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Grading The WWE Eras

Thoughout the Dacades The WWE Has been Entertaining Billions Around The Globe with thier Blend of Wrestling and Entertainment. Lately,The WWE Has Fallen from Grace. It's So Sickening. Today,I'm Gonna be Grading WWE's Various Eras.

Golden Era (1960's - Early 1970's)

This Era is also known as The Bruno Era,due to the fact that through out most of this Era,Bruno Sammartino (aka the living legend of wrestling) was the WWE Champion. I haven't seen much of this Era,but from what I have seen,I was impressed. Impressed that they made the fights look real. My only gripe is that the matches were a bit too long. This Era ended once Superstar Billy Graham defeated Bruno for the Championship.

Grade: B -
Silver Era (Early 1970's - 1984)

This era Kicked off A month after Billy Graham won The WWE Title from Bruno Sammartino. Haven't seen much of this Era either. But I can tell you that it was better. The action seemed was just as realistic as the Previous Era and the Matches were starting to get quicker. This Era also saw the WWE debut of The Late Great Andre The Giant. My only gripe with this era is that the matches were sometimes boring. Other than that,I like this Era. The Silver Era Ended once Hulk Hogan started up Hulkamania.

Grade: B  
Hulkamania Era (1984 - 1990)

This Era was the Start of a whole new Begining for The WWE. Hulk Hogan (the then wwe champion),for the most part,was The Main Man. And The Most Popular Wrestler in the world at the time. Hulkamania Era is named after Hulk Hogan's Hulkamania,which was all the rage back then. Other Than Hogan,this era also marked the WWE debut of other legendary wrestlers and managers. Such as: Bret "The Hitman Hart",Jimmy Hart,Bobby "The Brain Heenan",Mean Gene Okerlund,Jessie "The Body"Ventura,"Rowdy" Roddy Pipper,"Macho Man" Randy Savage,Curt Hennig,"The Brttish Bulldog" Davey Smith,Superfly Jimmy Snuka,"The Million Dollar Man" Ted Dibiase,Shawn Michaels,Jake"The Snake" Roberts,And The Ultimate Warrior. This was a good Era. The Matches,for the most part,were fun and Hulk Hogan was very entertaining. I don't think I have many gripes with this Era. Although,Hulkamania itself died in 1996 in WCW, This Era ended when Hulk lost The Title to The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania 6.

Grade: B +
Post-Hulkamania Era (1990 - Mid 1993)

I am unsure about this Eras name,so I call it the Post-Hulkamania Era. Even though,Hulkamania was still strong,It wasn't a dominate Force in the WWE anymore. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels broke out into the Singles division and even won titles. (they also began their rivalry). We saw the WWE Debut of Wrestling Legends "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. Though they didn't stay very long.  Hulk Hogan's role in the WWE was starting to fade in 1992. It also marked the WWE debut of Psycho Sid (known as sid justice at the time). Plus, It was the beginning of The Savage-Flair War,which would Continue in WCW.We also started to see less and less of Andre The Giant. This Era marked the Debut of Many colorful (and gimmick-y)chacracters. 2 Legendery Teams Also made their WWE Debut: The Road Warriors (aka LOD) and The Steiner Bros. The Undertaker also made his debut. And Hulk Hogan became the 1st 5x WWE Champion. It's also worth noting that Randy Savage became a WWE Commentator in 1993. All and All,this Era was pretty fun. Sure there were some cheezy gimmicks used,but C'mon,it was a blast watching them. Another note about this Era is that the action was starting to lose it's realism. That's probally the Only downside. This Era ended when Hulk Hogan was defeated By Yokozuna at The 1st Annual King of The Ring and When Lex Luger Became a Face.

Grade: A -
Post-Hogan Era (Mid 1993 - 1994)

The 1st WWE Era (for a good while) without Hulk Hogan. During This short Era,Lex Luger was the main Hero and Yokozuna and Allies (who were almost all internationals) were the Main Bad Guys. It all started when Hogan was destroyed by Yokozuna at The First King Of The Ring and Became official when Lex Luger Became a Good Guy.Not much to say about this Era. It increased American Patriotism in The WWE for a short while and gave us some entertaining matches. It also gave birth to the Hart-Lawler Feud,as well as the overal Popularity of The Undertaker. What I Didn't like about this Era,however,Is that they tried to make Lex Luger a Clone of Hulk Hogan And the fact that the Quebecers were the Tag Champions(which spawned a dark age for the tag team devision,which thankfully ended in the spring of 1994).  The Shortest Era in WWE history. It all Ended at Wreslemania 10,when Bret Hart defeated Yokozuna for the WWE Championship.

Grade: B -
New Generation Era (1994 - Mid 1997)
This Era was the first WWE Era to gain a 90's vibe. Bret Hart,Kevin Nash,Scott Hall,The Undertaker,and Shawn Michaels were the dominant Superstars during this time. And Modern-Day Wrestling Legends like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin,The Rock,Mick Foley,and Triple H made their WWE debuts. Lex Luger and The British Bulldog formed a Tag Team. Kevin Nash became the Only WWE Superstar to Win All 3 Major Titles (at the time) within a single Year (1994). This was a really fun Era. The Action slowly started going back toward realism and the Superstars were very entertaining. During the Spring of 1997,This Era would slowly start to evolve....Evolve into The Attitude Era. 

Grade: A +
Attitude Era (Mid 1997 - 2001)

This Era began after the 1997 King of The Ring (although the evolution into this era began months earlier). Created mainly to Combat WCW,WWE Attitude Era focused on more "Mature" Content. The Gimmicks were mostly non-existant,the action was more realistic,and the matches were fast pased. "Stone Cold"Steve Austin,Mic Foley,Triple H,and The Rock were the Stars of this Era. A new Hardcore division was created to attract the ECW fans. Unfortunatly,with the Good Stuff came the Bad Stuff. By 1998,The Assholes and Prostitutes were brought in. And The Wrestling Product shrunk down to only 50%. By 1999,that percentage shrunk even more. The Storylines were ok for the most part,but I wish they didn't inject Sex (and sometimes drugs) into everything. God!. That's the reason why I stopped watching WWE Fully in 1998. All and all,the Attitude Era's only redeeming points are the Matches themselves,they were both exciting and fast paced. The Hardcore division was a decent touch too. 

Grade: C +
The Invasion Era (2001-2002)

This Short Era happened After Vince McMahon bought WCW. There Were some decent matches and seeing WCW and the NWO fight the WWE was cool. Other than the matches, this era didn't seem too good. The Demographic majority started to change, as The Trash TV fans started outnumbering the Wrestling fans. I rarely watched this Era. But things only went down hill from there.

Grade: C -
Ruthless Aggression  Era(2002 - Late 2007)

Sometime after the Invasion Era,The Ruthless Aggression Era Began. Like with the Attitude and Invasion Eras,for the most part,it had some Decent Matches.However This Era also was the Era that gave us the likes of John Cena,Randy Orton,and Dave Batista. Like with the Attitude and Invasion Era,I didn't watch this Era fully,just tuned in every now and again. Other than alot of the matches, this Era had few redeeming Qualities.

Grade: D- (RA)
The Universe Era (Late 2007 - Present)

This Era was originally created to make the WWE More Family Oriented,so that Linda McMahon's chances of winning a seat in Congress would increase. She lost,but Vince decided to Keep the WWE family oriented on acount that the majority of viewers were Women,Seniors,Teens,and Kids.

Sounds nice right. Well,that niceness comes with a price. The Violence was toned down and the Fights were back to being unrealistic again. They even banned Chairshots to the head. The storylines were ok..but they left something to be desired. Basically,they tried to bring the WWE back to it's roots,but failed. They also keep making that loser John Cena the Champion. What Pinheads! He's Not Hulk Hogan,WWE! BTW,the Entertainment aspect for the WWE during this era was now at a whopping 90%. It's like they don't wanna be a Wrestling Organization anymore. I watched a little more of this era than I did the previous 2.  However,that doesn't measn I like it. 

Grade: C -
As you can plainly tell,the WWE's best days are far behind it. Anyway,that's gonna do it for now. Hope you enjoyed my little retrospect of the WWE Eras.

Stay Gold,

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