Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Defending The Defenders: A Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm Defense

This Is a Cartoon Historian Special Presentation

Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Realm,was a Sunday Morning cartoon series that aired on the USA Network. Unfortunatly,the show was heavely critisized and dispised by the fantards,dispite having darker storylines that Almost rival that of Batman:The Animated series. Though,the show is great it's not without its faults.

Now the Fantards problem with the show is that it lacks blood,fatalities,and great fight scenes. The blood and gore aren't that big of a deal.Infact,in reality,it's a very very minor complant. Though the fantards make a big deal out of it.

However,I Will agree with them about the fight scenes and,somewhat,on the fatalities. I will now list all of the flaws of the Show.

Flaw # 1: No Deaths! There are no deaths in this series...which was annoying. The deaths don't have to be gorey(i mean look at the retro disney movies),but it was disappointing that no one died. Death Was mentioned and most villains came close to dying,but sadly no deaths.

Flaw # 2: The Not-So-Impressive Fight Scenes! If there was one thing Mortal Kombat is known for it's it awesome fight scenes. Sadly,the fight scenes in this show are slopely done. And I think there are scenes missing. Anyway,the Fantards have a right to complain about this one.

Flaw # 3: The Artwork and Animation. It's mediocre....very mediocre. Plus,it has errors. But,that's to be expected for a low budget cartoon of the early to mid 90's.

Ok,now that I've given you all of the Flawa,it's time to list the show's good aspects.

Good Aspect # 1: The Storylines. The plots of the series were good and serious,Unlike some of the other Game-based cartoons of the 90's,which were random and often times very lighthearted. Each episode is very well writen and had some emotion to them.

Another nice aspect about the Series is that The Main Bad Guy,Shao Khan,wasn't involved in all of the plots. In fact,he wes Only in a small amount of eps. There were multiple villian factions who were unrealated to Khan. This is was a huge and positive thing for action cartoons at the time.

Good Aspect # 2: The Voice Acting. The voice acting is excellent..then again,It's done by professionals. And I'm talking about the common group of VA's you hear in American Cartoons. I'll let you find out who plays who on your own.

Good Aspect # 3: The Music. The Music is well writen and goes wirth the scenes almost perfectly. In fact most of the music would fit rather well in the MK Universe.

I have said all than needs to be said about this show. It's not like what the MK Fantards say it is. It's very enjoyable..Ya just gotta give it a chance and Not compare it to the games. Here's a very very nice little tidbit for you,to help you watch the show: Don't Think Of It As A Game-Based Cartoon,But A Normal One.

Sound Advice from the Cartoon Historian to You.

Stay Gold!

*fades to black,CH Theme plays,credits roll*

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