Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cartoon Historian Top 5: Greatest Toonami Worthy American Cartoons

Welcome to the Final edition of the Top 5. And on this Final edition,we're gonna take a look at the Top 5 American Cartoons that Turner Broadcasting Should've picked up for Toonami.

5 - Voltron - The 3rd Dimention: I've always pictured this show on Toonami.

4 - She-Ra - Princess of Power: A show that would be great if paired with Sailor Moon.

3 - Extreme Ghostbusters: I think this show would fit Toonami well.

2 - Galaxy Rangers: So would this show. It has such an anime feel to it. No Guts! No Glory!

1 - Bionic 6: The Bionic 6 is another show with an Anime feel to it. In fact,not only is this show Anime inspired,but it was also animated in Japan. Sweet!

These Shows would've been a hell of alot better than crappy shows like Ben 10,Bakugan,and Blue Dragon. There are plenty of other shows that Belonged on Toonami,but these 5 were the most worthy(at least to me)

Well,I hope ya'll enjoyed this final edition of the Top 5.

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