, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Mina's List of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made

Mina: Hey guys,Mina here. And today I'm gonna present you with My personal "Cartoons That Shouldn't Have Been Made" list. Here we go.

5 - Kick Buttowski: A low point in Disney's animation. The artstyle is nothing but crappy,the shows are badly writen and the acting is pathetic.

4 - Fishooks: Putrid is the only worthy name for this show. Disney has definatly fallen from grace in the Animation department as well. R.I.P. Disney Cartoons :(

3 - Fanboy and Chumm-Chumm: This show deserves the WTH Award! This Retarded show made my brain ache real bad. Nickelodeon you trully Suck!

2 - Back at the Barnyard: A retarded movie that did Not deserve a TV series. Shame on you Nick!

1 - Adventure Time: This show is total crap. The writing,the concept,the art style,the acting,and the Voices all Suck. This show is Lame X Infinity and should've never been made.

Mina: Great list huh? Next up is the final one,made by the Cartoon Historian Himself. Can't wait to see his pics. Until,next time. Later dudes.


KingsSideCastle said...

Haven't even heard of any of these let alone seen them. They sound really bad though. Nice list Mina. ^_^

Logan Ruckman said...

I'm sorry, but Adventure Time at #1 on any worst list makes it hard for me to take it seriously. Adventure time is easily one of the best modern cartoons out there. Great writing, great animation, funny as hell, it's one of the few worthwhile shows on modern day Cartoon Network.