Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cartoon Historian Presents: The DiC Memorial!

*Live from within the Cartoon Historian Classroom*

I was gonna talk about The Future of American Cartoons and how it looks grim. But,I've decided to go a different Route. Today I will be holding a Memorial to one of the greatest Cartoon Companies of the 80's and 90's. A Company that has long been gone,but never ever forgotton.

I'm talkin' about DiC. Now,this Memorial is for the most part a Redo of my Very first Cartoon Historian Lesson.

Anyway,some of you may hate DiC for what they did with Sailor Moon and even what they did to your favorite NES Video Game Characters in Captain N. I understand that geek rage quite a bit,however DiC's Horrors are vastly overshadowed by all of the wonderful things they Contributed to Television....especially the Animation Industry.

Mina: Founded in 1971 by frenchman Jean Chalopin in France,DiC began life as a subsidiary of Radio-Television Luxembourg (RTL). So Contrary to popular belief,DIC was originally a French Company.

Tom Z: The company's name was an acronym for Diffusion, Information et Communication. In addition to animated television shows,DIC also produced live-action stuff.

Though we're just gonna focus on their Animated works,since it Was what they did most and best.

Anyway,DIC'S American arm was established in 1982 by Andy Heyward,Robby London,and Michael Maliani. The American DiC was locaded in Burbank,California.

Mina: In 1986,Andy Heyward bought the company and DiC became 100% American controled. DiC was definatly at it's best in the 80''s 80's shows were great.

Tom Z: No question. Though the best was yet to come from them. The 90's had some awesome shows as well. Some even Toonami Worthy.

In 1993,DiC and Capital Cities/ABC formed a joint venture and by 1995 it became a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Also,in 1995,DiC aquired the licence to Dub the Sailor Moon anime. The Dub got mixed reviews from Sailor Moon fans. Today,the SM dub has a cult following.

Mins: Other than this snafu,the 90's were a good time for DiC. However,In the 2k Years,things started to get very dark for the company.

In 2000,with an investment by Bain Capital,Heyward re-purchased DiC. In 2004,he purchased Bain Capital's interest and took the company public the following year.

Tom Z: In 2003,DIC launched a syndicated children's programming block called DiC Kids Network.Unfortunately for them,it sucked.

And the worst was yet to come....oh,it got real bad for DiC.

Mina: Oh boy,did it ever. In early 2006,DiC and CBS signed a multi-year deal to unveil a new 3-hour long programming block for Saturday mornings on CBS. And so,KOL Secret Slumber Party was launched the following fall on CBS. That block sucked even more. But lo and behold,it gets even worse. Tell'em Tom.

Tom Z: Afraid it does. Y'see On September of 2007,KEWLopolis premiered. This SatAM block was a joint venture between DiC,CBS,and American Greetings. This was one of DiC's biggest and most disgusting blunders. It was apparent that DiC's glory days were far behind them.

Tom Z: Right,and in April of 2007,DiC,Nelvana,and Sparrowhawk Media Group made plans to launch KidsCo an international children's entertainment network. It was a disaster. A disaster that DiC never recovered from.

Then *sighs* On June of 2008,DiC was acquired by Cookie Jar Group,a Canadian entertainment company. A month later,they completed the acquisition of DiC and became Cookie Jar Entertainment,a Canadian/American(mostly canadian) Hybrid Company.And so DiC met it's end.

Mina: Tragic. Seriously,tragic.

Tom Z: Amen to that.

Y'know guys,had DIC kept on pumping out cool cartoons like they did in the 80's and 90's,maybe it would've survived and the Canadian buyout wouldn't have taken place. I miss them. I really do.

Tom Z: Rest in peace DiC. Rest in eternal peace.

We leave you now with a list of DiC's Shows (both good and bad). Note that We'll Only list DiC's Programing,Not the Bullshit from Cookie Jar Entertainment. *sighs* I'd also like to thank Tom Z and Mina for assisting me in this. Until next time,Stay Gold.
Shows By DiC (most of them anyway):

Inspector Gadget
The Littles
Kideo TV
Wolf Rock TV
Kidd Video
Pole Position
Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats
Rainbow Brite
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
Dennis the Menace
The Real Ghostbusters
Beverly Hills Teens
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater
The New Archies
Starcom: The U.S. Space Force
Sylvanian Families
Beany and Cecil
ALF: The Animated Series
ALF Tales
The Chipmunks
Ring Raiders
The Karate Kid
Camp Candy
Maxie's World
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
The Legend of Zelda
Captain N: The Game Master
Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling
G.I. Joe (DiC)
Power Team
The Wizard of Oz
Captain N & The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (first season only)
New Kids on the Block
Swamp Thing
Captain N & Super Mario World
Where's Waldo?
Wish Kid
The Bots Master
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures (second season only)
Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire
Wild West C. O. W. -Boys of Moo Mesa (acquired from ABC Entertainment)
The Incredible Dennis the Menace
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog (aka Sonic SatAM)
Arthur and The Knights of Justice
Street Sharks
Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?
Bump in the Night (acquired from ABC Entertainment)
Action Man
Gadget Boy & Heather
Double Dragon
The New Adventures of Madeline
Sailor Moon (first 82 episodes)
The Legend of Sarmoti: Siegfried & Roy
Inspector Gadget's Field Trip
Gadget Boy's Adventures in History
Mummies Alive!
Extreme Dinosaurs
Pocket Dragon Adventures
Sonic Underground
Sabrina: The Animated Series
Archie's Weird Mysteries
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!
Alienators: Evolution Continues
Gadget and the Gadgetinis
Liberty's Kids
Stargate Infinity
Super Duper Sumos
Sabrina's Secret Life
Knights of the Zodiac/Saint Saiya (dubbed a few episodes)
Strawberry Shortcake
Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot
Sushi Pack (first season only)
Battletoads (this show only lasted a single episode)
Defenders of Dynatron City (another one-off by DiC.)
*fade to black. credits roll as the no closing theme plays*

DiC Entertainment


KingsSideCastle said...

DiC was one of the reasons the 80's and 90's was a golden age for cartoons. ^_^ Nice memorial to it Stefan. ^_^

DragonRanger1 said...

Ditto. Thank goodness for Shout! Factory for bringing back some of the DIC cartoons, including the DIC version of G.I. Joe, starting with the first season that starts with Operation: Dragonfire. I wish they do the same with Double Dragon and Action Man.