Monday, July 11, 2011

Retro Con 2011: Wrap-Up.

*It's a beautiful breezy and sunny summer late-morning in New York City.Stefan the Cartoon Historian,Mina,Adult Gohan,and Sailor Moon are in front of MSG,where the Annual 'Retro Con',has ended. Most of the attendees are gone..including the celebs*

Welcome everyone to our Wrap-Up of Retro Con. Well that was an awesome event,wasn't it?

Mina: It sure was. I bought lots of cool stuff and got most of the attending celebs autographs.

Sailor Moon: Me too. Hopefully we'll be able to attend next year's event.

Well that all depends Moon-girl. If the event is close to home and we have the timed,we'll go. if that's not the case,then we can't.

Gohan: Well,I sure had a great time. Too bad there weren't any panels this year.

Yeah,that kinda sucked. Oh,well maybe next year. Ok,guys,What was your absolute favorite part of the convention? For me it was talking to the various celebs. that was cool.

Mina: I liked the Shopping. they had alot of great merchandise.

Sailor Moon: The Arcade,no question.

Gohan: I don't think,I have a favorite aspect. Though,I gotta admit i liked it when the audience heckled Al Khan.

Sailor Moon: I loved that too. If 4KLrap get's the airing rights to my show,I'm gonna assemble my Sailor Senshi and wage an all out assault on the 4Kids HQ.

Mina: Or worse,they could cheat and get the dubbing rights.

Sailor Moon: Nooooooooo!

Don't worry,we the fans won't allow 4Krap...What THe Hell Am I Talkikng About..4Krap Gets Away With Everything and They Get A Free Ride By The Lamestream Media.

Mina: Right,the people never matter in the eyes of the Network Executives...only thing that matters to them is Money and Power.

Gohan: Though sometimes they care for other Media Companies,so they're not completely selfish.

Sailor Moon: So that's why 4Krap is still from other Media companies.

THat's the theory Moon-Girl. 4Krap Entertainment should've died long ago.Hey,did you guys know that Toonzai's ratings are the lowest for Any program block...They even beat out Adult Swim,and we all know how pathetic That block is. 4Kids please,do us a favor and Die Already!

Mina: Amen!

Sailor Moon: 4Kids Screws Kids!

Gohan: 4Kids Is Crap!

Ok,it's time we beat feet. Stay tuned for more awesome stuff on the Cartoon Historian.

Mina: See Ya.

Gohan: Later,guys.

Sailor Moon: Bye-Bye.

*fades to black,credits roll*


KingsSideCastle said...

Awesome Retro Con Stefan. All of those entries were great reads. Great set of guests, hosts and information. ^_^

Bountydog said...

Eh, this was a blast! Really wanted to be in such an event! :D Same opinion as KSC here, a great set of reads, amazingly detailed! your sources seems endless! Keep up the GREAT work!