Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Ultimate Boss: More Disney Show Ideas.

As You remember in my "Ultimate Boss: Disney and Disney XD" post. I've listed a list of Shows that I'd have created for Those networks. I've also listed Programs that I'd aquire. Now,I've come up with all new shows for Both Disney and Disney XD. Anyway here we go.

Destiny League: A Team of Disney Movie and Show Icons assembled by Rayjin,Earth's Guardian,unite to stop the Dark Amitions of the Malice Kingdom and it's ultra powerful leader,Lord Eigor. Not to mention his vast armies of evil.  

The Destiny League consists of: "M" (the mysterious commander who sounds familiar. he fights in a mech suit),Aladdin (cyrogeneticaly sealed by rayjin to fight in our time,his amazing agility hasn't faded away. got an updated look too),Mulan (another hero cyrogenetically sealed to fight in our time. mulan's martial arts skills are still great. she too has an updated look),Hercules (ageless demigod is stronger than ever. his look has also been updated,he now looks like the 'kevin sorbo' version of the character.),Ariel (another ageless wonder. her base form is now that of a human,with the ability to transform into a mermaid. she's a master of shotokan and an awesome swimer. her mermaid form is mostly used for sea rescues),Miss Bell aka Tinkerbell (tinkerbell is ageless too. she was given powers by the great fairy to grow to human size and back. she's a master at fixing and constructing gadgets),Stitch (he's pretty much still the same,except he can fully speak english now),and Goliath (the great fairy blessed goliath and his friends with human forms during the day,but they turn into gargoyles at night. So no more living as statues for the gargoyles.).

And Now The Bad guys: Lord Eigor (the leader of the villains and overlord of the malice kingdom. brutally murdered the previous king to take command. He wants Earth and will do everything in his power to get it),Lady Virus (evil knight of eigor.has terrible,yet paralizing singing voice),Zerk and Erody (twin jestures of the royal court. they are just as evil as lady virus. they love playing deadly pranks on people. they also enjoy annoying the hell out of everyone.),Mystica Alyxia (the wizard of the court. uses dark magic.),and Putrid Fish (a sea polluter that looks like a really ugly fish).  Not to mention the countless Grunts and Footsoldiers. 
Ditzney: A Teen Sitcom that pokes fun at all of the previous teen sitcoms...and even at some of Disney's classic animated movies.
Night Talk with Darkwing Duck .: A 'Space Ghost Coast To Coast'-style show,starring Darkwing Duck. 
Fa-Fu: Mulan (played by a live actress) teaches children about martial arts. home audience participation needed to get the full effect of this show.
The Jimminy Cricket Edge: The famous character teaches children about the right way (and the wrong way) to go about everyday life (in a hip and cool way,of course).         
More Show's That I'd Aquire The Airing Rights For (or at least try to):
Magical DoReMi
Muppet Babies
Marvel Super Hero Squad Show
School House Rock
PeeWee's Playhouse
Hey Vern It's Earnest
Where On Earth is Carmen Sandiego
Pokemon (and all future seasons)
Sailor Moon (all seasons and future series)
Home Improvement
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (i won't censor it..promise)
Family Matters
Perfect Strangers
 Hope you enjoyed this edition of 'The Ultimate Boss'. Line-Up's Coming Shortly.

Stay Gold!


DragonRanger1 said...

WOW! It's almost like one idea I had in mind in my adventures, except the villains of the story where known as The Diciples of Chernabog (named after the character from Fantasia) and his righthand was Igor the Terrible (based on Robert Iger), who was once a apprentice to Eisedore the Great (based on Michael Eisner), but imbraced the dark magic of Chernabog. With villains like Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Mother Gothel and so many more, The Diciples of Chernabog would turn Disney from the Happiest Place on Earth into what it is today, a cartoon graveyard with no Mickey Mouse and teeny boppers running amuck. More info when I get it together. Other than that, good form on the blog. :)

DragonRanger1 said...

Oh, one more thing. You forgot one other Disney hero you should add. And that is Tron. Tron fights for the users and his fight to save all the Disney worlds is indeed an important one.

End of Line...

KingsSideCastle said...

Ah so that's the premise for the Disney Destiny League. Very nice concept. ^_^