Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Song Of The Month: 80's G.I. Goe

Tom Z: Hey dudes and dudettes,Tom Z here. I hoped everyone enjoyed the Con coverage. unfortunatly,I had some iomportant things to do,so I couldn't attend. Oh well,maybe next year.

Anyway,I'm gonna be delivering the Song Of The Month this time. So sit back and enjoy the main theme to the 80's G.I. Joe...Extended Movie Edition.

80's G.I.Joe

Well I hope you enjoyed this Awesome tune. This is Tom Z and I'm outta here. Until Next Time,Stay Gold!



KingsSideCastle said...

O_O Wow I've never seen this opening before. More familiar with the got to get tough you joe opening of the 90's. I have to say the animation in this cartoon rocked. ^_^

Bountydog said...

Eh, good, old america-jap collaborations! They were capable of create such wonders! Another great post to enjoy some retro-goodnes! Nice!