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The Cartoon Historian Lesson Redo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Original)

*Inside The CH Classroom*

Welcome to the very first of my Redo Lessons. Today we will be taking a look at The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Series.

*The Cartoon Historian Theme Plays*

Co-hosting is a guy that was promised a co-hosting gig a while ago. So here he is Michaelangelo 2K3.

*2k3 Michaelangelo enter and he and stefan fist bump*


2K3 Mikey: Awesome to finally be doin' this dude. What kept ya?

Yeah I know,I promised you last year that we'd do this. But I was busy.

2K3 Mikey: Whateves dude you owe me big now.

How about I buy Pizza later?

2K3 Mikey: Now you're talkin'.

Anyway,The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a cultural phenomenom and has spawned many movies,comics,cartoons and even video games.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are is a team of four mutant turtles, who were trained by Splinter,a mutant rat,in the art of Ninjitsu. From their home is the sewers of New York.

2K3 Mikey: These dudes battle petty criminals,evil megalomaniacs,and alien invaders,while trying to hide from humanity. Kinda like My team.

Yeah,but that's where the similarities between your team and the OT's ends.

2K3 Mikey: *scratch head* OT?

Original Toon.

2K3 Mikey: Oh. Gotcha,dude.

Anyway,The characters initially appeared in comic books before being licensed for toys, cartoons and film adaptations. But it was the Cartoon that made the franchise popular.

2K3 Mikey: Now lets get down to the good stuff.

Right. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (known as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe)was produced by Murakami-Wolf-Swenson and Shogakukan Studios. It premiered in December of 1987 as a five-part mini-series animated by Toei.

2K3 Mikey: Whoa! You Serious?

Yup. Toei,the creators of the Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon Animes,were the original animators of the show. Though,Toei only did the 1st season. The rest were done here and abroad in Korea.

As I stated earlier,the TMNT franchise started as a Comic series. A comic book series created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. The property was changed considerably,from the darker-toned comic to a more light-hearted show.

Upon being approached to create a toy line,Playmates Toys was uneasy with the comic book characters' bad-ass additude.

2K3 Mikey: Holy Censorship Batman!

Playmates didn't like the darker,more bad ass tone of the original Mirage Comic,so they requested that a television deal be acquired first. A TV Show that was for the 8-12 Year Old Demographic.

2K3 Mikey: Apperently,Toy Collectors weren't invented yet.

*chuckles* Anyway,after the initial five-episodes,the California toy company released their first series of Ninja Turtles action figures in the summer of 1988. Soon after,Playmates and Show Creators,Murakami-Wolf-Swenson,became buisness partners.

2K3 Mikey: A Match made in heaven.

Anyway,David Wise and Patti Howeth wrote the screenplay for the first season with some input from Eastman and Laird. It's also worth noting that Eastmen and Laird had a hand in the creation's of Bebob,Rocksteady,and Krang.

2K3 Mikey: Whoa!

Yeah. Anyway,When the series continued in the second season,comic artist Jack Mendelsohn joined the show as the executive story editor. The Series began it's Saturday Morning run on October 1st 1988.

After it became an instant hit, the show was expanded to five days a week and aired weekday afternoons in syndication in most markets on September 25th 1989.

On September 8th 1990,the series became a 60-minute block on CBS's SatAM block and then back into a 30-minute show until the series ended on November 2nd 1996.

2K3 Mikey: How come My show wasn't put into an hour block. Stupid 4Kids!

Well,what the hell do you expecy Mikey? 4Kids sucks! And They'll Continue to suck until the day they die,which hopefully won't be long now.

2K3 Mikey: Death To THe Destroyers Of Anime And Saturday Morning Entertainment!!!!!

Anyway,The show helped launch the characters into mainstream popularity and became one of the most popular animated series in television history. And not just in the U.S. either. But around the world...including Japan.

2K3 Mikey: This show was a marketing bonanza. There were Toy's,Plushies,Cereal,A Board Game,Video Games,Bed Sheets,and even Pez Dispencers. Man,I sure could go for some Pez right now.

And those were just some of the many Ninja Turtle-realated items marketed during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

2K3 Mikey: Whoa!

A successful Archie comic book based on the animated show was published throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. Action figures were top-sellers around the world. In 1990,the cartoon series was being shown daily on more than 125 television stations around the Country.

2K3 Mikey: So why Is the Original cartoon so different from the Mirage comic?

The TV series differs greatly from that of the original Mirage Studios comics. This was to make the show more marketable to the 8-12 year old demographic. I thought I already explained that?

2K3 Mikey: Sorry,I guess I kinda missed it. Kinda,got a short attention span.


2K3: Yeah,I'm not proud. Infact My family is kinda annoyed by it.

Anyway,In the Original Cartoon,Splinter was an honorable human ninja master named Hamato Yoshi. Yoshi was banished from the Foot Clan in Japan after his arch-rival/bitter nemesis and fellow Foot Clan member,Oroku Saki,pinned Yoshi's dogi to the wall with a knife,preventing him from kneeling before their sensei. This was seen as an insult.

When Yoshi removed the knife,the sensei was again insulted,believing Yoshi was trying to kill him. Exiled from the ninja clan,the disgraced Yoshi moved to New York City. Since he had little to no Money,Yoshi was forced to live in the sewers.

2K3: Mikey: That makes sence.

While living in the sewers,Yoshi befriended the Rats. Few weeks later,Yoshi found 4 baby turtles,who were accidentally dropped into the sewers by their owner. The Owner was unnamed,but he kinda looked like Zack. If that was Zack,it would explain his fasinatioon with the TMNT,because they reminded them of the turtles that he himself use to own.

2K3: Good Theory,dude. Oh wait? Who's Zack?

He was a TMNT Fanboy that appeared in a few Episodes. he was annoying. Kinda like Serling.

2K3 Mikey: Yeah,but he was fun to torment.

Yoshi returned one day from his explorations around New York to find the turtles covered with a strange glowing ooze. The substance caused the turtles to become humanoid, And since Yoshi also touched the Ooze,he began mutating as well.

Yoshi became a humanoid rat,since the rats were the animals he was in most contact with. And The Turtles became Humanoid because of similar reasons. The Turtles nicknamed Yoshi "Splinter".

2K3 Mikey: This and the Archie Comics is the only origin story in the TMNT franchise where the Turtles come to Yoshi before being exposed to mutagen. At least I think?

Right,Mikey. Also, Yoshi becomes the rat.Even though in most other TMNT Universes,Splinter is Yoshi's pet rat,who becomes humanoid. This is also the only version in which the Turtles become fully grown immediately after exposure to the mutagen. Splinter raises them from infancy in other versions.

2K3 Mikey: Yup,Yup.

Yoshi adopts the four turtles as his sons and trains them in the art of ninjitsu. He names them after his favorite Italian renaissance artists: Leonardo da Vinci(Leonardo), Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi(Donatello), Raffaello Sanzio(Raphael), and Michelangelo Buonarroti(Michaelangelo).

2K3 Mikey: Oh,so Those are the dudes that we're named after. I've heard about da vinci and the Great Micheangelo,but had no idea who the other 2 were.

In most versions,the Turtles tend to go by nicknames Leo, Donn,Raph and Mikey. However,in this version they are always addressed by their full names. Each Ninja Turtle wears a mask over his eyes. Each Mask is a different color (unlike the comics where the turtles masks were all red and even maroon in some versions of the comics). Each turtle is also Trained with a personal weapon.

2K3 Mikey: Me and my bro's were once called sell-outs because of that.

The Weaponms?

2K3 Mikey: No,the multi-colored masks.

Oh yeah,I remember that as well. Anyway,back in Japan,Oroku Saki has taken over the Foot Clan and have trained them to be ninja thugs. He soon moved the Foot Clan to New York City. Once their he makes plansd to kill his old enemy Hamato Yoshi.

He soon becomes associated with Krang,a disembodied alien brain who has been banished from his home,Dimension X. Krang was also a great warlord. Now it's unknown how Saki met Krang. As it was never ever explained.

2K3 Mikey: THat little duide freaks me out.

Saki soon became The Shredder and soon had his Foot Ninja's Automated.

It becomes clear that the mutagen that transformed the Turtles and Splinter was dumped into the sewer by Shredder in an effort to destroy Yoshi. Shredder thought it was a deadly poison. The Turtles vow to take revenge on the Shredder for dishonoring their master,as well as turning him into a rat.

The Turtles want to force him to turn Splinter back into a human again,though this quickly evolves into stopping Shredder's ongoing criminal career with the aid of Channel 6 reporter April O'Neil.

2K3 Mikey: April was a News Reporter in This? Wow what a difference from My April. Though,gotta admit,she is hot.

The Turtles begin to take on the role of vigilante crime-fighters operating outside of the jurisdiction of law enforcement against any criminals,much like Casey Jones in the third season.

For the first couple of seasons the Turtles are constantly preoccupied with hiding their existence. This seems to be slowly relaxed by the next few seasons,as most citizens seem to be aware of them.

They also frequently have to deal with citizens misunderstanding them,thanks to the efforts of Burne Thompson,April's Boss,and Vernon Fenwick,a Channel 6 cameraman and April's co-worker. Both men distrust the Turtles and frequently blame them for the trouble that the Shredder and Krang cause.

2K3 Mikey: Well that sucks.

True. Anyway,Shredder and Krang,have help in the form of 2 Mutated thugs named Bebop and Rocksteady(who shredder himself has mutated). They also have the newly automated Foot Ninjas.

Much of villians quest for world domination hinges on using the Technodrome (Krang's mobile fortress and the villians main base). One of the things that change with each season,is the location of the Technodrome.

2K3 Mikey: The Technodrome aka The Giant Golfball on Wheels *laughs*

Anyway,the Technodrome is either stuck in the Earth's Core,Dimension X,The Arctic or The Ocean. And in the Final seasons,it was stuck in a black hole. The Mobile base was Destroyed in the Red Sky Seasons.

And speaking of the Red Sky saga. In those seasons,the Turtles finally banish The Shredder and Krang to Dimension X. They destroy the engines and the "trans-dimensional portal" of the Technodrome preventing them from ever returning to Earth.

The show itself had already lasted well past the average lifespan of most Saturday morning cartoon series. But in the Final 3 Seasons(the red sky seasons) went through dramatic changes.

The animation became darker and closer to the original comic book style,the color of the sky in each episode changed from the traditional blue to a continuous and ominous dark-red sky (which was commonplace with newer action-oriented children's programming at that time). The theme song was changed.the introduction sequence added in clips from the first film.

2K3 Mikey: The show took on a darker,more action-oriented atmosphere. I kinda wish those Turtles were used in "Turtles Forever".

Well think of it this way,the Turtles that you and Your siblings met in that movie were not the same Turtles from this Cartoon,but dumbed down versions. But,I'll get into "Turtles Forever" some other time.

A new villain,Lord Dregg also appears as their new chief nemesis. Lord Dregg begins a propaganda campaign against the Turtles, turning the general population against them and in favor of him and his forces. In the last episode of the series, the Turtles trap Dregg in Dimension X.

2K3: Anti-Climatic much!

From Seasons 2-7,the Turtles,as well as the other characters,are seen breaking the fourth wall by saying things to the audience and talking about their show. It's also worth noting that the writers were used to writing Comedy,rather than true action.

2K3 Mikey: Oh,so that's why the action scenes were so goofy and full of jokes and puns.

Yup. The Turtles,Shredder,Krang and various other characters from the 1987 series returned for the 25th anniversary crossover movie Turtles Forever. Due to legal reasons, none of the original voice actors were able to reprise their roles and replacement actors were used instead.

It is unknown wether or not this movie is Canon for the Original Toon,even though it's 100% canon for the 2K3 Series.

While the story and Characters were diverged heavily from the original conception of the original Mirage comics,the 1987 television series is probably the most notable and popular incarnation,and drove the franchise to the phenomenal status it would achieve in pop culture.

2K3 Mikey: Too bad My show didn't achive the same success.

The series was in production for nine years and was still quite popular when it went out of production. It was responsible for introducing many of the catch phrases associated with the Turtles into the lexicon. Phrases such as: "Cowabunga!","Heroes in a half-shell!",and "Turtle Power!".

The Original Cartoon was such a prominent part of the Ninja Turtles,that many people consider it to be it's own special canon. Much like the 2K3 Series.

2K3 Mikey: Damn Right!

This version is also renowned for its critically acclaimed soundtrack. Through most of the series,the episodes featured background music which reflected the mood of the current situation (e.g. danger, action, exploration, confusion, mystery, winning).

ID music was also used. The Technodrome,The Sewers,Channel 6,etc. Each tune contributed to the show's dynamic uniqueness. The soundtrack was composed by Dennis Challen Brown (credited as "D.C. Brown" and later as "Dennis C. Brown") and Chuck Lorre. Lorre penned the famous theme song and became a successful television producer.

2K3 Mikey: Gotta admit,that The Original Toon Theme song is quite epic.

And remixed and rearranged many times.

Ok,here's something that I know everyones been waiting fore: The Reason Why Michaelangelo lost his Nunchucks and why The Ninja Turtles were known as The Hero Turtles in the U.K.

2K3 Mikey: Death To The Censor Whores!!!!

In the United Kingdom, TMNT was released under the name Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (TMHT). This was due to the controversy surrounding ninjas and related weapons at the time. Not to mention that,at the time,Nunchucks were an extremely popular weapon among British Thugs.

2K3 Mikey: So,the intro sequence was heavily edited because of these reasons? And they replaced the word Ninja with Hero? And scenes where My Classic Counterpart wields his nunchuks,were replaced with random clips from the show? Lame!!

Speaking of which,in the show itself,all of Mikey's "Nunchuck Scenes" were cut.

2K3 Mikey: Lame Times 2!!

Well after a while,the Creators of the show decided to give in to the British censors and replace Mikey's Nunchucks with a Grappling Hook.

2K3 Mikey: Lame Times Infinity!!! Anyway,that was a completely lame reason. Stupid British,forcing America to censor their cartoons for the sake of themselves. Imagine if We asked and even forced Japan to edit their Anime for the sake of U.S. audiences. That's so Wrong.

True That, However,The U.K has given up on it's "Anti-Ninja" and "Anti-Nunchuck" policy. And when the 2K3 series made it there,it stayed as is. The original title was even kept. Plus,nowadays,British Thugs favor Guns,Switch Blades,and Box Cutters a lot more than Nunchucks. In fact,I don't think british thugs even use Nunchucks anymore.

2K3 Mikey: All I have to say is Thank God they kept my show as is. Because If they didn't,I would've totally beaten the crap out of them.

Amen Bro. Well that wraps up another Cartoon Historrian and the First of Many Do-overs.

2K3 Mikey: So,will you,by any chance,be going over My series again?

It's in the Cards Mikey.

2K3 Mikey: Sweetness. So will you have me back for that? After all it Is my Show you'll be Talking About?

Sure thing.

2K3 Mikey: Great. Can I bring my Bro's along as well?

Well see,Mikey,we'll see

*fade to black. credits roll as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles closing theme plays*

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The Cartoon Chronicles: Saturday Morning Cartoons

This is a new segment chronicling my experiences with Cartoons,whether they be a Block,a Network,or a Single Show.

To kick things off,I'm gonna start with Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Saturday Morning Cartoons were a great part of my life. I watched SatAM Cartoons all of the time,I rarely missed my dose of Saturday AM goodness and if I did happen to miss it,my uncle always managed to tape some of the shows (mostly from the cbs block).

Anyway,when I was young(sounding like an old man here,lol!) There were initially 3 SatAM blocks to choose from. Each of the 3 big networks carried a fun block. Though,back then,I was advid NBC and CBS SatAM watcher...back when they had Real Saturday Morning blocks. I kinda ignored ABC for the most part. And when Fox started their block,I kinda ignored for the most part as well.

Some of the shows I watched on CBS were: Garfield and Friends(still love this show),Fat Albert(hey!hey!hey!),Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (a few times),Wild C.A.T.S.(watched a few times as well),Muppet Babies(used to love this one),Where's Waldo(a fun show),CBS Storybreak(didn't get into this much),Aladdin(fun show),The Little Mermaid(sometimes),and of course Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (best show on the block! cowabunga!).

I also watched Beakman's World,PeeWee's Playhouse,and Hey Vern! It's Earnest! Of course,these 3 weren't cartoons,but they were still entertaining nonetheless.

For NBC,I remember watching: Alvin and the Chipmunks (decent show still),Pro-Stars(only 4 times,though i re-watched it when it began running on abc family when it was the family channel),Camp Candy(corney but enjoyable. r.i.p. john candy),The Adventures of Super Mario 3(still a favorite to this day),The New Super Mario World (entertaining,but a downgrade from the other mario cartoons),Ed Grimley(watched this a handful of times),Mr.T (i pitty da foo'),and of course Captain N (decent show that I thought was awesome.).

I also watched some non-animated stuff like Saved By The Bell,Hang Time,and Calafornia Dreams. They were fun to watch..and they still are.

In 1992,when NBC ditched their animated shows(though in their defense,some of the live-action stuff was pretty decent). I started paying more attention to Fox and ABC. CBS started airing Disney Cartoons,Fox Kids was starting to gain populatity,and ABC was starting getting good. They too started airing Disney well as the Hannah-Barbera and Looney Toons stuff,which they have been doing since the begining.

Anyway,ABC got even better a year later with the debut of an awesome batch of cartoons. Cartoons such as: Sonic The Hedgehog: The Animated Series (aka Sonic SatAM. this show got me heavely into abc's block),Tales from the Crypt Keeper(a lighthearted version of the semi-hit horror series),Bump in the Night(a weird,but entertaining show),Cro(the dude who played doogie houser's best friend voiced the title character),and of course Reboot(a show with a pretty cool concept).

And Yes,I watched them All. I even watched School House Rock when It was on.

The Fox Kids SatAM block wasn't laking in entertainment either in 1992. They had: Batman:The Animated Series(aka the greatest batman tv show ever),Tiny Toon Adventures(amusing show),Beetlejuice(funny show,too bad the voices sucked),Tom and Jerry's Kid's(a decent show that i used to watch quite a bit),Bobby's World(a fun show),and Eek The Kat (one of the few canadian-american collab shows i liked).

I watched Fox and ABC religiously.In fact,because of this I found myself watching CBS and NBC even less. I stopped watching both in 1994. But could you blame me,ABC and Fox were awesome.

In 1994,Fox Kids got even better with shows such as: X-Men(never cared much for this show back then,though i do now),Spider-Man(loved this show),The 2nd season of Power Rangers(not live action,but still something i watched),and The Tick (spooon!)

Yup in 1994,Fox Kids became the Kings of Saturday Mornings. However their dominance would be challanged one year later by the mostly awesome KidsWB. Even though '94 was the year of Fox kids,ABC still had some cool shows up it's SatAM sleeve. Besides newer seasons of their cool shows,we also had C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa.

So in 1994,Fox was my main sourse for SatAM Entertainment..though i often times flipped the channel to ABC if Fox was airing an episode of a show that I didn't care for.

Well in 1995,when KidsWB debut,I had completely forgotten about NBC and CBS and often times ignored ABC. My focus was soley on Fox Kids and KidsWB. Kids WB's shows,for the most part,aired nothing but awesome cartoons made by Warner Brothers.

Both blocks had been an important part of my youth,though I watched Fox Kids more and when ABC's Block became 'One Saturday Morning',I watched that a lot as well. This block aired mostly Disney Cartoons. Some of the cool shows this block had were: Pepper Ann(one of my faves),Disney's Doug(good,but nick's version was a bit better),Recess(fun show),Mighty Ducks(ducks rock!),Quack Pack(90's version of ducktales),Fillmore(a decent show about high school kids that are detectives),The Weekenders(another really fun show),Mickey's Mouse Works(a fun show that brought mickey and co into the 90's.),House of Mouse(love the fact that all of the disney toons interact with one another),and Squigglevision(one of the few non-disney shows. it was a funny show).

OSM also had some live action segments like Manny The Uncanny. They also had this weird-ass segment called Mrs. Munger's Class. It had talking yearbook pictures..weird.

On a side note,after the SatAM goodness was done,I stay tuned to(or went back to)Fox for WWE Superstars. What Joyus Times.

Anyway,As years past,Saturday Morning entertainment went from Great to Mediocre. And it all started when 4Kids Entertainment Entered the Picture. During that time ABC's block was getting bad and the KidsWB block was getting mediocre. Though,it Did become my New primary sorse for SatAM Entertainment. And just for kicks,I tuned into the Fox Box (4kids block) to see what was going on.

In 2003,I started to watch the Fox Box more mainly because most of the new shows (new at that time)on KidsWB were kinda bad. Plus Fox Box was airing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2k3.

Oh,and I Only tuned in to ABC for Power Rangers and Kim Possible,but thats all. Anyway,througout 2004,I was alternating between Fox Box and Kids WB. Later on in the year,Fox Box became 4Kids TV and things started getting bad that i went back to KidsWB. Only a small handfull of shows were watchable on the 4Kids block. Thankfully,KidsWB was getting a little better...not that much though.

In 2005,Everything got worse. KidsWB started airing,and soon favoring,Canadian crap. ABC Kids(abc's block) was also getting worse and soon the Only good show was Power Rangers. Plus,4Kids' Mediocraty seemed everlasting. It wasn't long until Saturday Mornings Died.

However,things were going fine for ABC Family. They kept me enterertained until the "Kids" block was canned back in 2006. A shame I didn't pay much attention to this block in it's early least the SatAM edition of it. :(

Anyway,rewinding a bit to 1999 and Toonami:The Rising Sun. I rarely watched it,as the programing was just the Toonami line-up rearranged and put on Saturday Mornings.The block didn't last long.

Also,The USA Network had a Weekend Block called 'Action Xtreme Team',but I only watched it on Sundays. I'll talk about it another time.

In 2008,Beakmen's world would air after that aweful 4KidsTV Block. Sadly it was canned almost a year later. When KidsWB became CW 4Kids very few shows were good. Spectacular Spider-Man,Yu-Gi-Oh!,and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight were the Only shows worth watching.

After watching Kamen Rider Dragon Knight,I tuned into ABC for Power Rangers RPM (the final official disney power rangers series).

In 2009,I only watched the Yu-Gi-Oh! Animes and thats all...that and Turtles Forever. Sadly,Kamen Rider Dragon Night was canned (before the final 2 episodes..baka 4kids)and Spectacular-Spider Man was nowhere to be seen.

Last year,I only watched CW 4Kids(now know as toonzai) for the Yu-Gi-Oh! shows,but thats it. Today,I no longer pay attention to the God Awefulness that is Toonzai.

Oh,and ABC's block has gotten Way Worse. It's now a small block of Educational Shows for Babies. Ugh!

I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't miss my Saturday Morning Programming(especially the cartoons). Unfortunatly,4Krap's block is the ONLY SatAM Block out their. And it's Terrible. Saturday Mornings Shoudn't be Anime Dominated. Anime isn't even for Saturday Mornings to begin with.

Screw You To Hell 4Krap Entertainment!!!

As for ABC,NBC,CBS,Fox,and The WB (know known as the CW): I'll never forget the great things you gave to,not only me,but Millions of Americans.Before you went to hell,you guys were the Masters of Saturday Morning Entertainment! Thanks for the fond memories!

Well that just about wraps it up for this edition of The Cartoon Chronicles. Tell me what you all think? And if you want you can share your own SatAM Menmories. Like to here them.

Stay Gold,

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Modern Cartoons I Like

Hey,it's been awhile. I'm back with a whole tankload of fresh Cartoon topics to cover. I mean sure,I talk about non-Carttoon related stuff,but the Toon Talk will always be in the vast majority. After all,Can't exactly call this place the "Cartoon Historian" if the Cartoon content was in the minority,right?

Right! Anyhow,I'll give you guys the revamps of my past CH Lessons later. Right now I have something better to talk about. In this Special,I'm gonna be talking about Modern Cartoons that I actually Like!

Yeah,thats right. See,I'm not as stuck in the past as my jerkoffed critics claim. Ok,lets take a look at the shows that I find likable.

G.I. Joe Renegades: This was one of the Hub's very first original animated series along with My Little Pony:Frendship is Magic and Transformers Prime. Basically the creators revamped the 80's series and added some 'A-Team' elements. Hell,even the shows opening monologue is similar to that of the A-Team's.

But that's part of it's coolness. I love the old A-Team show and adding elements of that show was an awesome touch. Another awesome touch was that they updated the characters personalities and shrunk the Joe Team down from 20+ to just 5 (and later in the series,6). It's pretty much the same with Cobra too.

Cobra Comander is an awesome villain. He's no longer a baffoon and is one Son of a God Damn Bitch. He's also 95.5% more threatening than his 80's Counterpart. The episode plots are good,the action is sweet,and the artwork is good (though not as good as the 80's show).

Speaking of the episode plots,this show Actually gives our heroes back stories. Also the Cobra Organization gradually forms instead of just starting out as a full team from the very beginning (like the 80's show).

Also,the Other Joes don't join the main team,instead they are allies of the day. All and all,G.I.Joe Renegades is a good show. Unfortunatly it's fallen out of favor with me significantly. Why? It's all the Hubs fault for airing it too damn much. It doesn't have that many eps,and yet they air it an hour a weekday,ugh!Don't get me wrong,I still like this show,but I wish the Hub would stop airing it in 1-hour blocks.

Anyway moving on.

Transformers Prime: Transformers Prime is a CGI reboot of Transformers G1. Like with G.I. Joe Renegades,the Autobot and Decepticon Teams have been Shrunken (autobots have 5,decepticons have 7). And instead of Spike as the human companion we have 3 teens (miko,jack,and raph). I don't mind them at all and they're way better than those shitheaded Junior Cadets from Voltron Force.

Anyway,the action is top notch and the episode plots themselves are really well done. The CGI is great and the voice acting is superb. And speaking of the VAing. The Original Voices for Optimus Prime and Megatron make their return. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker were as awesome as ever. The producers of the show are great for getting Welker and Cullen back to reprise their famous rolls.

One of the great things about Transformers Prime is it's often dark episode plots. Character Development also played a roll in this show. I believe since there were less Autobots and decepticons around this time(in addition to the darker storyline),Character Development was made much easier.

It was too difficult to develop characters in G1,because of the huge number of starring Good Guys and Bad Guys. So the G1 Producers decided not to do that. Plus G1 was a show that was mainly made to sell toys,so to them Character development didn't matter much. Storylines too.

Anyway,back to Prime. One of the coolest things about TF Prime is Megatron himself. He's Just So Awesome! Not only in looks,but in actions too. This rendition of Megatron has got to be one of the most Evil cartoon villains to date. I'm not gonna explain it,you'll just have to check out Transformers Prime out for yourself. I can't wait 'til Season 2 starts.

Anyway,while we're still on the Subject of Hub Original Cartoons. Let's move on to a recent favorite of mine.

Dan V.S.: This show is great. You have this guy,Dan,who rages against a lot of stuff he hates and then plots revenge against said stuff. He executes the revenge plots along side his best friend,Chris,who is almost always reluctant to join Dan in his crusade. This show is funny and worth watching.

The artwork is pretty good,I like the writing,and the show has likable characters..even Dan. Season 2 has just started. If you get The Hub,I recommend watching.

Thundercats 2K11: Thundercats 2011 is a reboot of the classic 80's show. I've watched some episodes online(never on Craptoon Network)and from what I saw,I was amazed. Wow! What an upgrade from the 80's show. The stories are deeper and darker,the characters are more developed,and the action is more awesome. While 80's show was animated in 70's-80's Anime style,This reboot is Animated in a more Modern Anime style. Sweeet.

I also really love the fact that the producers decided to do a reboot instead of continuing the 80's series (unlike voltron force). All and all,Thundercats 2K11 is what 'Voltron Force' Should have been.

Phineas and Ferb: Now lets talk a bit about the Only good Disney show of this generation: Phineas and Ferb. I started watching this show back in 2009 and I was hooked ever since. The show is about 2 11-year-old brothers who do amazing things on their summer vacation,in hopes of making their summer the Best Summer Ever.

Candace is their older sister who always tries to bust them. While the boys are doing their thing,their pet Platapus,Perry,battles Dr.Doofensmirtz. Unknown to the Phineas and Ferb,Perry is a Secret Agent.

Now,I'm not gonna tell you Everything. You'll have to watch and find out for yourself. New episodes (as well as older ones) are airing on both The Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Anyway,I like this show a lot,It's funny and has great characters. Sure the art Style may not be that great,but it's writing more than makes up for it.

And that's it. Once I watch Avatar: Legend of Korra and like it,i'll add that show to my list of favorite Modern Cartoons. Same goes for the upcoming Monsters vs Aliens series,Ultimate Spider-Man,and Tron: Uprising.

Hope everyone enjoyed this Special. Much more to come.

Stay Gold,