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Retro Con 2011 Day 2: TCH Lesson 29: ABC Kids

*It's day 2 of Retro Con,the Tetrad are inside the Con in the main convention room,which hasn't gotten too crouded yet. and the Only 3 celebs that are around are Master Splinter from the Mirage TMNT Comic,Axl from Mega Man X,Wrestler Brutus Beefcake,and Will Fiedel of Boy Meets World. Though a lot more fans and celebs will show up later.*

Welcome everyone to Day 2 of Retro Con 2011. I'm Stefan,the Cartoon Historian,along with Mina,Adult Gohan,and of course the one and only Sailor Moon.

Mina: The fun continues today and I'm gonna go buy some more Anime DVD,cuz I got some spare money left over.

Gohan: My dad will be in this very room signing autographs later,as will Krillin.and like i stated yesterday,Bulma and Vegeta will be joining us tomorrow.

Sailor Moon: So far Al Khan is a No show,despite rumors of him being here.

If he tries Anything,he'll pay in more ways than one. This isn't exactly a '4Kids friendly' place.

Mina: Anyway,right behind us is a low turnout,but it will definatly get flooded later today.

Gohan*checks watch*: Well it's still 11:30pm. lotsa people sleep in on Saturday.

Sailor Moon: So,Cartoon Historian,what lesson are you gonna give us tonight?

Tonight it'll be all about ABC Kids. Unfortunatly,ABC and Ditzney have failed miserably with this block. I mean for years this SatAM block has been nothing short of Pathetic!

Sailor Moon: I liked 'One Saturday Morning' Better.

Mina: For me,I just ignored ABC on Saturday Mornings in the 90's and just watched either Kids WB or Fox Kids. Though mostly Kids WB.

Gohan: I watched Fox Kids Alot when I was young. On Saturdays and Sundays,Mom let me taked a break from studing.

*Dan Hibiki and The Real Jackie Chan enter,croud cheers*

Hey,it's Dan Hibiki and Action Movie Star Jackie Chan. Wow,I did Not expect Jackie Chan to be here.

Mina: at least not the Real one.

Gohan: There are 2?

Yeah,the Real One that's here Now and the Cartoon one,the star of Jackie Chan adventures. Hulk Hogan,Mr.T,and Chuck Norris also have Animated versions of them.

Sailor Moon: So what's up for today?

Retro Con has an Arcade made up of our old favorites,like Street Fighter II Champion Edition,Mortal Kombat,and even Pac-Man. We can go there.

Sailor Moon: Cool.

Gohan: I wonder if they have Killer Instinct? I lost my N64 copy years ago and I miss playing that game.


Mina: if we're gonna go to the Arcades,we gotta do it now,otherwise it's gonna be incredibly crouded and all the good games will be taken.

Point taken.

Mina: Great,let's go.

*the triad head for The Arcade section of the Con. it's pretty much empty,only a few people are there..including Original Toon Michaelangelo,Wrestler Shawn Michaels,Ryan Drummond,and Cartoon Ken Masters,who are playing the 1st TMNT arcade game*

Good thing we got here early.

Mina: Cool. Lots of Arcade games.

Sailor Moon: So little time.

Look who's playing the Ninja Turtle game. It's Michelangelo from the Original Ninja Turtles Cartoon.

Mina: Wrestler and former 3x WWE Champion "HeartBreak Kid" Shawn Michaels.

Gohan: Ryan Drummond former voice actor for Sonic.

Sailor Moon: And Ken Masters from the Street Fighter Animated series.

Mina: So,what now? Play Video Games or Interview these guys?

We'll wait to interview these Celebs,besides they look too busy for an interview. but,if we catch them later,we'll talk with them.

Sailor Moon: I wonder if my Arcade game is here?

Unlikely,Moon Girl. Since the game never made it to the US. Same with Dragon Ball Z. But,I see Street Fighter II: Champion Edition,as well as Mortal Kombat.

Mina: I see Pac-Man and King of the Monsters. Hey look,Gohan,Killer Instinct!

Gohan: Great,I'm gonna go play it. *runs toward the Killer Instinct Machine*

I also see the very first King of Fighters game as well as Fatal Fury 2 Special.

Mina: Whoa,a Players Choice 10 Machine. I'm gonna go play that. I love the NES. *mina runs toward the PC10 machine*

I can't believe those still exist,I was sure Nintendo scraped them.

Sailor Moon: Yeah. Lotta Fighting and Beat'em-Ups here.

Yeah,hey there's a Super Puzzle Fighter game,wanna play?

Sailor Moon: sure.

*both sailor moon and stefan head for the super puzzle fighter machine.An hour later,stefan is with HBK himself*

I'm here with Shawn Michaels,the Icon,the Showstoppa,the Main Event. So HBK,what brings you to Retro Con?

Shawn: Well,I've been a fan of the classics for a while and I thought it would be a Kick to attend this thing and so far I'm having an awesome time and have met some damn cool guys.

So do you think you'll attend next year?

Shawn: Sure,why the hell not. I brought my family here too,they're back at the Hotel.

Awesome. Well thank you HBK,and enjoy the rest of the Con.

*stefan and hbk shake hands*

Shawn: You bet.

*Hours later,the main convention room is even more full,with lots of celebs. Sailor Moon is at a booth,where Lucy Lawless aks Xena and She-Ra are signing autographs*

Sailor Moon: I'm here with 2 of the Greatest ladies Ever. Lucy Lawless of the hit show Xena and my personal Hero,She-Ra. Let me be just say,It's an extreme honor to be talking to you.

Lucy: Well,it's nice to meet you too.

She-Ra: The pleasure is ours. It's nice to finally meet my bigest fan and the legendary Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon: You flatter me. So what brings you 2 to Retro Con?

Lucy: Well,we're here for our fans,I don't get to see my fans that much anymore,so I decided to come.

She-Ra: Same here. I adore the She-Ravers and they've waited so long to meet me in person.

Sailor Moon: Super. Well,I think I should let you guys get back to autograph signing. *shakes the hands of both ladies* Thank you for your time. *she-ra gives sailor moon her autograph* Awesome,thanks She-Ra.

She-Ra: You're welcome. And later,I'm gonna get you're autograph,

Sailor Moon: Way Cool.

*Gohan is at another booth,where Krillin and Goku are signing autographs*

Goku: So what's up Gohan?

Gohan: I'm here to interview you.

Goku: Oh?

Gohan: So,how are you guys enjoing Retro Con,so far?

Goku: It's fantastic,though I forgot that we had so many fans.

Krillin: It's great to be loved.

Gohan: Well,Dragon Ball Z Is the most popular Anime in America.

Krillin: True That!

Gohan: Did you guys get a chance to meet other celebs here?

Krillin: We met a couple. We saw Bill Cosby staying awhile ago back at the hotel.

Goku: Sp;eaking of which,we got 2 of the 4 remaining rooms.

Gohan: So Mom and 18 are here?

Krillin: ChiChi and Goten are,but 18 isn't into this stuff. So she decided to stay home with Marron. I'm here with Master Roshi,who's now out looking for hot girls.

Goku: He's gonna get banged up by all of those girls,I'll bet.

Gohan: We now go to Mina,who's on standing by with the Kongs.

*Mina is with legendary game icon,Donkey Kong the 1st aka Cranky Kong and his son Donkey Kong Jr.,father of this Generations Donkey Kong (DK)*

Mina: I'm here with the Kongs,Cranky and Jr. So how does it feet to be among your fans,pretty good I'll bet?

Cranky: These people are Not my fans,they are my Gransons. These people only know me as the whiney Old Chimp from Donkey Kong Country. And Not the Original Donkey Kong...the one who Saved Nintendo back in the 80's. That's some gratitude fotr ya. You save the greatest Game company ever,and people just forget that you ever did such a thing.

Jr: Well at least you Are recognized,Pop. People have completly forgotten about me. If it wasn't for Me,this generations Donkey Kong wouldn't even exist.

Mina: Like father like son,I guess. Thank you for your time guys.

*Many Hours later inside the convention auditorium,an announcer is at a podeum (with a mike on it) on stage infront of thousands of people..including celebs*

Announcer: Goodevening Retroheads to day 2 of Retro Con 2011.

*audience cheers*

Announcer: We have a great show for you tonight. Starting with the one and only..Cartoon Historian. Followed by a mini-concert by the Misfits and the Comedy stylings of Beetlejuice. So please give a warm welcome to the Cartoon Historian and his assisatait,Mina.

*croud cheers as Stefan and Mina walk onstage and take the podeum. the announcer leaves*

Stefan: Thanks,everyone. Welcome to another Edition to The Cartoon Historian,tonight we will be talking about ABC Kids.


ABC Kids was a Saturday Morning Block on ABC and was once known as One Saturday Morning. Although Disney's One Saturday Morning started in 1997, it was formerly ABC Saturday Morning, airing ReBoot, Schoolhouse Rock!, The Mighty Ducks, Disney's Doug and Gargoyles.

Sometime around 1997, Peter Hastings,the creator and excutive producer of "One Saturday Morning",who once wrote for Animaniacs,left the show in order to produce cartoons for Disney and ABC. ABC was told by Michael Eisner to create a Saturday morning block that was different from the rest at the time. They asked Hastings to do it.

Mina: In February of 1997,Peter Hastings pledged the idea that Saturday is different from every other day and to represent weekdays as buildings. He also proposed the use of virtual set technology; Although he knew little about it at the time and the technology used was just starting development.

Mina: Disney and ABC liked the idea. He hired Prudence Fenton as Consultant Manger and Co-Executive Producer. Together they sampled virtual set technology at NAB 1997 and chose technology developed by Accom and ELSET. Rutherford Bench Productions,which had previously worked with Disney,hired Pacific Ocean Post to produce the virtual set.

Mina: The building was initially a drawing of Grand Central Station with a roller coaster but evolved into a towering mechanical one. Even the interior has similarities such as a central high raise room with two wings on left and right sides and another on the south side.

And that my dear friends is how the OSM intro came to be.


On September 13, 1997, Disney's One Saturday Morning made its debut and was a 3 hour block on the ABC Saturday Morning lineup. Here's a nice little tidbit for you:

Apparently OSM was gonna debut on September 6th of that year,but due to ABC and all the other networks airing Princess Diana's funeral that day, It was pushed back a week later. In 1999 it was extended to 5 hours.

Mina: On September 6, 1999 Disney's One Too,a spin-off of OSM,aired on UPN every weekday afternoon and Sunday mornings. Don't ya just wish Sunday Morning entertainment still existed.


One Saturday Morning's las Harrah was on September 7, 2002. Since Fox Kids was bought by Disney,4Krap Entertainment took over that block as "Fox Box" and Disney changed the block from Disney's One Saturday Morning to ABC Kids.


It also should be noted that the 2 Blocks changed on the exact same day. Anyway,During the Blocks introduction,as well as other introductions on the block,a tiny lightbulb icon would appear in a bottom corner of the screen and an announcer would say, "Illuminating Television," Remember that?

Mina: This meant that the block's educational shows were about to start.

The lightbulb's chain would be pulled by a hand,and the lightbulb would have an animation. The lightbulb icon continued to be used after the switch to ABC Kids until 2004, when it was replaced by a mortarboard hat that says "e/i" on it and an ABC logo that jumps to the top of the screen to wear said hat.

When One Saturday Morning was rebranded as ABC Kids in 2002,The block started airing Disney Channel Shows. Today,they air nothing but reruns of said shows,including Hannah Montana.


Mina: Death To Iger! Death To The Diz!


With the rise of the FCC's federally-mandated E/I programming guidelines,some of the network's affiliate groups,primarily Hearst Television and Allbritton Communications,refused to carry any show that did not fulfill the E/I requirements in order to free up time to air locally produced programming.

Mina: So,today,before the Block begins,you are "treated" to a Saturday edition of Good Morning America.

Not counting the annual changes to Power Rangers, the block has not refreshed its schedule since the 2006-2007 television season,making it the only SatAM block to not order new shows for its line-up.

Mina: And Thats just one of the many reasons why ABC Kids Sucks!

*cheers and applause*

On May of this year,ABC announced that it had reached a deal with broadcast production company,Litton Entertainment to produce original content for the Saturday morning block. The ABC Weekend Adventure block will launch on September 3rd of this year...replacing ABC Kids.

Mina: Though I doubt that'll help them.

It won't because,from what I've heard,it's a purely Educational Block.

Mina: God Damn FCC!

OSM may be gon,but it will never be forgotten.

*cheers and applause*

Mina: Amen!

Well that's it for tonight. I'd like to thank all of you for joining me and hope you'll join me again for the final night of the Convention when I talk about Fox Kids. Good night everyone and thanks Again.

Mina: Laters.

*the croud applauds as stefan and mina leave the stage*

*fades to black,credits roll*

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