Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Cartoon Chronicles: Cartoon Cartoon Fridays

Welcome to another edition of Cartoon Chronicles. Where I Chronicle my experiences with Cartoons,whether they be a Block,a Network,or a Single Show.

Today's episode will be about The Cartoon Network Block Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. Don't worry,An episode about Cartoon Network is in the future.

Anyway,In the summer of 1997,I was on the family computer in the living room one day,while listening to the television. I had Cartoon Network on. When the premiere advertisement for Cartoon Cartoon Fridays came on,I stopped what I was doing and watched it.

Immediately,I was glad. I was a fan of the Cartoon Network's original Animated shows to begin with,so this block was something welcome. When the big night came (it was at 7:00pm,i believe),I sat down and watched it.

One of my favorite things about CCF was the guest cartoon hosts. each one brought something different to the table. Their antics between shows were the most entertaining part of the block.

I watched it every night when it was on and was officially part of my Friday Night routine. Some of my favorite shows on the block were: Johnny Bravo,I.M. Weasel,The Powerpuff Girls,Dexter's Lab,and Samurai Jack.

That is until around the 2K years,when the 2 humans (tommy and tara)took over as hosts. during that time,I started watching less and less of the block and by then I found another Friday night routine. And on top of that most of the newer Cartoon Cartoons at that time were mediocre at best.

As years passed so did CCF. Fried Dynamite replaced it and friday nights on Cartoon Network became one sick joke. I miss CCF and will never forget the good times I had watching it.

Sorry if this edition of Cartoon Chronicles seems very short,but I can't remember any interesting events in my life reguarding CCF. Sorry. Maybe I should've saved this for the potential Cartoon Network episode.

Anyway,that's gonna do it for this edition of Cartoon Chronicles. Hope you enjoyed and Stay Gold.

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