Thursday, November 10, 2011

Song Of The Month: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Well,I'm Back. and I've got some Good News. The Hiatus is Officially Over and Me and the Cartoon Historian Family(remember them?) are ready to get back to work. Unfortunately,Gohan and Sailor Moon have decided to leave.

They wanted to move on to other things. They will be missed. And even though they are gone,they will Always be welcome here. Gohan,Sailor Moon,thank you for your contributions to the Cartoon Historian..You will Always be apart of the CH Family,no matter what. Good Luck on your next journey.

Now,with that said,Theirs Gonna be some major changes here. Well,for 1 I've decided to freshen this place up with Content Other than Cartoon-related stuff. Even though Cartoons will still be the main focus. I'm also gonna be doing a few more Cartoon Historian Lessons and Maybe redoing some of my earlier ones.

Cartoon Quickies and The Top 5's will be Discontinued. Not sure about the Song of the Month Though. And Speaking of The Song of the Month,here's This November's song: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.


Cool,Huh? I use to love that show. The Mario/Luigi Segments were a bit corny,but entertaining.

Now,about that Non-Toon Related Content. Well,I'm gonna be introducing some Retro Gaming Stuff..including Factoids. Also,CH will also contain some Retro Wrestling stuff. As well as some Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon Fandom.

All this and Much More. I've also got some new Cartoon-Related stuff planned,so Stay tuned for that as well.

That's it,for today. For Mina and Tom Z,this is Stefan telling you to Stay Gold.


KingsSideCastle said...

That's great. ^_^ Looking forward to the new season. Gonna miss Gohan and Usagi. Though its great that Mina and Tom are still around.

As for the song of the month, yeah...that Super Mario Bros show opening is a classic theme. ^_^

Stefan said...

I'll also be injecting some Power Ranger stuff into the mix.