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Shego Episode Summeries

If you recall in my 'Ultimate Boss: Disney' post,I mentioned a Show idea for Kim Possible's Rival Shego. Yes,I still believe that Shego deserves her own show. Today,I'm gonna be doing summeries for the episodes. Now keep in mind that this show doesn't exist and these are just my ideas. But hopefully,the execs at Disney will read these and make this show a reality (but i'm not holding my breath).

Here we go with 'Shego' Note that this series takes place 1.5 years after the Kim Possible Series Finale.

1) Le Femme Le Shego: While robbing a Jewelry store in Middleton,Shego accidently sets off the silent alarm and gets into a confrontation with the Middleton PD. After a small chase and scuffle,Shego is arrested and tasken to Middletons all New Women's Correctional Facility. Later,Shego gets called into the Warden's office where she meets Warden Mira Sigmilton and the Newly elected Mayor of Middleton,Jack Brown. The Mayor offers Shego a creative alternitive to her sentence: Work for 'Global Justice' as an agent and it'll be concidered community service. Shego laughs at the Idea at first,but reluctantly accepts...but only to get out of Jail. The Mayor also warns Shego that if She tries anything crooked during that time,he'll be forced to quadruple her sentence and put a high price on her head. Shego nods. Once at GJ HQ (via police escort who used a teleporter belt),Shego meets with her superiors,including Dr.Betty Director,The Head of Global Justice. After dialogue,Dr.Director informs Shego of a Powerful Shadow Being that has been on a very deadly crime spree and that none of their agents can stop him. Dr. Director then gives Shego her very first assignment: defeat and capture the Shadow terrorist. Later that night,Shego is on stakeout to find and catch the new threat(with cops watching her so that she doesn't pull anything). She eventually catches him in the act and chases after him. When she finally catches up to the vile newbie,a confrontation begins. Shego asks him who he is?
2) He is Necron: Shego and the mysterious shadowy superpower have a fight. Soon after Shego defeats(just barely) the powerful new supervillian,he introduces himself as Necron and that his sole mission is to terrorise and destroy. He transforms into a shadow and retreats. Shego vows to destroy him. Meanwhile,A reformed Dr.Drakken moves in with the Possibles and takes Kim's old room. Back to Shego,who informs her superiors at 'Global Justice' about Necron. Dr.Betty Director tells her to keep a look out for him and warns her not to let him go again. Meanwhile,Dr.Drakken is getting some invention help from Jim and Tim. Anyway,Shego returns to the Women's Correctional Facility and can't stop thinking about her near loss to Necron. She vows to kill him. When Nekron returns to action later that night,Shego is once again relesed from the Facility (with police escort natch!). While on his Maiming spree,Shego attacks him and the fight begins. Shego defeats Necron and he vows that they will meet again. Later,Shego gets called into the Warden's office,where she meets Police Commishiner Sin Wong. She decides to give Shego some parol time for tempererily stopping Necron. However she wanrs Shego that if she she slips up once,she'll be back in jail. Shego undersatands and tells the Commishiner that she'll try to comply. Meanwhile,Necron arrives at a Dark and mysterious place. He gets confronted by a demonic figure who thrashes him for failing. Necron apologises to his 'Boss' and tells him that he will prove himself worthy of being a Member of the deadliest super human terror group in the world,'The Hellspawn 6'.
3) Cousin Lee: Shego is brought back to Global Justice(again via teleport belt used by police escort),where she is given a choice by Betty Director. Shego declines and tells Dr.Director that She's done with 'Global Justice'. Later,Shego returns to her apartment to relax. Suddenly,she gets a call from her Aunt Dee,who tells her that Shego's Cousin Lee will be going to High School in Middleton. She explains to Shego that she checked out most of her areas High Schools and found them to be unplesent,so unplesent that she refuses to send him to any of those schools. Aunt Dee then drops a bomb on Shego by telling her that She's sending Lee to stay with her until his High School days are over. Shego objects but it's way past too little too late,as Lee is on his way. Shego is not happy and blasts her aunt for doing this sans her concent. Aunt Dee tells Shego that she's the only realitive he has in Middleton. . Lo and Behold,Shego's teenage Lee arrives. Meanwhile in the dark and mysterious place,know known as 'Damnation',The Hellspawn 6 are planning their next attack. Each member of this terrorist Group have powers based on the Elements.

Necron is the master of Shadows, He can become a shadow and travel through solid objects in that form; Elextra is the first of the female members her element is Electricity. She can travel through powerlines;Hydromaniac is an Water elemental. He can also turn water to ice and turn into liquid; Fuuya is the goddess of The Storm,her wind is extremely,she can turn into a tornado; Agniman is a hindugod-esque mutant with the power of fire. He can also become fire; And finaly Diabeelze,the Leader of this group. He can oppen up portals between Earth and Damnation.

Also,Each member has a personality that matches their element.

The group talk about Shego and make plans to eliminate her. Meanwhile,Shego tells Lee about the "Rules of the House".Lee half-heardedly agrees. Shego gets a call from Police commishiner Wong who informs her that Global Justice wants to see her imediately and that she'll be taken their by a police escort (commishiner still doesn't trust shego.the police escort is the same one who escorted shego in the first 2 eps.he still uses his teleporter belt too). Lee is interested and asks if he could go? Shego tells him no way and tells him to stay here and watch tv. she also warns him not to make a mess or touch her stuff.She leaves. At Global Justice,Dr.Director tells shego that she had no way on contacting her through personalmeans,so she had to do it through the Commishiner. She then tells Shego that she needs a favor: The Chief Scientist of Global Justice is turning 88 next week and he aims on retiering. She asks Shego if she's still in contact with her former employer Dr.Drakken? Shego tells Dr.Director that she is from time to time. Dr.Director wants Drakken to be Global Justice's New Chief Scientist and that Dr.Drakken has prooven himself worthy enough to work for them. Shego asks whats in it for her? Dr.Director tells Shego that if she brings Dr.Drakken to them,she'll receive her very first paycheck. Shego asks how much?

Later that Night,Necron sneaks into the Police Archives to get info on Shego. He finds her file and kills the cops who try to stop him. Necron leaves to search for something to lead Shego out. Shego visit's the Possible home to get Dr.Drakken. After the reunion,Drakken and Shego return to Global Justice (with a GJ agent escort via the agents teleporter belt,).

Meanwhile,Lee is out and about looking for the Arcades. Suddenly he is captured by Necron. Back at Global Justice,Drakken agrees to be the Groups Chief scientist. Suddenly a news report comes on depicting Necron with his hostage,Lee. Necron demands Shego to come face him or the Boy dies.

Shego goes to the scene and faces off against Necron. She beats him and saves Lee. However Necron vows vengence and tells Shego that she'll never defeat the 'Hellspawn 6'. Later,Shego decides to Join Global Justice for the sake of a Paycheck. She's also looking foward to doing battle with the Hellspawn 6. Dr.Director welcomes Shego aboard and gives her a communicator and her own teleporter belt. Director wans shego that if she misuses the belt,GJ will know and deactivate manualy imediately. Shego tells them not to worry.

Sheg then scolds Lee for not staying home when he was supposed too. Within the Realm of Damnation,Necron is getting blasted by his fellow Members of Helspawn. However,Necron shows them Shego's Top Secret Files(the same ones that he stole) and tells them that they can use the Files to find out more about Shego.
4) Shadow Games: Lee is a new student in middleton high and befriends Jim and Tim Possible. meanwhile,necron of the Hellspawn 6 plans on getting shego back by killing her in combat by manipulating her shadow. Plus,Dr.Drakken creates a hyperlight to help combat beings like Necron. Shego has a tough time fighting Necron,because of his Shadow Tricks,but thanks to the Hyperlight drakken gave Her she wins.
5) Necron's End:To make some extra cash(the legal way)while not on duty,shego takes a job at middleton high as a teacher..and guess who has her for homeroom. meanwhile,necron is given one final chance,he is sent to corrupt the minds of the Middleton's youth by manipulating the darkness in their minds,hearts,and souls. he does this and the youth effected become ultra violent and initiate wrongdoing.shego finds out(via global justice) and leaves to stop necron,lee tags along despite shego's objections. Also lee asks to be shegos unpaid sidekick(he loves action and adventure) shego says no. After beating necron,the spell is lifted. lee tries to convince her one last time,shego agrees...if he helps around the apartment every day(including massaging her feet). Lee says that even rubbing Shego's sweaty feet is all worth being an awesome action hero. he even states that he weants to be even better than Shego. Meanwhile,necron is killed by Diabeelze for failing.
6) Ultimate Surge: Lee is deputised by Global Justice as an assist to Shego. Dr Betty Director warns Lee to keep what he sees here at Global Justice a secret and tells Shego to do the same...she also apologises to shego for not telling her when she first joined. Meanwhile,Shego's parol officer,Duke Johanson (the cop that was escorting her in earlier episodes),is nearly killed by Elextra,thankfully shego stops her from finishing the job.elextra makes plans to electronicly short out all computers in the U.S. luckily,Dr.Drakken created an all-energy has a tracker,so that Shego and Lee can chase after Elextra in her "serge" Form. Shego finds Elextra and beats her in combat. Elextra retreats and Global Justice tries to find a way to restore all of the damage that the electric villainess has done. Shego pays Duke Johanson a visit at the hospital.
7) Terra Terror: Qwayk,an big evil earth-elemental monster joins the Hellspawn 6,promising to do better than Necron. Shego teaches Lee martial Arts. Qwayk devistates Middleton with Earthquakes. Shego and Lee stop him and Shego Eventually destroys him. Meanwhile,Global Justice wants to find out more about The Hellspawn 6 and intends for Shego to capture one of the members.
8) Overflood: Hydromaniac is sent to overflood middleton by raising the nearby lakes and oceans. Meanwhile,Shego and Lee are at odds over his new cerfew after he comes home late. Dr.Drakken creates a mind control device for Mutants and Superhumans,this is part of Global Justice's goal to capture and interogate one of the members of 'Hellspawn 6'. Drakken gives the device to Shego and after beating Hydromaniac,she places it on his head and orders him to unflood the city. After he does that,he's ordered by Lee to do stupid things. After shego smacks and scolds Lee,she orders Hydromaniac to come with them to Global Justice. The 3 teleport to the HQ and later Hydromaniac is within an unbreakable tank prison.
9) Inside Info: While Shego and Lee go about their daily life,Global Justice is interigating Hydromaniac under some hot lights inside his tank prison,causing him pain. And yes the effects of the mind control device were only temporary. After minutes of failed resistence,Hydromaniac answers Dr. Director's Questions about 'Hellspawn 6'. The Hellspawn 6 are a group of Terrorists who are dedicated followers of Akbar the Omni,a super powerful interdimentional God that wants to slaughter all who oppose him and his values. Hydromaniac tells them that the 'Hellspawn 6' is one of many alien groups that follow Akbar's words and law. He also mentions that Earth is a gateway to all dimentions and if the planet is theirs,they'll have access to a realms,to every planet in the galaxy. Another thing he mentions is that each member of the group belong to a race of Space Mutants...except for their leader,Diabeelze,who's originally a demon from a realm called 'Damnation'. He tells them that Daibeelze recruited the members of the 6 to help him conquer earth and destroy the human race,in which the Book of Akbarn state that all inferior races must be destroyed. Finally he tells GJ that Diabeelze has recently developed an ability that allows him to create portals to other worlds...including earth.

The Dr. Director tells the Agents to pass the info on to Shego. In Damnation, while the other members of Helspawn are upset that Hydromaniac was captured, Diabeelze just smiles and tells his cohorts not to worry and that Hydromaniac isn't finished yet.
10)Ice Demon: Shego,Lee,and Dr.Drakken are enjoying some well deserved time off on a sunny saturday afternoon.Meanwhile at Global Justice,Hydromaniac suddenly evolves into an Ice Demon and breaks out of his tank prison. Once out he reaks major havoc within Global Justice. Dr. Betty Director summon's Shego and Co. to help them out. Shego and co. manage to destroy Hydromaniac once and for all. Sencing the death of yet another collegue,Diabeelze grows annoyed by Shego and tells the remaining 4 members to bust out Shego's Profile.
It's revealed in this epidode (while the heroes are on a break) that Dr.Drakken kept his "villian name" because it sounded cooler than his "Given one,Drew Lipsky.Pretty much te same reason why Lee calls his cousin Shego,sintead of her real birth name.
11) Weaknesses: In the realm of 'Damnation',The hellspawn 6,are studying Shego's Profile (the one that they stole) trying to find weaknesses. They only find "very ticklish feet" under weaknesses. However,Agniman finds a weakness when he sees what Martial Art Shego is a master of,claiming that all of Earth's great Martial Art Styles have flaws..and he knows them all. Diabeelze sends Agniman to attract and kill shego with his information.

Meanwhile,interested in finding out what its like to go solo,lee tries to take down agniman,who's on a arson spree to lure out shego,all by himself. He attemps this without shego's knowlage (plus agniman is pretty much close to where lee currently was). When Shego finds out (via news report) and leaves(via t.belt) to save her cousin before he's beaten and burnt to a crisp.

Shego battles Agniman, but he counters every move She has, claiming to know her Fighting Style's flaws. With Lee's help Shego defeats Agniman.
12) Storm Girls: Lee is asked by some Jocks,who are in a junior psychology class that Shego teaches,to get him the answer sheet for a difficult psycology test that she's giving out on friday and that if he does,he'll be well rewarded by them. Lee thinks of the possibilities and agrees to do it just this one. Meanwhile,Elextra and Fuuya team up to cause deadly storms. Shego catches Lee trying to steal the answers to the Junior Psychology test and stops him. she then lectures him and grounds him. Global Justice calls and informs Shego of what Fuuya and Elextra are upto. The 2 Villainesses are stopped. When Lee returns to school without the answers to the test,the Jocks turn on him,but Lee defends himself with the Martial Arts Shego tought him. Lee gets suspended for this (principal catches him in the act),but Shego,who was watching Lee trash the jocks,can't help but to be proud of her little Cousin.
13) Return to Go City: The evll egyptian-themed enchantress,Kleo Petra,turns the male residents of Go City into her love slaves..Including Team Go. Her mission is to dominate Go City as the most desired Woman Ever. Global Justice sends Shego to help Go City and her brothers. Shego is reluctant to take the mission,because it involves helping her Brothers.

But,Dr.Director threatens to cut her salery if she doesn't. Lee is told to stay,because of his vunerability to Kleo's spell. Lee objects. Shego tells Lee that she'll be fine. Drakken gives Shego his Neural Descrambler,a device that can break any hypnotic trance. Shego goes to Go City frees her brothers from Kleo's mind control and defeats Kleo herself (with help from her brothers). Kleo's mind control tiara is then destroyed by Shego. Later,Shego and her Brothers have a small reunion. Shego is offered to join Team Go,but Shego declines saying that she works alone and that they cramp her style. Shego then tells them that she'll see them at the family reunion and leaves.

Meanwhile,in the Realm of 'Damnation',Diabeelze decides that in order for them to kill Shego and Lee ,they must work together as as single unit. And that if they wanna fight using teamwork..then the Hellspawn will do the same.
14) The Force of 4: As Shego and Lee are on their wat to Middleton High,they get assaulted by Helspawn 6 (now the hellspawn 4). The 2 get beat(thanks to some good teamwork on the bad guys part) and retreat back to Global Justice. The villains gloat and go on a destruction/killing spree. Dr.Drakken decides to join the battle using his latest invention,a Battle Suit. He also gives Lee some Gauntlets that shoot out Purple energy blasts. Dr.Director volunteers as well,she reveals that she had a battle suit made similar to Kim Possible's.

Shego says that they'll need all the help they can get. The chaos is broadcast throught the media and warnings have been made by the mayor. Rescue teams,swat teams,and the Middleton guard have once again failed to stop these terrorists. Meanwhile,back at Global Justice,the heroes prepare for
the big battle. Shego,Lee,Drakken,andDr.Director arrive at the carnage and battle the Hellspawn using even greater teamwork. Diabeelze retreats,leaving his comrads to deal with the good guys. Agniteleports him and the girls away after they are beaten. The good guys one,but the damage as already been done. Later,Shego,Lee,and Drakken help with the cleaning and reconstruction,with Lee complaining.

Back in Damnation,Diabeelze blames his fellow Hellspawn members for the loss,however Elextra blames the loss on him,stating that they would've won if he didn't escape. Diabeelze gets angry and begins beating and torturing her infront of the others,stating that that is the punishment for questioning the says the Book of Akbar.  
15) Thunder Crashes: Elextra is given one final chance to serve the Hellspawn,Find the location of Global Justice's Main Headquarters and eliminate it's power. Meanwhile,Shego is hired by Vice-Principle Barken as a substitute Gym Teacter for the Co-Ed Gym Class. This makes Lee(who's in the class) very apprehencive. Elextra decides to get the info from Shego and engages her in combat during her lunch break. After being defeated,Elextra decides to take a different approch,hide herself inside Shego's cellphone(by turning into electric energy) and come out when she's inside Global Justice. 

Well the plan works,when Shego and Lee are called to GJ Elextra ejects herself from Shego's Cell and starts her assault. Long story short,Shego and Lee defeat Elextra and Dr.Drakken destroys her using his experimental 'energy canceler ray' (for a lack of a better name;named by drakken). Later,Shego is pushing Lee very hard in their personal training session. 
16) Dragon Up: Shego,Lee,and Dr.Drakken are sent to New York City By Global Justice to retreive a special device that permanently closes and locks portals. When they reach the lab,they find out that it's been robbed,with all of the scientists dead. Suddenly,Jake Long,in dragon form,arrives with Fu Dog,Trixie and Spud. After greetings are exchanged,the heroes decide to team up to find the theives...and Fu Dog knows who to get to help them. Meanwhile,Agniman,Fuuya,and Diabeelze have the device(the portal locker) and the creator,Dr.Shisha.

The Hellspawn plan on having their hostage reprogram it so that it can open portals everywhere all at one time. Meanwhile,The heroes seek out Fu Dogs old buddy,Yestradomus,a Soothseyer that can see into the short past. They take Yestradomus back to the scene of the crime,where the Police are there investigating. Yestradomus gets a vision of the crime and tells both the heroes and the police that the ones who have the device and it's creator are the Hellspawn. The cops just laugh and tell the heroes to go home.

Fu Dog is scared crapless,due to his knowlage of the Hellspawn. The Team asks Yestradomus if he knows where the villains are located? Yestradomus sees the villains moving into an abandoned wearhouse on the pier before the crime was comitted. The Heroes leave for that location.

Meanwhile,The (reluctant) reprograming prossess by Dr Shisha is nearly complete and the Portal Locker is about to be turned into the Portal Ripper. Dr.Shisha finishes up and demands the bad guys set him free. Just as the Baddies are about to kill the timid scientist,the Heroes bust in and the battle begins. During the battle,Shego destroys the device so that it cant be used. unable to withstand the combined might of Team Shego and The Dragon Teens,The Hellspawn retreat and vow vengence.
Later,the 2 teams and Dr.Shisha have some parting words,with Shisha kinda glad that his invention was destroyed(better destroyed than in evil hands). Jake and crew tell Shego,Drakken and lee to look them up nextime they're in town. It's reveled in this episode that Slang really annoys Shego. It's also revealed that Diabeelze can only open a single portal at a time.
17) Shegositting: Inside Global Justice,Dr.Drakken creates a juice for old people that can and will makes them young. However this is only a experimental version,to be perfected later. He decides to see what Shego is up to,so he takes the Juice (for safe keeping) and leaves for her appartment. Shego,who just out of the shower,mistakes the Juice for a Sports Drink (it was in a sports bottle),Drakken tries to warn her,but it's too late and Shego slowly starts turning into a baby.

Drakken,informs Lee of the drink's side effects: Shego will de-age every day and eventually out of existence. Suddenly,Global Justice contacts the heroes and tells them that Fuuya is causing massive damage in Upperton with her hurricane force winds. Lee informs Dr.Director of the Shego situation and this annoys her,but tells Lee that she'll have to stop Fuuya herself using her battle suit. Dr.Director commands Drakken to return to his lab at the base to make an antidote. She then tells Lee to watch the baby. Lee is less than pleased.

Meanwile,Fuuya is having fun destroying Upperton with her Hurricanes. Dr.Director arrives in her battlesuit and engages battle. Back at his lab at Global Justice,Dr.Drakken is trying to make an antidote. And at Shego's Appartment,Lee is having trouble babysitting his now 2-year-old cousin. All 3 heroes have a tough time,but Betty Director is having the toughest.

Drakken fails to make the antidote,but remembers of an Age-Excellerator Chamber that he created a while ago(convenience much). Drakken summons Lee to come to his lab with the baby Shego. Drakken uses his machine to return Shego back to normal. Shego vows to make Drakken pay for this,but Lee informs her that Dr,Director is fighting Fuuya in Upperton.

The heroes go to help Dr,Director battle Fuuya. After beating the Wind Demon,Dr.Director is glad that Shego is back to is Lee. Shego is as well and makes plans to punish Drakken. In the Realm of Damnation,Fuuya is getting beaten dowen by Diabeelze For failing again,stating that the Book of Akbar demands that all females who fail to do Akbars works need to be beaten.  
18) Turncoat: Sick of the abuse and the way Diabeelze treated her comerads,Fuuya decides to kill Diabeelze and take over The Hellspawn,but first she will get a warm up excersise by killing Shego and her Cousin Lee.Agniman(who was spying) hears about this and leaves to tell Diabeelze. Meanwhile,Shego is shopping at the Middleton Mall,with Dr.Drakken holding her bags.

Dr.D complains about it,but Shego tells him that this is his punishment for allowing her to drink that 'de-aging' juice. Lee is at home taking a nap. Back at the mall,Fuuya finds and attacks Shego. A battle ensues,Shego tells Drakken to get everyone in the mall evacuated. Drakken does this,though has a hard time with the youth,who wanna watch the fight.

Suddenly,Agniman and Diabeelze appear. The fight stops as the 2 notice. Diabeelze tells Agniman to destroy Shego and that he'll handle the traitor. Soon the opponents change,Fuuya vs Diabeelze and Agniman vs Shego. Fuuya and Diabeelze have their battle and Fuuya gets destroyed.

After killing Fuuya,Diabeelze leaves. Shego defeats Agniman and he escapes. Back in Damnnation,Daibeelze vows to destroy all of Akbar's enemies....including his worst one,Shego.
19) Hot Spot: While out food shopping,Lee and Shego get pulled into a dimentional portal made by Diabeelze that takes them to the Fire Pits of Damnation,where Agniman is expecting a rematch...if they survive. Well,Shego and Lee make it past the long and treturous fire pit and meet Agniman in combat.  They beat and he retreats. Agniman returns to Diabeelze's lair,but get beaten up because he failed. Meanwhile,Shego and Lee try to figure a way out of Damnation.
20) Escape from Damnation: Shego and Lee are trapped within the Realm of Damnation with no way out...unless they force Diabeelze to send them back to earth (shego unfortunatly left her teleporter belt at home). Meanwhile,back on Earth Dr.Drakken is worried about Shego and Lee. Back in Damnation,Diabeelze warns Agniman that if he fails to beat the humans again,he will die.

Agniman understands and leaves to find Shego and Lee. Speaking of the heroes,They are wandering aimlessly in the Wastelands trying to find Diabeelze's Headquarters (they got the info about damnation and diabeelze from dr.director a while back). Agniman appears and tells the Cousin's that if they want to have an audience with the master,they must destroy him first.They battle and eventually kill Agniman. Diabeelze appears and is pissed off.

After dialogue the fight begins and the heroes have a tough time. Suddenly a portal opens up and a voice tells Shego and Lee to go though it. With no choice they go through the portal. Diabeelze chases after them,but the portal shuts before he can enter it.

The Portal leads Shego and Lee back to earth. They appear in front of a mysterious mystical man with a staff. Shego asks who he is? The Man tells her that he is the one who rescued them from Damnation. And that He is Rayjin,Guardian of Earth. Shego and Lee are in disbelief.

Expect a lot more Disney related content in the future.

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I know Scooby-Doo, Spongebob Squarepants and Ben 10 are some of the cartoons that have been milked to death.  Which means when a cartoon that has last longer and when some company sees them as a cash cow, they will sponge it all until they can sponge it no more.  But, the one other cartoon that is milked that I will talk about is Fairly Oddparents.

Created by Butch Hartman, who also created Danny Phantom and then later T.U.F.F. Puppy, Fairly Oddparents is from a long line of NickToons.  Created as a line of shorts in a cartoon show called Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Fairly Oddparents tells the story of Timmy Turner, a 10 year old boy, with buck-teeth and a silly pink hat, whose life was miserable because of not only his parents always go out, but Timmy has to put up the nastiness of the mean babysitter, Vicky. But, Timmy's life went a complete 180 when he meets his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda and they have wonderful adventures (or misadventures, depending on their own point of view).  That is the premise of Fairly Oddparents.

In the beginning, the show was ok.  For instance, Cosmo's voice was less annoying in the beginning, the slapstick was funny and the stories were completely original.  However, around the year 2005, everything changed, including Cosmo's voice, which became more annoying in every episode.  And then, came the milking to death.  The creative team are running out of ideas.  And we all thought movies like Wishology and that god-awful live action movie ended the series completely.  But after those movies were released, they make more episodes.  Question, what has turned Fairly Oddparents from a decent NickToon, to one of the most milked franchises in cartoon history.  Here's the lowdown of what I know.

Some people think that the creation of Poof has cause this show's downfall.  True in most cases, but Poof is cute, look at him, how can you not like a little baby fairy and...and...

*stops for a moment to think*

Ok, Poof bites, no offense.

Some other people think that Tara Strong, the voice of Timmy and Grey Delisle, the voice of Vicky, have overstayed their welcome and they should go.  Well, Tara have been voicing Timmy since the original voice, Mary Kay Bergman, has died by commiting suicide and Grey has been voicing Vicky since the very beginning. Both Tara and Grey are decent voice actors.  And if they are doing a terrible job on the voice work on Fairly Oddparents in the later episodes, it is not their fault, I blame the voice direction, which I will get to in a moment.

But to me, the one thing that killed this series and this is my take on it, is Cosmo's voice.  In the beginning, Cosmo sounds like Phil Hartman.  And when the shorts became a series, his voice became a younger version of Timmy's Dad but a bit tolerable. And as the years go by, around 2001 to 2004, Cosmo's voice was a little high-pitched but tolerable.  But by 2005 and beyond, it has become more annoying in nature.  So annoying, I chose not to watch new episodes of Fairly Oddparents.  So, if anything made me not want to watch new episodes of FOP, it is not Poof, or Tara Strong or Grey Delisle, it is Cosmo's annoying voice.  It is so annoying that I either want to punch him right in the nose, or do what I always do when Cosmo's voice annoys me, when it doubt, say Super Toilet.  Look, all kidding aside, I know it is Daran Norris who voices Cosmo, but it is not his fault.  The finger of blame is to the voice directors.  It's like one day they though, "Gee, Cosmo's voice is too dull, let's make it annoying!" They have no respect for voice acting in general.  For the love of Mike, why couldn't they say NO!


Poor Butch Hartman, he let one of his proud creations get ruined because the people who made the show wanted more money.  I'm glad he left the show to focus on his other works.

Now you know why Nickelodeon and especially NickToons has become a shell of its former self.  They don't care about the viewers, they are in it for the money and milking shows like Spongebob Squarepants and especially Fairly Oddparents are no exception.  If I had fairy godparents, I'd wish I could run all of Viacom and fix the mistakes the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse a.k.a. Sumner Redstone, Judy McGrath, Phillpe Dauman and Cyma Zarghami has created.  Until that day comes, let's keep hoping.

Until then, Stay Gold, Godspeed and remember, when it doubt, say Super Toilet.

*Instant Transmission*

*Fade Out*

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The Cartoon Chronicles: Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

Welcome to another edition of Cartoon Chronicles. Where I Chronicle my experiences with Cartoons,whether they be a Block,a Network,or a Single Show.

Today's episode will be about The Cartoon Network Block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Don't worry,An episode about Cartoon Network is in the future.

Anyway,In the summer of 1997,I was on the family computer in the living room one day,while listening to the television. I had Cartoon Network on. When the premiere advertisement for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays came on,I stopped what I was doing and watched it.

Immediately,I was glad. I was a fan of the Cartoon Network's original Animated shows to begin with,so this block was something welcome. When the big night came (it was at 7:00pm,i believe),I sat down and watched it.

One of my favorite things about CCF was the guest cartoon hosts. each one brought something different to the table. Their antics between shows were the most entertaining part of the block.

I watched it every night when it was on and was officially part of my Friday Night routine. Some of my favorite shows on the block were: Johnny Bravo,I.M. Weasel,The Powerpuff Girls,Dexter's Lab,and Samurai Jack.

That is until around the 2K years,when the 2 humans (tommy and tara)took over as hosts. during that time,I started watching less and less of the block and by then I found another Friday night routine. And on top of that most of the newer Cartoon Cartoons at that time were mediocre at best.

As years passed so did CCF. Fried Dynamite replaced it and friday nights on Cartoon Network became one sick joke. I miss CCF and will never forget the good times I had watching it.

Sorry if this edition of Cartoon Chronicles seems very short,but I can't remember any interesting events in my life reguarding CCF. Sorry. Maybe I should've saved this for the potential Cartoon Network episode.

Anyway,that's gonna do it for this edition of Cartoon Chronicles. Hope you enjoyed and Stay Gold.