Monday, December 26, 2011

The Ultimate Boss: 4Kids Entertainment.

Welcome to another instalment of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Today,I'll be focusing on 4Kids Entertainment. As you know,4Kids Entertainment is on it's last legs,but it still refuses to die.

4Kids Entertainment is the #1 Bastardizers of Saturday Morning TV and Here is a list of reason's why:

- They favor crappy shows almost 100% of the time.
- They don't do a very good job editing anime. In fact Anime has No business on Saturday Mornings Period.
- They make incredibly stupid decisions. Decisions that put them on life support(ratings wise).
- Only 2% of shows that air on Toonzai are good.
- Like most Media Companies,all 4Kids Entertainment cares about is themselves.

Bad Huh? But don't worry,I have a plan. Here's a list of things that I would do to save 4Kids Entertainment:

- For starters,I'd change the name. To what? I don't know yet.
- I'll get rid of shows all Anime Shows on Saturday Morning and replace them with American Ones (as it should be).
- I'll establish a TV Network.
- I'll make sure that the company doesn't go overboard with the anime edits.
- I'll reject any show that I feel is unworthy to be on Saturday Morning TV as well as My New Network.
- I'll re-air some of the old Fox Kids shows(once I buy them from disney).
- I'll make smart decisions and listen to the fans often.

Not bad,huh? I really hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Next episode will be all about Disney.

Stay Gold,

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KingsSideCastle said...

What shows would you choose to air?