Friday, December 16, 2011

Sailor Moon Links

Facets of the Silver Crystal: .This is Jeffery Anderson's Sailor Moon Site. This site has lots of cool things like: Anime Kawaii Gifs,Humorus Fanarts,Online Webcomics,and much more. Let me tell you guy's something,Jeffery Anderson is a great artist,you should definitly check out his stuff.

The Oracle - BSSM Encyclopedia: .The Ultimate Sailor Moon encyclopedia.It contains info on all things Sailor Moon. An alternative to Hitoshi Doi's SM encyclopedia.

Castle in the Sky - Sailor Moon Home Page: .A good SM site with lots of basic information(mostly about the dub),illustrated episode guides,and more. check it out.

Sailor Moon Encyclopedia by Hitoshi Doi: .An encyclopedia focusing on the Japanese Version of Sailor Moon. It includes info on characters,episodes,products,music,and more. There's also no info on the Dub. This is one of my favorite Sailor Moon websites. The only problem with this site is that Hitoshi's encyclopedia is incomplete. - Illustrated Episode Guide: .Another cool place with summaries of all five Sailor Moon seasons. Each summery comes with pictures.

Sailor Senshi Page: .This page is an excellent source of info. This site has info on the anime,mangas,dubs (any dubs over the world),Japanese myths,and more. It also has list of humorus rumors that were proven to be false.

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millenium: of interesting information on all things Sailor Moon. A must see.

Dies Guada: .An excellent website with some very Interesting information.Another must see SM website.

SM Dub Wiki
Pretty Soldier Sailormoon: Memorial Music Box:


Note: Both of these sites have downloadable tunes. And here's the best part,most of these downloadable tunes are 100% Free. All you need is a Winamp and your good to go.

For the most part,this site is dedicated to Naoko Takeuchi's Sailormoon artwork.For those who haven't seen this cool site please do so.
And Now A Present For The Sailor Moon Dub Fans. Dub Scripts

I give you Sailor Moon Transcripts. It contains all of the scripts from the Sailor Moon dub. Not a bad gift,huh? I must warn you though,each of the scripts found on that page are in PDF format and can only be viewed with an Adobe Acrobat Reader.

But don't fret none,you can download the reader for free at the Adobe Website.

Stay Gold,Moonies!

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