Monday, March 26, 2012

Why We Hate Stuart Snyder?! by Johhny Blaze a.k.a. The Ghost Rider

Johnny: "When we think of Cartoon Network, what one thought comes in mind? Cartoons, anime and other forms of animation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 in a quarter days in a year, which includes leap year.  But, those days have since been over because of one man.  His name is Stuart Snyder.  He is the current president and CEO of Cartoon Network, after its former president, Jim Samples.  Here is a little history lesson on how this anti-cartoon socialpath came to power."

It all began on January 31th, 2007, Cartoon Network were promoting the Adult Swim show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, by using LED devices to light the sky in promotion of the show.  Unfortunately, the Boston Police mistaken those LED devices as bombs. With 9/11 at the back of the minds of everyone, the Boston PD didn't want to take any chances.  Afterwards, the LEDs were removed and Cartoon Network paid a heavy price for their misfortune.

CN sufferred a serve blow, but the biggest blow they got is when Jim Samples, who has been Cartoon Network's president for 13 years, took responsibility for the incident and resigned, putting Stuart Snyder in charge of the network and he has been ever since.

Under Snyder's leadership, Cartoon Network went from a animated version of Val Halla, to the very thing Nickelodeon, Disney and G4 has become, random, stupid and unreconizable.  For starters, Snyder figured that most of Cartoon Network's line up of shows, even those we like like Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack, isn't doing so well, so he did the unthinkable, put live action shows and movies on Cartoon Network, including Dude, What Would Happen?, Destroy, Build, Destroy, and Hole in the Wall. Snyder figured that live action would make more money than animation, which is stupid.

Snyder may like the idea but not those who have been fans of Cartoon Network since the very beginning. Not only we get live action but also, shows from Canada, nothing against our neighbors from the north but if they knew about Snyder, they wouldn't sell their shows to him, and cartoons that are otherwise silly and not so funny in nature.  But, the biggest sin Snyder has ever committed is pulling the plug on one of the greatest action cartoon blocks of all time, and that block was Toonami.

Long ago, a friend of mine use to blame Ted Turner for Toonami's demise. But after doing some painful research and watching alot of videos on YouTube, he now knows, as I know now, that it was Snyder who committed the sin, not Turner. The only crime Turner committed is hiring Snyder in the first place.

Snyder has destroyed what Turner, William Hanna and Joe Barbera had created a long time ago.  Both Hanna and Barbera are rolling in the grave over this and I feel their pain.  A few years later, we were all hoping Snyder would finally get fired, but those hopes were dashed when CN renewed Dude, What Would Happen and Destroy, Build, Destroy instead of cancelling them. Although, the other shows like Unnatural History and Tower Prep were cancelled, Dude, Destroy and especially Hole in the Wall, are still on the air.

Because of the continue use of live action, Snyder is still in power and has been ever since.  To make matters worse, his anti-cartoon/pro-live action sediment has spread beyond Cartoon Network's borders, when other companies such as Viacom, were influenced by Snyder's business deals, when Sumner Redstone's people like Judy McGrath, Phillipe Dauman and Cyma Zarghami decided to put live action shows on NickToons like Big Time Rush, The Troop, Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified, Supah Ninjas and Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures (more like Epic Failures if you ask me).  Why people like Zarghami, Dauman and Snyder hate cartoons is beyond me.

But all I know is this, even though Cartoon Network has a few good shows like Green Lantern, Young Justice and the Thundercats remake (which they haven't been shown as of late), it is ruined beyond repair with so much stupid cartoons (both American and Canadian) and live action shows and movies, including its new show, Level Up, a.k.a. Best Player/Power Team rip-off.  And as long as Snyder is in charge and his influence spreads across over every channel, animation will end up like the dinosaurs, extinct.

Johnny: "And that's my story.  It is bad enough the FCC helps soccer moms and watchdog groups kill off cartoon blocks on regular T.V.. But Snyder's anti-cartoon stance is even worse.  At least we got the Hub.  Though the network is new, it must be safeguarded, or else it will end up like the other networks, including Cartoon Network and NickToons.  If that Bombscare didn't happen, Mr. Samples would still be President and CEO of CN and fire whoever planed this in the first place and CN would still be the Val Halla of Animation.

Still, I still believe Cartoon Network has a chance to redeem itself and go back to its former glory.  Until that day comes, it has become a cartoon graveyard.  We will never forget you, CN, for all the good memories you have given us, including Toonami.  As for you, Mr. Snyder..."

*Johnny turns into the Ghost Rider*

Ghost Rider: "I don't know why you hate cartoons so much, but all I know is you have shed innocent blood with your blood money and for that, you will pay for your sins.  Your day of judgment...has finally come."

*Rode away on his devilish motorcycle*

*Tron: Legacy End Titles theme plays*

*Fade Out*


Stefan said...

Sweet entry. Did you take a look at my Bob Iger Rant. It speaks all kinds of truths

DragonRanger1 said...

Yes, I did, including the Teeny Bopper mumbo-jumbo.

Stefan said...

Great. you're doing great,kid. keep it up.

Mayowa Folorunso said...

Very well said my friend. Snyder is the diease that needs to killed off before Cartoon Network truly dies from his infection. =(

Samples is the cure!!!!! =)
Lets get him back, sign the petition!

Stefan said...

He's ruining Boomerang too

Gabriel Caballero said...

very good essay my dear friend we all should sign all the Cartoon Network petition and others too

Hossenfeffer said...

Stu's last day with Cartoon is 3/31/14.