Friday, March 2, 2012


The Following is something I need To Get Off My Chest. Something that's been annoying Me All Week. And That Something is...Disney! More specifically Bob Iger and his Chronies.

Now it's no secret that I utterly despise Robert Iger and his minions. So Today I'm gonna rant about the most recent attrocoties that Iger and Co. have done.

Ok besides creating more Mentaly Challanged Teen Sitcoms,Iger and his minions recently decimated Peter Pan's Legacy. Yup,they Still have no respect for their classic stars. Dumbasses!

But that's not all,Iger had his shitheaded lackies at the Disney Channel cut Phineas and Ferb from a half-hour show to 15 minutes. What The Hell's The Matter With You,Disney! Looks like Ditzney is showing signs of Distain for their Greatest Show.

Ok,if it's the Animation budget I understand,perfectly in fact. But coudn't they Get Rid of Shit-fest Cartoons like Fishooks? That way the budget could go to Pheneas and Ferb aka the Only Good Disney Channel Show. But No,Disney loves wasting good money on shows that people hate.

And speaking of Money Wasting Dicisions. Iger has decided create a 24-hour pre-school network. This network is called Disney Jr. Rip-Off of Viacom Much! Ugh! Disney is not only copying Viacom's Ideas,but also emulating their mistakes. If you've seen my "Stefan vs Viacom" rant,You know how I feel about 24-Hour PreSchool Networks.

Iger Stop Pandering To THe PreSchoolers! But wait,Theres more. It looks like Another retarded Teen Disney Sitcom has come DisneyXD. It's Wizards of Waverly Place. Way to ruin the Networks potential even more,Disney*Facepalm*.

WoWP is Retarded and on top of that it's still airing on The Disney Channel. Stop Doing That,Ditzney! Stop Putting Garbage that Airs on Disney Channel on Disney XD! Iger's Cronies are Really really Stupid.

And it gets worse,Remember when Ditzney said that Disney XD was gonna be for Boys 9-13? Well. WRONG!!!!!! This Network airs commercials for not only Girls toys(like dolls),but lame Stuffed Animals. And please,please don't gimmie that hyper bullshit about how boys that age play with dolls and stuffed animals.

On a side note,ABC Family has gotten worse. So now they are in an even deeper rut.

Y'know what,I take it back. Iger's cronies aren't really really stupid after all. They Are Way Beyond Stupid! *sighs* Walt and Roy Disney are Pissed off In Heaven Right now.

Why Iger? Why would you put such Mental Rejects in Charge of you're networks? Well,the method to Bob Iger's madness is that he is,in fact,Lucifer's/Satan's 2nd Cousin. That's right,Bob Iger Isn't Human,but either a Demon or a Demon/Human hybrid.

Whitney Huston and Davy Jones were the wrong people to Die last month. It should've been Bob Iger and his Cronies. Bob Iger,do us all a favor and Go Back To Hell! And Take your cronies with You!


KingsSideCastle said...

I miss the days of the Disney afternoon where they were airing Gargoyles throughout the week. ^_^ That really was Disney at its best. :-)

Stefan said...

Yeah,too bad with Iger and co. in charge,Disney will Never be great again.