Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goodbye Cartoon Historian

After 3 Long Years,I,Stefan,Have decided to Retire As The Cartoon Historian.  Y'see nowadays I just have so much things to do and Creating ad Planning these "Lessons" takes a good while. And I'm pretty much out of ideas for Cartoons to Cover anyway,so there you go.

But This isn't the end Beautiful friends,The ACF will still be here pumping out awesome stuff for you to enjoy. We even have some cool surprises coming your way,so stay tuned for that.

That's the end of this announcement. Until net time,Stay Gold.



heretichero666 said...

Understandable dude. I hope that the blog will be continue on to some good hands. Hang in there.

Stefan said...

Um,No. I'm only Retired from being the Cartoon Historian. I didn't sasy I was giving up the Blog. I'm still gonna work on it.

heretichero666 said...

Oh okay! Sorry about that, I completely misunderstood. Glad to see you'll still be on here!