Thursday, February 2, 2012

Modern Cartoons I Like

Hey,it's been awhile. I'm back with a whole tankload of fresh Cartoon topics to cover. I mean sure,I talk about non-Carttoon related stuff,but the Toon Talk will always be in the vast majority. After all,Can't exactly call this place the "Cartoon Historian" if the Cartoon content was in the minority,right?

Right! Anyhow,I'll give you guys the revamps of my past CH Lessons later. Right now I have something better to talk about. In this Special,I'm gonna be talking about Modern Cartoons that I actually Like!

Yeah,thats right. See,I'm not as stuck in the past as my jerkoffed critics claim. Ok,lets take a look at the shows that I find likable.

G.I. Joe Renegades: This was one of the Hub's very first original animated series along with My Little Pony:Frendship is Magic and Transformers Prime. Basically the creators revamped the 80's series and added some 'A-Team' elements. Hell,even the shows opening monologue is similar to that of the A-Team's.

But that's part of it's coolness. I love the old A-Team show and adding elements of that show was an awesome touch. Another awesome touch was that they updated the characters personalities and shrunk the Joe Team down from 20+ to just 5 (and later in the series,6). It's pretty much the same with Cobra too.

Cobra Comander is an awesome villain. He's no longer a baffoon and is one Son of a God Damn Bitch. He's also 95.5% more threatening than his 80's Counterpart. The episode plots are good,the action is sweet,and the artwork is good (though not as good as the 80's show).

Speaking of the episode plots,this show Actually gives our heroes back stories. Also the Cobra Organization gradually forms instead of just starting out as a full team from the very beginning (like the 80's show).

Also,the Other Joes don't join the main team,instead they are allies of the day. All and all,G.I.Joe Renegades is a good show. Unfortunatly it's fallen out of favor with me significantly. Why? It's all the Hubs fault for airing it too damn much. It doesn't have that many eps,and yet they air it an hour a weekday,ugh!Don't get me wrong,I still like this show,but I wish the Hub would stop airing it in 1-hour blocks.

Anyway moving on.

Transformers Prime: Transformers Prime is a CGI reboot of Transformers G1. Like with G.I. Joe Renegades,the Autobot and Decepticon Teams have been Shrunken (autobots have 5,decepticons have 7). And instead of Spike as the human companion we have 3 teens (miko,jack,and raph). I don't mind them at all and they're way better than those shitheaded Junior Cadets from Voltron Force.

Anyway,the action is top notch and the episode plots themselves are really well done. The CGI is great and the voice acting is superb. And speaking of the VAing. The Original Voices for Optimus Prime and Megatron make their return. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker were as awesome as ever. The producers of the show are great for getting Welker and Cullen back to reprise their famous rolls.

One of the great things about Transformers Prime is it's often dark episode plots. Character Development also played a roll in this show. I believe since there were less Autobots and decepticons around this time(in addition to the darker storyline),Character Development was made much easier.

It was too difficult to develop characters in G1,because of the huge number of starring Good Guys and Bad Guys. So the G1 Producers decided not to do that. Plus G1 was a show that was mainly made to sell toys,so to them Character development didn't matter much. Storylines too.

Anyway,back to Prime. One of the coolest things about TF Prime is Megatron himself. He's Just So Awesome! Not only in looks,but in actions too. This rendition of Megatron has got to be one of the most Evil cartoon villains to date. I'm not gonna explain it,you'll just have to check out Transformers Prime out for yourself. I can't wait 'til Season 2 starts.

Anyway,while we're still on the Subject of Hub Original Cartoons. Let's move on to a recent favorite of mine.

Dan V.S.: This show is great. You have this guy,Dan,who rages against a lot of stuff he hates and then plots revenge against said stuff. He executes the revenge plots along side his best friend,Chris,who is almost always reluctant to join Dan in his crusade. This show is funny and worth watching.

The artwork is pretty good,I like the writing,and the show has likable characters..even Dan. Season 2 has just started. If you get The Hub,I recommend watching.

Thundercats 2K11: Thundercats 2011 is a reboot of the classic 80's show. I've watched some episodes online(never on Craptoon Network)and from what I saw,I was amazed. Wow! What an upgrade from the 80's show. The stories are deeper and darker,the characters are more developed,and the action is more awesome. While 80's show was animated in 70's-80's Anime style,This reboot is Animated in a more Modern Anime style. Sweeet.

I also really love the fact that the producers decided to do a reboot instead of continuing the 80's series (unlike voltron force). All and all,Thundercats 2K11 is what 'Voltron Force' Should have been.

Phineas and Ferb: Now lets talk a bit about the Only good Disney show of this generation: Phineas and Ferb. I started watching this show back in 2009 and I was hooked ever since. The show is about 2 11-year-old brothers who do amazing things on their summer vacation,in hopes of making their summer the Best Summer Ever.

Candace is their older sister who always tries to bust them. While the boys are doing their thing,their pet Platapus,Perry,battles Dr.Doofensmirtz. Unknown to the Phineas and Ferb,Perry is a Secret Agent.

Now,I'm not gonna tell you Everything. You'll have to watch and find out for yourself. New episodes (as well as older ones) are airing on both The Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Anyway,I like this show a lot,It's funny and has great characters. Sure the art Style may not be that great,but it's writing more than makes up for it.

And that's it. Once I watch Avatar: Legend of Korra and like it,i'll add that show to my list of favorite Modern Cartoons. Same goes for the upcoming Monsters vs Aliens series,Ultimate Spider-Man,and Tron: Uprising.

Hope everyone enjoyed this Special. Much more to come.

Stay Gold,


KingsSideCastle said...

O_O I didn't know there was a new G.I. Joe series.

I really want to check out new Thundercats series...I've been hearing a lot of wonderful things about it. ^_^

KingsSideCastle said...

Those upcoming series that you mentioned seem really exciting as well. ^_^

Stefan said...

I may also take a look at the new Ninja Turtle show as well. I hear it's gonna be a mix between the 80's series and the 2003 series.

AnimeJason said...

I like those shows. I didn't watch much of Dan Vs. but I do share his pain in a world gone mad. I also like Super Hero Squad. I know some people may not like it, but I like deformed versions of our favorite characters. Hey it worked with Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors and the Gundams.