Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Ultimate Boss: Viacom

Welcome to another edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Today,I'll be focusing on Viacom.

As you know,Viacom is the most vile Media organization that ever existed.

Viacom is the #1 ruiners of American TV (not to mention young lives). Here is a list of reason's why I think Viacrap is a total disgrace:

- They love to decimate the purpose of their Networks.
- They seem to favor crappy reality shows.
- They favor shitty shows,over the good ones.
- They make incredibly stupid decisions. (including putting live action shows and music vids on nicktoons network)
- They mess with Youtubers in more ways than one.
- All they care about is Money and Power,and they'll do anything to get it...including brainwash the youth of the world.

And That's Just for starters. the list of Viacrap's atrocities goes on and on. But have no fear,because I've got a plan to "Reform" this Evil Organization. Here's just some of the things I'd do if I were running Viacom:

- For starters I would re-fuse The Teen Nick and Nick Jr. Once that's done,I'll air the teen shows from 7pm to 7-am. 7am-7pm is when the baby shows will air.
- I'll turn the network that used to be Teen Nick into Retro Nick,a network dedicated to Nickelodeon's classic shows and program blocks.
- I'll turn MTV2 into MTV classics,a Network dedicated to music from the 70's,80's,and 90's. I'm Sorry,but MTV2 was totally unneeded.
- I'll turn MTV into a music dominated network again,annihilating most of it's retarded reality shows...including that terrible 'Jersey Shore'
- I'll turn VH1 into an all Music-related network. No reality shows allowed.
- For TV Land,I'll get rid of both the reality shows and the shows of the modern era. In their place,I'll air lots of shows from the 70's,80's,and early 90's. with me in control,TV Land will get it's true purpose back.
- I'll save Nicktoons Network by: Scrapping the shitty shows completely and airing the Mediocre shows less.
- Also,for Nicktoons Network,I'll air Only Good American Cartoons and ditch the retarded Music Videos. Also No Live Action Crap Allowed!
For Nickelodeon,I'll stop airing those Pathetic Music Videos. Then,I'll put the teen shows in their own special block on saturday evening...and keep 'em there. And From there,I'll just copy my "Nicktoons Network" plans...except for the no live action part,of course.
- I'll replace that pathetic excuse for a Network,Spike TV,with Comedy Central Old School. CSOS will be a network that airs Comedy from the 70's to the Mid 90's.
- As for the other Viacom Networks(such as comedy central and b.e.t.),I'll either leave them alone or change them for the better.
- I won't be greedy for your money.
- And Finally,I'll Leave YouTube The Hell Alone.

Coming up Next,My Line-ups for Nickelodeon and Retro Nick.

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