Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Sailor Moon's List of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made

Sailor Moon: Hey everyone,Gohan is still making up his list,so he can't do his presentation at the moment. But,my presentation is all done. So here it is.

5 - Winx Club: THe show is quality challanged. the artwork is bad and the storytelling is way to teeny-bopper. This,in my opinion,is the Worst Sailor Moon clone ever and it bring shame to the magical girl team genre.

4 - The Mighty B: This show was a waste of pen and ink. The writing is also crap. This show is nothing but fail.

3 - Making Fiends: Another stupid Canadian show that has very bad artwork and writing. the artwork looks like a 2-year-old drew it. Pathetic is the only thing to describe this show.

2 - Those Damn Barbie Movies: Seriously,did we Really need those horrible movies about Barbie.

1 - Bratz: That series was disgusting. I practically threw up when I first saw this. A super shame on 4Kids for airing this garbage.

Sailor Moon: Well that does it for my list.

Gohan: Ok,My list is complete.

Sailor Moon: Gohan? What are you doing here?

Gohan: I'm here to deliver my list.

Sailor Moon: Sorry,dude but we're out of time.

Gohan: Damn!

Sailor Moon: Don't worry,Nextime you get to show you're list.

Gohan: That's good.

Sailor Moon: So tune in next time,when Gohan will give you his list.

Gohan: Take care guys.

Sailor Moon: Bye-Bye.


KingsSideCastle said...

Heh heh...I haven't had a chance to watch any of these cartoons. Though if Serena's opinions are correct I'm not missing much. ^_^

Stephan said...

Well, I agree with most of that list. The only one I'd disagree with is Making Fiends, I know the art is simplistic but strangely what I enjoy about it plus it looks better than 12 Oz. Mouse.