Monday, July 18, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Stefan's List of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made

Ok,now it's my turn. Here is my list of Cartoons that Shouldn't have existed.

5 - The Total Drama Series: Everything is bad about this series. Bad Acting,Bad Artwork,Terrible Writing,Stupid Concept,and of course shitty voices. But what more can you expect from a Canadian Cartoon.

4 - The Superfriends: Not Challange of the Superfriends,I'm talking about the series with those 2 annoying teenagers and their retarded dog. Ugh! What the hell were the execs at Hannah-Barbera on anyway? DC should've Never ok'ed this show.

3 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Fast Foward: The lowest lowpoint of the TMNT 2K3 show. The stories were horrible and the most of the new villains were retarded,and whats worse,most of this stuff carried over to Ninja Turtles: Back to the Sewers.

2 - Iron Man: Armored Adventures: I'm gonna go ahead and agree with Tom 100% on this one. Plus,why the hell did Marvel turn to Canada for their Iron Man cartoon? What's wrong with the U.S.? Plus,Iron Man is American Not Canadian.

1 - Bratz: Sailor Moon is 100% right about this disgusting show. First time I saw it,I wanted to throw up.

There's a hell of alot more shows that didn't deserve to be made,so this was a tough choice to make.

Mina: y'know this was kinda fun. plus it gave the rest of us something to do.

Yeah,we'll definatly try something similar again sometime. Well that's gonna do it for this special mini-series of The Top 5. Hope you enjoyed. Stay Gold.

Mina: Later,dudes.


heretichero666 said...

Whoa,whoa, CatDog sucked to you? That was one of my childhood favorites as a kid. Back when Nickelodeon still had good shows, that was one of the shows that kept me glued to the TV. I agree on the other shows but CatDog? Thats a little too harsh.

Stephan said...

I think you forgot about Voltron Force, that show is garbage big time.

Stefan said...

Heretichero your right,I'm gonna change it. Because there is a Worse show.

And Stephan,you're right as well. Voltron Force does suck.