Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Tom Z's List of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made

Tom Z: Hey,Tom Z here. Welcome to a special presentation of the Top 5. In this multi-part series each member of the Cartoon Historian Family will give you their own personal top 5 list of Cartoons That Should Have Never Been Made.

I'm gonna kick things off with my own list.

5 - Batman: Brave and The Bold: Like every cartoon on CN,this show sucks,plus we already have a Batman show for this generation: The Batman. This show was uneeded and they should've just continued The Batman.

4 - The Ben 10 Sequels: The first Ben 10 wasn't that great and it's sequels are just as bad. Plus,they were far from being needed. I hate it when series get milked to death.

3 - Chaotic: A crappy Canadian cartoon based off of a decent European Card Game. The Artwork and storylines both suck. Being a terrible rip-off of both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Digimon Frontier (digimon season 4) doesn't help things for this show either.

2 - Iron Man: Armored Adventures: This show is a Canadian Bastardization of an American series. And Ironman and co are Canadians living in Canada,they're supposed to be Americans living in America. Now I know how the Japanese felt when 4Kids dubbed their shows. Ugh! Look,I know Iron Man needs a show for this generation,but not this. The Voices and acting are horrible,the music isn't that good and the writing is really retarded. But,despite how pitiful and lame it is,Ironman Armored Adventures is far from being the worst show ever.

1 - Zevo-3: This show was a reatared concept to begin with. It's basically a 30 minute advertisement for Skecherz sneakers. At the moment the show seems to have dissapeared from the line-ups. Lets just hope it stays that way.

Tom Z: Well that's all. Stay tuned for Gohan's picks,followed by Sailor Moon,Mina,and finally the Cartoon Historian himself. I'm Tom Z telling you to Stay Gold.


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KingsSideCastle said...

I haven't had a chance to see most of these. ^_^ I think Brave and the Bold is meant to be lighter in tone than The Batman but the good news is they are planning a new more serious Batman series after this one. My favorite Batman cartoon series remains Batman the Animated series though. :-)